Top 50 Best Fantasy Anime Of All Time

Top 50 Best Fantasy Anime Of All Time

For many of us, anime is like a teleporter that allows you to live in another world created by someone’s imagination. In this article we are gonna talk about some of the best fantasy anime you can watch!

The imaginary and fictional world from an artist gives us the experience we couldn’t have had otherwise. 

As human beings, there are times when you just wish to skip this world and step into a new one.

‘How would it feel to be in a world fueled with someone’s mind, how would it feel to be in a Fantasy?’

The anime medium has thousands of answers for you. We have shortlisted the best 50 fantasy animes out there that will give you experiences and memories forever!

So calm your minds, hands by your side, and prepare for this ride into the world of Anime.

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50. Snow White With The Red Hair

Snow White With The Red Hair best fantasy anime

Starting our enormous list, we have an amazing romance series upcoming. It goes by the name of Snow White With The Red Hair.

This 12 episode TV anime aired back in 2015 and is based on a manga written and illustrated by Akizuki Sorata with the same title that was published between 2014-2016.

The story revolves around Shirayuki , a cheerful girl who has been living as part of Tanbarun’s kingdom for some time when she becomes involved with Prince Raji after he witnesses her from across town at his own birthday party.

49. Sleeping Princess In The Demon Castle

Sleeping Princess In The Demon Castle

One of the anime that can give you an experience like no other is Sleeping Princess In The Demon Castle.

This 12 episode TV series aired back in 2020 and is based off of a manga written by Kumanomata Kagiji.

It tells the story about Syalis Kaymin, who has been trapped inside a demon castle for many years now– all this time without anyone ever knowing she was there thanks to her sleeping spell on herself!

There’s only one thing standing between getting out…and staying alive: A dragon-like creature named Ceifeed (a main antagonist with high ambitions).

48. Rising Of The Shield Hero

Rising Of The Shield Hero

 The anime called “Rising of the Shield Hero” is an amazing fantasy series that all my fantasy lovers should consider watching.

It’s a 25 episode TV anime which aired in 2019, and it was adapted from a light novel written by Aneko Yusagi with illustrations done by Minami Seira. 

The story revolves around Melromarc where multiple predicaments are about to take place so four males from modern Japan have been brought into this foreign world as heroes for hire who work together while learning how to adapt to their new surroundings .

47. Ascendance Of A Bookworm

Ascendance Of A Bookworm

The anime, Ascendance Of A Bookworm, is about a girl who loves to read.

Urano Motosu has an insatiable desire for literature and one day decides she wants to become the President of her school’s literary club!

Her desire to read was so strong and she was so close to a perfect job, but instead her death took place due to an accident.

However as fate takes a turn that you wouldn’t expect; the young protagonist gets reincarnated in another era where books are scarce and literacy is at its lowest point ever.

The book follows Myne’s journey of finding all kinds of books across different countries until one day, she realizes that reading isn’t just about entertainment or knowledge anymore- it has turned into something spiritual for this little girl who would’ve died without having any clue what literature existed on earth.”

46. Black Clover: Best Fantasy Anime on Netflix

Black Clover

This is probably one of the biggest compliments that a shounen anime can get. We are talking about an elite group named “Big Three”.

 The Big Three refers to Naruto, One Piece and Bleach at their peak time when they were ruling the market for being popular among otakus or fans who prefer Japanese animation over American ones.

Nowadays with new manga coming up like Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia and Black Clover (for hardcore otaku), there’s already Dark Trinity standing in competition against The big three power houses!

45. Princess Tutu: Best Fantasy Comedy Anime

Princess Tutu

The animated series Princess Tutu is a fantastic anime that aired in the early 2000s.

Though you might think it’s not as good due to its age, your opinion will change once you watch this wonderful story filled with magic and comedy.

The show has 38 episodes directed by Satou Junichi and features animation from Hal Film Maker .

The story follows a young duck named Ahiru who lives in an unreal world of magic, wonder and adventure. 

Magical cats and crocodiles are part of the fantastic life that she leads from day to day.

In fact, not only is she herself unreal – being able to transform into human form at will – but also her entire ability revolves around it: transforming into Princess Tutu- a beautiful dancer whose ballet has the power to heal people’s wounded souls just by its presence.

44. Welcome To Demon School Iruma Kun: Dark Fantasy Anime

Welcome To Demon School Iruma Kun

The series that would cure you of all your stress. Yup, this is Iruma kun!

