AFK Arena – Best Teams (February 2021) & Team Building Guide

Assembling the best team is the most important task in the AFK Arena, a task you will accomplish throughout your journey.

With a total of 90 unique heroes in the game, each with unique abilities, and many factors to consider, putting together the best team can quickly become a daunting task.

To help you build your team in the AFC arena, we have created this guide to show you the important factors to consider and the best strategy to build your team at the beginning/middle and end of the game.

We have also collected examples of real AFC Arena teams created by the best endgame players for: Guild Hunt, PvP, PvE; Campaign, Twisted Realm, and Abyssal Expedition.

This post will be updated periodically to reflect changes in the game and in the CFA meta-arena.

Table of Contents

The best campaign and PvE teams

Here are the main campaign and PvE teams (Labyrinth, King’s Tower, Peak of Time and Wonderland) in the AFC Arena.

Team 1

  • Languages (front row)
  • Rowan (Lower Front)
  • Ezige (lower back line)
  • Mejira (middle back line)
  • Elijah and Lyla (upper back line)

This endgame assignment is the most powerful version of the widely used God Comp strategy.

What makes this team incredibly strong is the speed at which Rowan, Elijah and Lila recharge their energy, forcing Ezizh to quickly revise skills and forcing the opposing team to not use their ultimate.

In addition, this team has a lot of regeneration of health, which is stimulated by the energetic regeneration of Rowan and Elijah and Lyle.

Many top AFC Arena players who are advanced in the campaign use this team in the end game/finals.

Team 2

  • Airron (Top Frontline)
  • Zolrat (Lower Front)
  • Lorsan (lower back line)
  • Laika (middle back line)
  • Gwyneth (Top Bottom Line)

This team of spades is also incredibly powerful for the end-game campaign and the rest of the PvE.

Unlike the “God Comp” strategy, which consists of stopping the opponent and holding him for the entire fight, the “Blast Comp” here aims to quickly blow up the enemy team.

That’s why you see a lot of incredibly explosive heroes like Iron and Lorsan on this team.

In addition, this team works well because the heroes complement each other in their active abilities. Eironn, Gwyneth, and Lyca can push enemies together or link them together, allowing all the heroes on the team to do more damage because they all have AoE abilities.

This team configuration is also often used with Zafrael instead of Gwyneth.

Team 3

  • Elijah and Laila (above forehead)
  • Rowan (Lower Front)
  • Saurus (lower back line)
  • Tasi (middle line)
  • Laika (Top Backline)

All this late/closed team play worries Zaurus and forces him to keep going.

Therefore, this team has three supporting heroes – to support Saurus, lift him up and make him do a lot of damage.

Lyca also does decent damage and brings some useful buffs and reduced defense, but Saurus is the star of this team.

The best teams for PvP

This is the best PvP team in the AFC arena.

Team 1

  • Elijah and Laila (above forehead)
  • Albedo (Lower front)
  • Ainz Ooal Dress (lower back line)
  • Rowan (middle line)
  • Ezizh (Top Backline)

The PvP team in this late game is a variation on the powerful gods compiler often seen in PvE.

What makes this setting special is that much healing and crowd control have been replaced by damage in the form of Ainz Ooal Gown, one of the most powerful damage dealers in AFK Arena and Albedo.

Albedo will continue to support Ainz, as their shield prioritizes Ainz when he is on the field, making him the star of this team.

This PvP team is a great mix of high performance and crowd control/support.

Team 2

  • Arthur (Top Frontline)
  • Languages (Below)
  • Ainz Ooal Dress (lower back line)
  • Mortas (central back line)
  • Albedo (Beginning of page)

The PvP team also revolves around Ainz, who forms the most PvP teams at the end of the game.

This team’s strategy is to keep Mortas alive long enough to use his lackey, which is why Einz has increased his damage significantly.

For the rest of the game, the goal is to keep Aintsu alive and support him with shields, healing and avoiding damage.

Team 3

  • Alna (Top Frontline)
  • Ferael (Lower Front)
  • Lucretia (lower back line)
  • Silas (last row in the middle)
  • Atalia (Top line at the bottom)

It’s a more balanced PvP team at the end of the game, with Atalia as the driving force, destroying the enemy’s entrenched heroes.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team offers all kinds of support, including Alna who rushes to help and Silas who heals.

Lucretia’s damage aggravates enemies over time, while Ferael keeps them at bay with better crowd control.

