10 Anime Like Seven Deadly Sins You Should Be Watching Right Now

Anime Like Seven Deadly Sins

There are hundreds of anime out there, and we’ve got you covered with our list of anime that look like the seven deadly sins. We’ve included some recommendations for each sin so that you can find your favorite anime like seven deadly sins.

The list includes all types of anime: drama, comedy, horror, etc. We also put a strong emphasis on shows that are similar to the classic anime like Seven Deadly Sins. While it’s true that there are thousands of anime out there, it’s difficult to find the good ones.

10. Kanon


Kanon is an anime like Seven Deadly Sins anime about a group of girls who all live in the same apartment building. While the premise may sound a bit generic, Kanon does an excellent job of keeping the show interesting.

Kanon is a light-hearted story with a lot of comedic elements and a lot of heart. Kanon takes a serious subject and treats it with a light hand, making it fun to watch.

While Kanon is based on the manga series Shirobako, the anime is a very different experience. The anime focuses more on the characters’ interactions than the plot. Kanon also has a bit more action and humor than the original manga, which makes it a more enjoyable experience.

9. Oreimo


Oreimo is a TV anime like the Seven Deadly Sins. It takes place in a school where there are a number of students who resemble the seven deadly sins. A student named Hachiman is an embodiment of Envy. He is always wishing he could be like his best friend Kuroneko, who resembles Greed.

Hachiman meets a transfer student named Yui. Yui is an embodiment of Gluttony. She has a habit of overeating and wants to lose weight. The two fall in love and eventually become a couple. But when Hachiman’s friends find out about him and Yui’s relationship, they try to separate them.

Hachiman and Yui decide to break up, and he is forced to choose between his love and his friends.

8. Konosuba

Konosuba is a Japanese slice of life series that has become quite popular. It’s like One Piece, but set in a fantasy world. In the anime, Konosuba is the story of an ordinary young man named Nezumi. He lives in a village with his dog, and is surrounded by a group of misfits.

One day, he receives a letter from the emperor, inviting him to join the Royal Knights. He then realizes that his life is going to change forever.

While the anime looks fairly simple, it’s actually a very complex series.

7. Hanasaku Iroha

Hanasaku Iroha

Hanasaku Iroha is a Japanese drama with a unique premise that revolves around a single girl named Rinka who, after her mother dies, moves from her small town to Tokyo. She meets a guy named Takayuki, who is the perfect match for her, and she gets a job as his assistant.

Rinka and Takayuki develop a relationship, but when he leaves for work one day, he is killed by a drunk driver. This incident triggers a series of events that change Rinka’s life forever. She becomes a single mom and struggles to care for her young son, with the help of her coworkers.

Hanasaku Iroha is one of the most interesting anime on Netflix, and it’s a great watch if you’re looking for something different.

6. Saki


Saki is a manga written by Ghibli’s director, Hayao Miyazaki. It’s a lighthearted comedy about a high school student who discovers he’s dying. With no real direction in life, he decides to live out his remaining days at a cram school. But when he enrolls, he discovers that there’s more to school than studying.

As a result, he meets the girl of his dreams and falls into a love triangle with her and her cousin. He tries to save both of them, and it all gets pretty complicated. At the end, he dies, but he doesn’t really die. Instead, he becomes a spirit living in a tree, and it’s up to him to decide what to do with his life.

While it’s not exactly “dark,” it’s a bit “off-beat” and “weird.” It’s a great anime to watch if you need a break from the usual anime like Seven Deadly Sins.

5. Kantai Collection

Kantai Collection

Kantai Collection is an anime series that takes place during World War II. The anime follows a group of ships as they travel across the Pacific Ocean, taking on enemy forces. While anime has been a hit in Japan, it’s not widely known outside of the country. As a result, most people haven’t heard of it.

This is where you come in. We’ve put together this list of anime that look like the seven deadly sins. Some of the recommendations are for shows that are similar to classic anime like Seven Deadly Sins.

For example, you can watch Kantai Collection if you want to experience anime like the seven deadly sins.

4. Shirobako


Shirobako is the anime that looks like the Seven Deadly Sins. You may remember it from when it came out last year.

It’s a comedy, but it has a really interesting plot. Basically, the main character starts working at a company called Shirobako, which is short for Shirobako Publishing Inc. The company is like a publisher, and they’re based in Japan.

The problem is that they’re doing a terrible job of it. They’re understaffed, they’re slow to react, and they’re very inefficient. So, they have to hire an American to help fix the problems.

The show follows him and his co-workers as they attempt to fix everything. It’s hilarious and it’s pretty much an anime version of the real-world business problems.

In summary, the show is a funny comedy, and it’s probably one of the best shows you should watch right now.

3. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon

 Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon

If you’re looking for a good anime like seven deadly sins, then Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon is the best anime out there. It’s a dark comedy that tells the story of Horizon, who finds himself in the body of a young man. While this sounds like a normal day for most people, it is anything but. Horizon has to deal with being a high school student, dealing with his mother’s death, and the fact that he’s a time traveler.

While these are all serious issues, the series has a huge dose of comedy. The jokes are extremely witty, and the characters are great. I love how the show incorporates “supernatural” elements into the story, such as demonic possession, time travel, and mind-reading.

2. Gurren Lagann

The Gurren Lagann anime is a masterpiece and is one of the best anime ever. It follows the story of the titular Gurren Lagann, an anime character who lives in a world where animals have evolved into humans. He is partnered with a cyborg dog named Kamina, who is voiced by the legendary voice actor, David Kaye.

While there are many characters in the anime, the main focus is on the relationship between the two, as they fight a battle against the evil, space-faring race known as the Zentraedi. The battle takes place across three different worlds, and the anime is split into three parts.

1. Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist is an adaptation of the popular manga by the same name. The story centers on a boy who discovers that he possesses supernatural powers and is charged with killing the demon possessing his classmate. It is set in an alternative Japan in which demons are real and humans can become possessed.

It is the most recent season of the popular anime that follows the Seven Deadly Sins. Blue Exorcist contains many similar themes and plots to the classic anime series. It does not have all the same elements as the original, but it does have many similar aspects.


The anime that follows the Seven Deadly Sins has a similar plot to the classic anime, but it’s not as similar as some people may think. The anime is set in a different world than the classic anime, and it doesn’t have the same characters.

But, it does have many similar themes and plots, so it is very easy to watch the classic anime. If you want to watch a new anime that follows the Seven Deadly Sins, then you should definitely watch Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon.



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