Welcome To Demon School was a 23 episode TV anime airing back in 2019 based on the manga written and illustrated by Nishi Osamu.

Unlike most Isekai, it’s an adaptation rather than original source material so don’t be surprised if there are some differences between the two other than art style as they’re both different mediums with their own constraints after all.

The story follows our main character named Iruma Suzuki whose parents aren’t exactly caring people making him work at young age to support them even though he doesn’t want to but hey who else will?

His lazy dad has been very negligent towards his family which forces him into working for demons!

43. Nagi No Asu Kara

 Nagi No Asu Kara

I see you liked our previous rank. But now maybe something a bit more grounded and dramatic?

Well, how about I introduce to you this heart-blooming romance series called Nagi No Asu Kara (Nagi’s Day in the Future).

It is an original anime directed by Shinohara Toshiya and animated by P. A Works with 26 episodes that aired back in 2013. 

The story talks about a world where human life can be present on both ends of land or water – either as humans living above ground walking around barefoot without any protection from harsh surfaces like rocks or asphalt when they are outside their natural habitats covered head to toe, not even able touch sand which could cause dust allergies; OR underseas where underwater

42. The Twelve Kingdoms

The Twelve Kingdoms

The Twelve Kingdoms is a 45 episode TV anime that aired back in 2002.

It is an anime adaptation of a novel written by Ono Fuyumi and illustrated by Yamada, Akihiro.

The story revolves around our red-haired girl named Youko Nakajima who always wished for normalcy until she gets sucked into the world of demons after her family was murdered right before her eyes.

Youko is not your average girl. After an unexpected meeting with Keiki, she learns that he believes her to be the rightful heir of his kingdom and becomes a target for beasts from other realms.

41. Paprika


If you’re looking for a movie that will give the chills and thrills, I recommend Paprika.

It’s about an idea of technology to look into people’s deepest desires but then things take a turn when this goes wrong.

The story is 1 hour 30 mins long with animation by Madhouse Studios directed by Satoshi Kon who also did other fantastic anime films like Perfect Blue and Paranoia Agent back in 2006–which if you haven’t seen yet, go check those out!

40. Dorohedoro: Best Fantasy Anime 2020


Dorohedoro is a 12 episode TV anime that aired back in 2020. It’s an action-packed series with an interesting concept and fabulous execution, which will keep you on the edge of your seat until it ends!

The story takes place in Hole, where only those strong enough to survive are allowed to live while anyone who fails isn’t spared – what a brutal world this must be for our protagonists!

Luckily they have each other by their side as they fight against harsh odds every day just so these two can stay alive under such cruel circumstances.

39. Yona Of The Dawn: Best Fantasy Romance Anime

Yona Of The Dawn

Now is the time to talk about a little bit of romance.

You know, everybody loves their male and female relationships in anime and manga so an interesting fantasy romance series would be Yona Of The Dawn.

It’s 24 episode TV anime that aired back 2014 from its original manga written by Kusanagi Mizuho with illustrated panels as well.

Set at Kingdom Kouka where Princess Yono she seems like residing here but things don’t look 100% ideal or peaceful for all human beings because there are some characters who aren’t too happy with her presence (i’m looking at you Hak).

38. Ancient Magus Bride: Best Magic Fantasy Anime

 Ancient Magus Bride

The majority of the time, we only see battle shounen gain hype in the anime community. 

Luckily, Ancient Magus Bride is not one of those cases and it received all the love that it deserved during its release.

This 24 episode TV series aired back in 2017 and an adaptation from a manga (written & illustrated by Yamazaki Kore).

The story follows our lovely 15 years old girl named Chise Hatori who has just been sold to Elias Ainsworth; he’s a sorcerer with his own magic shop!

37. Dragon Ball Z: Fantasy Adventure Anime

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is a 291 episode TV anime that aired back in 1989.

It’s an adaptation of the legendary manga written by Akira Toriyama, who created and illustrated it all on his own as well!

The ultimate fandom and popularity of DBZ can’t be toppled either because we are talking about something so iconic here.

For those who don’t know, Dragon Ball Z is an anime that follows the life of Goku on Earth. He continues to live his life alongside Bulma and Master Roshi but soon encounters a guy named Raditz from Planet Vegeta.

The story has many adventures in store for its viewers including fighting against Frieza and Majin Buu among others!

36. Millennium Actress

Millennium Actress

Here are some other great films by Satoshi Kon, an amazing anime director: Millennium Actress and Paprika.