All in all, a strong and balanced PvP team without dimensional heroes, so you can build it even if you don’t have the Ainz Ooal dress and the Albedo.

Best teams for guild hunts

Here are the best teams for the bosses in the hunt for guilds in the AFC Arena.

Team 1

  • Belinda (Top Frontline)
  • Saur (Lower Front)
  • Elijah and Lyla (lower bound)
  • Rosalyn (middle row)
  • Lorsan (Top Bottom Line)

This team of guild hunters is one of the strongest in the game.

It was Saurus, Belinda and Rosalina who did the most damage with the help of Elijah and Lila and Rosalina.

Lorsan also does a lot of damage, but not as much as Belinda, Rosalina and Saurus.

To make this command most effective, you need Belinda’s Furniture, which increases the damage of her Divine Light skill by 30%.

Team 2

  • Saurus (Upper front)
  • Rosalyn (Lower Front)
  • Elijah and Lyla (lower bound)
  • Mortas (central back line)
  • Raine (Top Backline)

This is another very powerful team for Guild Hunt, on par with the previous one.

This team is similar to the previous one in that Saurus, with the help of Rosalyn, will be the main source of damage when supported by Elijah & Lailah.

In this team, however, the two damage dealers have been replaced by Mortas and Raine, both of whom give incredible buffs that increase the damage of Saurus and Rosalyn.

The best orders for a twisted kingdom

Here are the top teams for the twisted kingdom at the AFC Arena.

Team 1

  • Saurus (Upper front)
  • Grejul (Lower Front)
  • Mejira (lower back line)
  • Suede (middle line)
  • Elijah and Lyla (upper back line)

This twist is very effective against several twist bosses, including Unhinged, Ice Shemeria and Burning Brute.

Saurus will be the main source of damage for this team, supported by Elijah and Lailah and Mejira, while Grejul and Dimon will provide more utility, tank protection and control.

Team 2

  • Saurus (Upper front)
  • Cecilia (Lower Front)
  • Elijah and Lyla (lower bound)
  • Kelp (middle back line)
  • Ezizh (Top Backline)

This configuration of Twisted Realm is very popular with top players, although you probably haven’t thought of it yourself.

The core of this team is formed by Saurus and Cecilia, supported by Elijah and Lailah.

What makes this team so special is the choice of Varek, a hero not often used except for some bosses.

In particular, it is his Bonbreaker skill that reduces the opponent’s defensive capabilities while making him significantly weaker again.

This reduction in defense greatly increases the damage your heroes inflict on the enemy, essentially making it a pest to your team.

Finally, Ezizh is useful here because of his silence, which is almost essential to have against certain bosses because of their powerful abilities.

The best teams for the abyss expedition

Here are the top teams of the Abyssal Expedition at the AFC Arena.

For general battles against common heroes, simply use a team that is strong in PvE, such as those presented earlier in this guide.

The following teams are for the leaders of the Abyssal Expedition.

Team 1

  • Aaron (Upper Front)
  • Cecilia (Lower Front)
  • Elijah and Lyla (lower bound)
  • Rowan (middle line)
  • Laika (Top Backline)

The core of this team is Aaron and Cecilia, who do a lot of damage while Elijah and Lila and Rowan regenerate Spam energy.

The Lyca also inflicts quite a lot of damage, but it is very useful when it comes to exhausting your opponent and reducing his defensive options.

This formation is a unified team against the leaders of the Abyssal expedition.

Team 2

  • Saurus (Upper front)
  • Aeron (lower front line)
  • Kelp (lower back line)
  • Elijah and Laila (middle back line)
  • Cecilia (Top Bottom Line)

Another strong team for Abyssal Expedition is one that uses Warek to inflict indirect damage on your team, as it greatly reduces the opponent’s defense.

In this team we have even more damage because we have Saurus as well as Aeron and Cecilia.

The final hero of the team is Elijah & Lailah, who are always a good choice because of their incredible support and regenerative energy.

Teambuilding factors

When assembling a team in the AFC arena, several factors affect the quality of that team’s play.

In addition, a team that succeeds in the campaign may not succeed in the guild hunt at the end of the game.

As a result, most players form multiple teams later in the game to optimize playability for each part of the game.

However, there are a few general factors to consider when building a team in a competition.

