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Basketball is a sport that has been around for over 130 years. It’s made appearances in many different mediums, and it’s no exception to anime!

There are several shows throughout the course of Anime history where basketball plays an important role in their plot so let me tell you about them now.

Do you have a love for Basketball and Anime? If so, there is nothing wrong with that! Some of us might even remember the glory days playing basketball during our childhood.

There was never anything like having your team win by scoring off a buzzer beater or getting an incredible dunk in.

It’s no wonder why we all want to relive those moments again through anime such as Slam Dunk and Kuroko No Basket!

If you want to relive your childhood, but can’t figure out how, try watching some of the best basketball anime there is. Basketball has been a popular sport for decades and it makes sense that we would see our favorite sports recreated into animes as well.

I’ve compiled a list with 14 entries (in no particular order) so let’s get started!

14. Heong-Geuli Beseuteu 5

Heong-Geuli Beseuteu 5

Heong-Geuli Beseuteu 5 is a 1 hour 30 minutes long movie that aired back in 1995.

The story revolves around Kim Youngwoong, a Korean basketball player known for his amazing skill in Basketball.

This series has gone into oblivion but had some great content to enjoy when it was released so many years ago.

Kim is one of the strongest players in the world. He proved this fact after his remarkable victory at Junior’s Division, Asian Cup.

The most notable part about that win was Kim’s dramatic shot at the end which turned out to be one of greatest shots ever seen!

Because he won so decisively and with such a show-stopping move, every institute in Korea wishes for him to join their team as a student; however instead of joining an already strong basketball squad, Kim chooses Kookmin University (the weakest).

With the release in the Mid ’90s, this movie misplaced itself amongst other movies and ended up being a mystery for us.

But if by any chance you managed to get your hands on it, make sure to watch it because you will have a great time doing so!

13. Onagawa Chuu Baske Bu: 5-Nin No Natsu: Best High School Basketball Anime

Onagawa Chuu Baske Bu: 5-Nin No Natsu

There’s another series that needs more love. 

It’s based on a true story, and it aired in 2017 as well! Onagawa Chuu Baske Bu: 5-nin no Natsu is an anime special about the aftermath of one of Japan’s most devastating earthquakes.

This is a story about the Onagawa Junior High girl’s basketball team, where an earthquake left them on their own.

This anime original was directed by Uda Kounosuke and it takes inspiration from real-life events just like how the narrative progresses similarly.

The incident that made this group lose control over everything they had was an earthquake leaving these girls in despair of life itself.”

The team lost its core members, supporters and the entire group to lose a total of 5 members.

This is all thanks to an unthinkable incident that caused this tragedy for them. 

Despite their small number, they still have every intention on proving themselves in their matches as they prepare for bigger challenges ahead!

12. Mitsu X Mitsu Drops

Mitsu X Mitsu Drops

Unlike other works that focus on basketball, Mitsu x Mitsu Drops uses a narrative style to create an interesting story.

There are only two episodes of this anime and it aired in 2006. The show is based off the manga with the same name written by Minami Kanan who also did all illustrations for these stories.”

A normal high school, until you take the Kuge Course. You have to be an elite student with a lot of wealth by your side just to qualify for it.

However, you won’t get in without someone who is already part of the course sponsoring you, to get admission in the Kuge course at this academy, you must be sponsored by a current student to become their “honey”. 

Hagino Yuzuru gets her membership aided by Renge Kai. However, now that she has been admitted with his help he demands that she call him master and is trying to turn what was once just sponsorship into an unimaginable relationship between them.

Hagino is considering quitting the course, or else she might be rusticated from the academy.

If Hagino stays in school and continues to practice basketball with Kai then things may get very disturbing for her because of his strange behavior. What will she choose?

Maybe what’s going through her head isn’t true about how Kai really acts when playing basketball together as teammates.

The summary doesn’t include any references to a sport but that’s only because it drives attention away from sports into its narrative which makes this anime among other reasons different than others we’ve seen so far.

11. I’ll CKBC: Best Basketball Anime


Asada Hiroyuki’s I’ll CKBC is a 2 episode OVA series that aired back in 2002.

