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Development issue/problem:

I have an online map and a photo….

How can I dynamically center the image so that it appears on all devices in the center of the screen?

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

In LinearLayout, use: android:layout_gravity=center.

In RelativeLayout, use android:layout_centerInParent=true.

Solution 2:

If you use LinearLayout, use the gravity attribute :

If you use RelativeLayout, you can use android:layout_centerInParent as follows:

Solution 3:

Technically, both of the above answers are correct, but because you set the ImageView parameter fill_parent instead of wrap_content, the image is not centered inside, but the ImageView itself is.

Enter your ImageView attributes:

android: scaleType=centerInterior
android: gravity=center

In this case scaleTure is only really needed if the image is larger than the ImageView size. You may also need different types of scales. In short, android:gravity is what you are looking for in this case, but if your ImageView is set to wrap_content, you need to set the ImageView gravity (android:layout_gravity) to the center in upper mode.

Solution 4:

Just add it to your ImageView.

android: layout_gravity=center

Solution No 5:

Here are 2 ways to center the image(s) both vertically and horizontally in LinearLayout.

(1) Use the android:layout_gravity=center attribute in ImageView.

Here is how it works:
centers the android:layout_gravity=center attribute in the ImageView itself (i.e. the image) vertically and horizontally relative to the parent (LinearLayout).

– OR –

(2) You can also use the attribute android:gravity=center in LinearLayout and omit the attribute android:layout_gravity=center in ImageView:

That’s how it works: LinearLayout’s android:gravity=center attribute centers its children/children (in this case the image) vertically and horizontally.

Solution No 6:

First of all, you should use match_parent and not fill in_parent in the LinearLayout declaration, you can check the official documentation
. Another remark is that as a child you have to use ImageView, so ImageView should close automatically; this
means it should end with ‘/>’.
So let me show you some quick ideas:
1- As a natural way

Then it looks like this
between the description of the image here
2- you could improvise quickly

Besides, it looks like

Give here a description of the image

3. In this way, other ideas can be born, such as this one.

So it seems.

Give here a description of the image

Another possibility

Give here a description of the image

As we have seen, you can use hidden rooms or rooms with a background color to solve some problems quickly, this is of course not always possible.

Solution No 7:

Another method. (in the relative test, but I think it would also work in the linear test).

android: layout_width=wrap_content
android: layout_height=wrap_content
android: layout_alignParentTop=true
android: adjustViewBounds=true
android: gravity=center

If you use Eclipse, you can select a graphic layout when the *.xml file is active. In the upper part, you will find Structure and the Configure Image Limits option. This reduces all dimensions of the pseudo frame (blue rectangle) to the size of your drawing file.

See also the scaleType parameter with the possibility to make your image fun. Try the solar eclipse.

Solution No 8:

It worked for me.

Solution No 9:

For me it was

android: layout_centerHorizontal=true


Solution No 10:

You can use it, too,

android: layout_centerHorizontal=true

The image is placed in the center of the screen.

Good luck!

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