These are the factors that affect how your team plays in the AFC arena:

It is important to take these factors into account when assembling your team, but unlike some other mobile Hero Builder RPGs, the individual strength of your heroes has a major impact on the strength of your team in the AFC Arena.

This doesn’t mean you can just introduce five major violations.

But in most cases it’s not worth having a high-level hero like Rowan, Daimon or Ainz on your team just to better balance the factions, etc.

Here is a brief overview of the various factors and how they affect the strength of your team.

The individual power of heroes

The individual strength of the heroes in the AFC arena is a very important factor in choosing your team.

In our list of AFC Arena Levels, you can easily find the individual skills of the heroes and their level in each game category.

A hero’s individual strength or potential is determined not only by his damage, but also by his performance in a particular part of the game.

For example, Rowan, one of the best heroes in the AFC Arena, doesn’t do much damage on his own, but his support abilities are so strong and helpful that he is S+ in all categories of the game.

In other words, Rowan increases your team’s chances of winning so much that it deserves an S+ title.

Among the other heroes who are among the best in the game:

  • Elijah and Laila
  • Languages
  • Ainz wool dress
  • Dimon
  • Eironn

If you are looking for a specific role or position on your team, we strongly recommend that you look for prominent heroes who meet or are about to meet the factors you are looking for, as in most cases this will lead to a better team.

Fractional benefits

In the AFC arena, all heroes belong to one of seven factions:

  • Lightboarder
  • Myers
  • Wild
  • Cemeteries
  • Sky Lights
  • Assumptions
  • Measures

The faction advantage system in the AFC Arena has two fans.

One is based solely on the factions fighting each other and the other depends on the composition of your team.

The first part of the Faction Advantage System causes most factions to deal 25% extra damage to the other faction.

There are also special factions that attack and take 25% extra damage from the same faction, while no faction attacks and takes extra damage from another faction.

Here is a summary of how each faction is affected by the faction advantage system.

  • Lightboarders inflict 25% more damage to engines and gravediggers inflict 25% more damage.
  • Hammers cause 25% more damage to wildlife and hammers cause 25% more damage.
  • Wildlife cause 25% more damage to gravediggers and take 25% more damage to gravediggers.
  • Gravediggers inflict 25% more damage on lightworkers and inflict 25% more damage on savages.
  • Air beings do 25% more damage to hypohypogens and take 25% more damage to hypohypogens.
  • Hypogiants deal 25% more damage to the Celestial and also deal 25% more damage to the Celestial.
  • Dimensions are unaffected by factions, meaning that they do not inflict additional damage on a faction or suffer additional damage.

The damage heroes take can be a deciding factor in battle, especially if you have a lot of heroes, like the Lightworker faction, and you are facing a team full of gravediggers.

So when building a team, take into account the composition of your team’s factions and those of your opponents.

We’ve seen some players manage to have multiple heroes of the same faction, but of course that comes with increased risk.

The second part of the faction advantage system is the team fan.

If the number of heroes of the same faction on your team meets certain criteria, each hero on your team becomes a favorite.

Here you can see the different compositions needed to unlock each amateur.

  • 3 Heroes of the same faction on your team give +10% ATK and +10% HP.
  • 3 Heroes of one faction and 2 Heroes of another faction on your team give +15% ATK and +15% HP.
  • 4 Heroes of the same faction on your team give +15% ATK and +20% HP.
  • 5 Heroes of the same faction on your team give +25% ATK and +25% HP.
  • Celestial heroes can be seen as gravediggers, light builders, savages or moles.
  • Hypothesis heroes do not affect the above compositions. Instead, they give bonuses based on the number of hypothesis heroes on the team. (1+ = +30% protection, 2+ = +25% energy regeneration, 3+ = +15% critical hits, 4+ = +30% critical hits, 5+ = +15 haste).

As you can see, you can make your team a pretty useful amateur if you meet the requirements of the amateurs listed above.

But, as mentioned, in most cases it is not worth the extreme pressure of the faction to sacrifice a high-level hero.

For more information on faction benefits, see our CFA Faction Benefits Guide.

Distribution of roles

Taking into account the different roles of the heroes is also important when building a team in the AFK Arena.

There are three general classes to which players refer:

Real roles or hero classes in the game:

  • Tanks
  • Warriors
  • Rangers
  • Support
  • Madge

Rangers, Mages and most Warriors are considered attackers, supporting heroes and of course tanks.