It is an anime adaptation of his manga, which has the same name as this work.

The story follows two boys’ journey to become professional basketball players through their high school team and beyond . 

The manga was written and illustrated by Asada Hiroyuki (not included).

The artist created many works , including Mitsu x Mitsu Drops – our previous entry on here!

However, unlike most sports adaptations we’ve covered so far such as Slam Dunk or Kuroko no Basket-I’ll CKBC would meet all your requirements from a sport shounen .

In fact, it features elements like action/school genre overlapping

What makes this rivalry unique is that Hiiragi gets transferred to Tachibana’s school and has to become a part of his team as well.

Over time, Hiiragi’s family asks him to shift teams. He is forced to move away from the team he has been on for so long and join a better one that can use his skills more properly.

This causes their bond of rivalry between them in basketball games again, which will shock everyone soon enough as they try harder than ever before to beat each other with everything they have got!

10. Breakers


Breakers is a recent TV anime that aired in 2020! It’s only 16 episodes long, so you can catch up quickly.

Be sure to watch the story of this heart wrenching series because it needs your recognition as well.

This is a series that tells the story of 4 individuals with disabilities.

They have all overcome their struggles in life, and now they are working to change lives for future disabled people.

The main character’s name is Ren Narita; he has been ignored by his community because of being an outcast due to having cerebral palsy.

However, this does not stop him from trying to help others rise above adversity just like himself.

He meets each one these four characters: Jerry (basketball), Nomiya Shion(swimming), Hirose Takako (goalball) and Kakeru Takuya (high jump).

Together as friends, they all work hard towards achieving greatness!

 Barangay 143: Best Basketball Anime Series

Barangay 143

“Barangay 143” is an anime series that is a collaborative effort between Japan and the Philippines.

The 26 episode TV animated show aired in 2018, so it’s worth checking out if you’re willing to give this unique kind of animation a chance!

Katski Flores and ASI Studio created an animated series about basketball players, titled “Basti.”

It takes place in a fictional world where Barangay 143 (a neighborhood) is known for their superior skills on the court.

A tragedy struck when Basti Sebastien Sr.’s son was killed by an assassin before playing with his team again; this led to the end of Barangay 143’s reign over other neighborhoods during games. 

In addition, Bren Park has just lost his family due to a snowstorm when he began training as one of Team Manila’s best recruits.

The animation of this show is a product of Japanese animators but it also appeals to the demographic in Korea and Philippines. 

This allows them to have something great for people who stay at any one those nations.

8. Buzzer Beater

Buzzer Beater

Buzzer Beater is an exciting anime that mixes shounen and basketball. It’s a 13 episode TV series about teamwork, friendship, practice, and competition!

This comic book was written and illustrated by Inoue Takehiko.

It’s a story set in the future, when relationships between humans and aliens have become normal. 

This is about Hideyoshi, who plays basketball to bring food home for his homeless family in New York City until he gets an opportunity to join a pro team.

Hideyoshi is the new coach for this team, and he has an amazing vision. He wants to take on the aliens in basketball where they have been so dominant lately.

However, this will be a very tough task because there are no other humans strong enough like these aliens! But Hideyoshi believes it’s possible with his coaching skills – that’s why we hired him after all!

A basketball game with aliens that have taken over the title is a great start if you ask me.

You can bet, it would be entertaining to watch this anime with all your heart as we find out what happens next in these interesting episodes of “Basketballs: The Aliens”.

7. Ro-Kyu-Bu


Want to see girls play basketball? Then Ro-kyu-Bu is the perfect anime for you!

Ro-kyu-Bu tells a story of Subaru Hasegawa, who dreams big. The 12 episode TV series aired in 2011 and was an adaptation from Aoyama Sagu’s light novel illustrations by Tinkle.

In this show, we follow our protagonist as he tries out basketball with five schoolmates—four cute girls and one boy (whom they call “coach”).

It seems like it’ll be nothing but fun times playing ball together until things get serious when their team gets chosen to participate at nationals.

After his basketball club shut down unexpectedly, Subaru started to distance himself from the sport.

However, he soon receives an invitation by a family member who asks him to coach young girls in Basketball and make sure they win their games for school.

