10 Anime Like Kamisama Kiss Which You Must Watch In 2022

If you’re looking for anime like Kamisama Kiss, you’re not alone. The popularity of anime has skyrocketed in recent years, and many people have discovered their love for the genre.

But there’s one thing that separates the good from the bad – the quality of the anime. And while you can spend hundreds of dollars on a Blu-Ray box set, you don’t want to end up with a cheap anime that’s been dubbed over with terrible voice acting.

But after a few episodes, the show starts to get more serious. The characters start to lose their memories, and they’re all going to have to work together to find out why they’ve lost their memories.

10. Gurren Lagann

It’s a show that’s been criticized for its production values, but it’s also one of the most influential anime series of all time.

The story revolves around two teenage boys named Simon and Kamina. They’re both the same age, and they’re both in love with the same girl named Nadia. They also both have the power to control the power of the titular “Gurren Lagann”.

The show’s popularity grew over the years, and it was eventually dubbed into English. It also became a cult hit in the West, and it’s one of the most popular anime series in the UK.

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9. Ange Vierge

Ange Vierge

Ange Vierge follows the story of the infamous Ange Vierge, a vampire who’s on a mission to kill all the children in the world. When she arrives in the village of Granite Falls, she tries to convince the villagers that they should turn themselves into vampires, so they can kill the rest of the children.

While it may sound like a fun idea, the anime is anything but. The show takes place in a town where all the children are being kidnapped by vampires, and the only way to stop them is to become a vampire yourself.

The plot is pretty standard, and the characters are all stereotypical. But the biggest problem with this show is that it’s way too long.

There are more than 150 episodes in the anime, and most of them are just filler. The show ends with the main character deciding to become a vampire, and she’s immediately thrust into the next season.

8. Neon Genesis Evangelion

If you’re looking for a serious show, you’re not going to find it here. Neon Genesis Evangelion is a sci-fi anime that follows the story of Shinji Ikari and his battle against a mysterious force that threatens the world.

In the first episode, the world is split into two factions – the angels, who represent humanity’s best and brightest, and the nephilim, who represent the worst and darkest of humanity.

The story follows the life of Shinji, a teenage boy who is recruited by the military to pilot a giant robot. When he and his friends fight the nephilim, he has to find a way to destroy the entire world.

7. Samurai Champloo

This is the only anime on the list that I didn’t watch, but it’s a show that’s worth a mention. It’s a spin-off of the popular manga of the same name.

In this anime, the titular samurai and his friends, Mugen and Jin, go on a quest to stop a corrupt general who’s been stealing money from the poor. The anime follows the story of the samurai and his companions as they travel to find the general and his men.

While it’s not a comedy, it’s still an anime that’s full of action and adventure.

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6. Rurouni Kenshin

This is one of the most popular anime out there, and for good reason. It’s one of the most beloved anime of all time.

It follows the story of a man who was once known as the “Hitokiri Battousai,” a man who took on the name Kenshin after he lost his arm in a duel. After that, Kenshin and his allies, known as the “Rurouni Kenshin,” take on a series of deadly assassins who have a vendetta against him.

In the end, Kenshin and his allies have to face off against a powerful enemy known as “Takeda Shingen,” who is determined to take control of the country.

5. Ghost in the Shell

A lot of people think Ghost in the Shell is just about a cyborg called Major, but it’s actually much deeper than that. It follows the story of Major, a cyborg that is assigned to protect the leader of the new world.

As the story progresses, Major discovers that the world is being controlled by the Puppet Master, who is trying to bring the human race to its knees. But Major is a bit more than just a cyborg – she’s a living being.

4. Hinamatsuri


Hinamatsuri is a Japanese drama series that follows a young woman named Haruka, who’s just moved to a new town. While she’s there, she meets a man named Yuta, who’s also new to the town. But there’s something different about Yuta. He has amnesia, and he doesn’t remember anything from his past.

As the series progresses, Haruka and Yuta work together to try and find out what happened to him. But as the two get closer, they realize that there’s something very dangerous about him.

Hinamatsuri is a classic romance anime, but it’s also got a few interesting twists.

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3. Hana no Ko Lunlun

Hana no Ko Lunlun

Hana no Ko Lunlun is one of the most underrated anime series out there. The plot revolves around Lunlun, a fox girl who gets caught up in a love triangle between a human boy and a rabbit girl. The anime is filled with action, humor, and romance.

The best thing about this anime is that it’s one of the few that has a real message. The show has a message about bullying, and it shows that even though we can be mean to others, we should still have compassion for others.

2. Samurai Champloo

If you’re looking for an anime that’s got a more comedic style, then Samurai Champloo is perfect for you. The anime is set in a medieval world, and the characters are all looking for adventure.

They end up meeting up with a traveling troupe of acrobats, and they’re all ready to go on an epic journey. But the acrobats end up kidnapping them, and they end up fighting for their freedom.

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1. Sword Art Online

If you’re looking for an anime that’s going to blow your mind, then Sword Art Online is the show for you. The anime is set in a virtual world, where people can upload their minds into a virtual reality program called “The World.”

While in the program, people can do anything they want, but they can’t escape. The anime is filled with anime-style battles, and the fights are filled with suspense.

But one of the coolest things about the anime is that it’s also filled with romance. The main character is a guy named Kirito, and he’s also a member of a guild called “The Knights of the Blood.” He falls in love with a girl named Asuna, and they have a very interesting relationship.


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