You need to make sure your team has a balanced mix of the three general roles, because a team made up only of supporting heroes will be of great use but will not do enough damage to defeat most teams.

We have found that most top players use a supporting hero in the central back line, a tank hero in the front line at any position, and then attacking heroes for the other three positions.

This is, of course, a great generalization, as we have also seen many great and successful teams that used more supportive heroes, no tanks, etc.

The synergy between the characters

With so many unique heroes in the game, it’s not surprising that many interesting and powerful synergies have developed between them.

Synergy occurs when two or more heroes on your team complement each other, resulting in a powerful combo or greater damage.

To give you an idea of what these synergies might look like in play, we have put together some examples:

  • Iron uses his active skill to lure enemies into Safiya’s barrier, reducing his enemies’ attack and attacking them while increasing his own heroes’ attack.
  • A hero like Henry pushes the heroes from the enemy front line to the enemy front line, so Gwyneth’s attack also hits them in the back with arrows.
  • Ezizh uses his Terrible skill to prevent enemies from using their active skill, with heroes such as Elijah and Lila and Rowan reawakening the energy.
  • The leech heroes of life are associated with Hassos, which feeds the lives of leech allies.

There are many other synergies in the game that you can explore.

If you decide to use a special hero/synergy combination in your team, we recommend building your team around this combination rather than integrating it into an existing team.

Many top players in the AFC Arena are trying to find synergies in the game to counter some of the team’s popular late-game adjustments, and show how useful they can be.

Team building at the beginning and middle of the game

Contrary to popular belief, the most effective and widely used team-building strategy in the beginning is to focus on one hero of your team.

This one hero you focus on will carry your team and do the most damage in battles from the beginning to the rest of the game.

The other heroes on your team are just as important, but they should focus on supporting, strengthening, or helping carry the hero rather than being the carrier themselves.

It may sound strange, but there is no problem in having one or two heroes on your team at the beginning of the game who do not do much damage or provide support.

In the beginning and middle of the game, you can easily and simply progress by focusing primarily on one hero character.

Since you will only pay limited attention to one hero, we recommend that you choose a hero who is extremely strong at the beginning of the game and thus suitable as a carrier.

Here are some of the best characters to choose as your carrier as soon as possible:

  • Saveas
  • Shemira
  • Dinosaur
  • Brutus
  • Dimon
  • Atalia

The other characters we found perfect carry the first game are Wu Kong, Ainz and Vedan.

For more early and mid-game heroes, check out our AFC Arena Level Lists.

Does this mean that if you focus on the hero bearer, you don’t need to upgrade the other heroes on your team? No, you have to make them equal too.

Contrary to what most people intuit, however, your hero bearer should consume most of your resources, and it is not a problem if he is 30 or more levels above the rest of your heroes.

If you have a hero with self-healing abilities behind you, the end of the game becomes even easier in the beginning and middle of the game.

It is not mandatory to carry heroes, but in this case you would benefit greatly from having one or two supporting heroes with healing abilities on your team.

Formation of the team at the end and after the game

As you approach the end of the game in the AFC Arena, you can no longer rely on a single hero bearer to build a team.

Because opponents become stronger than you in terms of power points as you progress through the game, you must have a very strong and optimized team to advance.

This requires a team made up of high-level heroes who complement each other well in terms of synergy and balance between roles, factions, etc.

Therefore, we recommend that you assemble your team for the final game as follows.

Find two or more of the game’s best heroes who can work together and form the core of your team’s strategy.

Then find other high or near-high level heroes to add to the team, based on current needs or gaps.

This part can be tricky and requires experimentation, which you can do by trying different settings.

Features like Resonating Crystal allow you to try out different heroes from your team without wasting a lot of resources.

Some of the popular heroes and synergies often used in the late game are:

  • An explosive compass with Ayrron and Lorsan
  • God comes with Rowan and Elijah and Lila and Isijah.
  • Installation for Saurus or Ainz comp

If you have found a strong team composition that works, you will eventually discover that it is no longer as effective, especially in PvP, as the meta evolves.

By the end of the game, many teams are similarly composed and use many identical characters, forcing players to constantly search for tokens in popular locations.

As a result, you should expect other players to try to find weaknesses in your team, so you should constantly try to optimize and prepare for new metas and team line-ups in the CCA arena.

Here’s our guide to the best teams in the AFC Arena and how to build your team!

If you have any suggestions for this guide, please let us know in the comments section below.

Here’s how:

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