“The dream to become the best will now be circulated in these cute girls’ veins as they play basketball every day.

If you have been a fan of series that are calming and moe, then this is definitely for you!

Just start your device; lay back, relax, enjoy 5 students playing all day.”

6. Dear Boys

Dear Boys

Dear Boys is a sports anime unlike any other. It has your typical shounen components but it also features drama and mystery that the viewer may not expect from this genre of show.

If you’re looking for something different, then Dear Boys might be just what you are searching for in an anime – so keep it on your radar!

Aikawa is faced with a new challenge when he joins Mizuho High School.

Instead of having an elite team like Tendoji, Aikawa now has to carry this mediocre team full of students who have given up on basketball entirely and seek nothing surrounding it.

In the story, Aikawa is constantly practicing after school to become a better pitcher. 

His efforts inspire his teammates and they too start working harder towards their goal of making it to Nationals.

This anime has drama elements as well; for example, at one point in time Kominato gets sick because he eats so many sweets/desserts that he ends up being hospitalized due to sugar shock (hyperglycemia).

This anime has a touch of drama added to it. This makes the series more open for people who want character interactions as part of their sports narrative.

If you like these types of stories, then I guess you have no choice but to take a look at this 26-episode season!

5. Dash Kappei

Dash Kappei

We’re finally coming to the end of our list, so let’s close it out with a light-hearted and funny show.

Dash Kappei is an anime that aired in 1981 for 65 episodes; it has also been adapted into manga form.

We know you want some laughs after this long ride on the court – but don’t worry about going easy on these last shots because they’re sure to make your day!

Akane is madly in love with Kappei, but her dog always tries to catch him at any given chance.

However, he manages to escape every time because of his superior basketball skills!

Cat and mouse chase? More like a Human and dog chase. As you can guess from the narrative, this series isn’t heavily based on Basketball .

It is important to note 2 outstanding characteristics of both these individuals.

First up is that Kappei likes white underwear and tries his best to get a look at them when he gets the opportunity to.

The second part about Akane’s brother catching him in her room with no pants on, just makes me want more as well! 

As for the dog , it starts to narrate all rules of game being displayed which means there are two parts (one not involving any basketball skills) or players involved here–himself & Atsushi who automatically becomes Tooru while playing against an invisible rival

If you want to enjoy some entertaining shows about sports, then Dash Kappei is your way to go. A great strategy if you ask me!

4. Basquash


Basquash is a 26-episode anime television series that aired back in 2009.

It’s an original animation directed by itagaki shin and Studio Satelight animated the show.

The narrative includes Earthdash, which has its own moon being used as home for residents of this world where unconventional ways to make a dunk are possible with help from technology.

In other words, these guys have already done what Elon Musk has been trying to do for so many years.

I know Musk is trying for Mars but you get the picture guys.

Don’t be nitpicky anyway , coming back to the series, on the moon where residents have their living, Dan JD stands out as our protagonist whose normalcy goes into garbage when he gets engaged with a high octane sport called Bigfoot Basketball .

Robots with big feet play basketball against each other in the latest series, “Robots and Rockets.”

“Robots and Rockets,” a new manga series written by Khalid Coburn for Manga Club Magazine, tells about an innocent boy named Kento who gets to experience his dream of playing professional robot sports.

The only trouble is that he never actually knew what kind of game it was going to be until now.

In this fourth issue released on October 1st 2018 , we get introduced into how fun these games are as well as witnessing our protagonist’s first match ever! 

Kento has no idea what type of sport they’ll compete in but just goes along with everything excitedly–just like all kids would do when given such incredible opportunities at their

3. Ahiru No Sora

Ahiru No Sora

There are not many basketball anime series compared to the more popular battle-shounen ones.

One such example is Ahiru No Sora, which aired in 2019 and only has 50 episodes.

I hope that this makes sense as it’s a pretty sophisticated niche with few shows standing among others!

Sora is a basketball enthusiast who wants to play in the NBA but his height holds him back.

However, he doesn’t let this get him down and continues working hard so that one day, he can make it into the big leagues of professional basketball.

Sora is a basketball enthusiast who wants to play in the NBA but his height holds him back.

However, he doesn’t let this get him down and continues working hard so that one day, he can make it into the big leagues of professional basketball.

In order to bring the club back together, Sora decides he has no choice but take on these delinquents. 

He knows they have passion and skill so it is important that this fight be about ball-to-ball instead of hand-to-hand.

In other words, winning won’t depend as much on physical strength or speed since their height will make up for most disadvantages in those areas anyway!

The anime Ahiru No Sora is just as inspiring to watch as any other sports series.

The elements of basketball are natural and their execution is amazing – it’s all thanks to our idol, Sora!

2. Kuroko No Basket: Best Basketball Anime

Kuroko No Basket

For runner-up, we have one of the most popular basketball anime of the current generation.

Kuroko No Basket is a 25 episode TV anime that aired back in 2012 and an adaptation from its manga counterpart written by Fujimaki Tadatoshi.

It started when five promising players led their team to victory at Teikou Junior High School before graduating as they enter Seirin University under Tetsuya Kuroko’s lead where he forms his own dream team with four other first years:

Taiga Kagami, Ryota Kise (former member who returns), Shintaro Midorima (also former member) and Daiki Aomine whose skills are considered not too good for inter high tournaments but later proved himself worthy enough to be picked.

This generation was named “The Miracle Generation” due to their incredibly good skills at the game.

When they played, fear rose in other teams and defeat became imminent; it made sense that fans were so loyal too!

Unfortunately, all things must end and thus this group of players graduated from school.

Each player chose a different path after high school-they considered each other as definite rivals now rather than friends who used to play together on one team.

In a school where basketball pro-Taiga Kagami had happened to be a part, Kuroko Tetsuya was one of the members on an average high school’s new team.

He is someone who goes unnoticed due to his quiet presence;

However, in this newly formed group that he must try and fit into with Taiga as well as some other guys for the sake of their basketball team – now it seems like we might finally get to see what kind of skills are hidden underneath such greyness!

Kuroko no Basket is an anime that every basketball fan needs to watch.

Not only are the games exciting, but also because it tells a promising story of struggle and perseverance.

1. Slam Dunk: Best Basketball Anime of All Time

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk is a must-watch sports anime that broke the mold and set strong foundations for future series to come.

The man responsible for the classic manga series Slam Dunk and Real returns with a new sports anime.

It tells the story of Sakuragi Hanamichi, who is short in height but has an incredible talent towards basketball.

He joins Shohoku High School’s team to prove himself as he competes against other high schools while trying his best not to fumble on court like before despite being surrounded by fierce opponents.

The show features some major plot points that are interesting enough so you won’t want to turn away from it!

“Hanamichi Sakuragi holds an unbearable amount of pain”

It is about a fierce-looking guy named Hanamichi Sakuragi who is known for his red hair, low temper, and frightening nature.

He has been rejected 50 times in middle school by the girls he tried proposing to.

But this hasn’t stopped him from trying again because on the inside of that rock solid exterior lies intense heartbreak—the rejection from those very same girls whom our boy had proposed too just three years ago!

Hanamichi is a tall and strong high school student who wants nothing more than to find the girl of his dreams.

He starts hating basketball when he fails to get enough girls interested in him, but that changes as soon as Hanamichi meets Haruko Akagi; she makes his heart bloom like a flower!

Now our love-blinded guy gets asked a question: “Do you play basketball?” Being the lovestruck idiot that he is, my man says yes forgetting that he hates this sport.

Later on she takes him to the gym and asks him to make a dunk, but overshoots and ends up getting hurt.

However Akagi knows his abilities are inhuman so tells her captain about their presence; all of sudden our boy who hates this sport finds himself engaged with it!

The manga series Slam Dunk is one that you can’t miss as a sports fan, or even just someone who enjoys good stories.

It won multiple awards including the 40th Shogakukan Manga Award for best shounen manga (comics targeted at boys), and has been commercially successful while also receiving critical acclaims.

In summary; it’s realistic, entertaining, captivating – if by chance I like fabulous anime then this definitely one to read!

Thanks for taking this journey with me! I hope you find a great anime to watch.

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