They’re both 1 hour 30 minutes long movies that were released in 2002 to critical acclaim!

Millennium Actress is about a legendary actress named Chiyoko Fujiwara who goes on the run after being accused of murdering her ex-lover (which she didn’t do).

In order to find him, she’ll have to escape from several people trying capture or kill here for information on where he might be hiding out at. Will they succeed?

That’s up for you guys to figure out when watching this masterpiece… it won’t disappoint!

35. Revolutionary Girl Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Now, let’s talk about an anime series that certainly lives up to its name. 

It is the Revolutionary Girl Utena Anime Series. The show aired in 1997 as a 39 episode TV series and it was original made by Ikuhara Kunihiko with J.C Staff animating it.

The story follows Tenjou Utena who lost her parents at a young age when they died from car accident but she met someone along the way named Dios aka Akio Ohtori (who looks like he should be your boyfriend).

He promises to take care of you if you become his wife which leads into some complicated love triangle stuff.

34. Beyond The Boundary

Beyond The Boundary

This is an anime that will give you a fresh slice of life series.

We call it Beyond The Boundary, and in this TV show, we’ll see Mirai Kuriyama who’s the last survivor from her clan as she tries to fight off evil spirits while enjoying school like any other teenager would do.

It aired back in 2013 with 12 episodes for fans’ enjoyment!

Mirai Kuriyama is a girl who was previously told she would have to kill Youmu in the future.

As Mirai becomes closer with Akihito, another half-human/half-Youmu being, her feelings get more complicated and she struggles through whether or not killing him will be right for everyone involved.

33. The Tale Of Princess Kaguya

The Tale Of Princess Kaguya

The Tale Of Princess Kaguya is a 2 hour 20 minutes long movie that aired back in 2013. It’s an anime adaptation of Japanese lore, directed by Takahata Isao and animated by Studio Ghibli.

The gorgeous animation and flow make it the best experience you can have as far as watching movies goes but it’s not the only feature.

32. InuYasha


Well well, it’s time to take a look at some classics, weebs. You know the drill–we need to take some days off and watch an old series instead of watching that new Isekai anime this season.

If you are planning on doing so, considering InuYasha would be a great move from your end!

InuYasha is 167 episode long TV show which aired back in 2000. It was adapted from its manga version written by Takahashi Rumiko .

31. Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura

A classic anime has come back to life. Well, that’s the beauty of old series like Cardcaptor Sakura.

No matter how many years pass by, they always seem to attract an audience nonetheless! And this statement is even more true if we are talking about my all-time favourite show: Cardcaptor Sakura.

A 70 episode TV anime from 1998 , it was adapted from a manga written and illustrated by CLAMP – very talented artists indeed!

The story follows a normal young girl named Sakura Kinomoto as she discovers her magical powers one day after accidentally unleashing some cards in her father’s basement storage room while looking for something interesting with which to play.

30. Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service

The movie we are going to talk about next is different from most anime because it gives a vibe that shouldn’t feel the way it does.

Kiki’s Delivery Service runs for 1 hour 40 minutes and was directed by Miyazaki Hayao in 1989, with Studio Ghibli animating the series.

In this show, 13 year old witch named Kiki has been sent out into practice where she will live away from home until becoming fully-fledged as a witch herself.

29. Magi


One of the most gripping genres in entertainment mediums is adventure.

And this rule stands strong for anime as well, especially when we talk about some fantastic fantasy adventures like Magi that aired back in 2012 and was an adaptation of a manga.

It’s one 25 episode TV show with Arabian Nights inspiration where dungeons full of treasure are present to loot by magicians known as Magi who have certain abilities

28. No Game No Life

No Game No Life

No Game No Life is a 12 episode anime that aired in 2014. The story focuses on the life of two siblings named Shiro and Sora, who are good at games.

The story focuses on the life of two siblings named Shiro and Sora. Both are good at games, but they’re particularly brilliant when it comes to video-gaming. Don’t believe me?

Well then let me tell you that both play together as a team called Blank because their names remain hidden in online gaming communities!

27. Castle In The Sky

Castle In The Sky

Have you ever wanted to watch a Ghibli movie?

If yes, then Castle In The Sky is the perfect choice for you. It’s one of the most loved movies from Studio Ghibli and it will definitely not disappoint. So don’t waste any more time and start watching this masterpiece!

You’ll be able to see how Sheeta, our protagonist, tries to escape her kidnappers while also trying to uncover the mystery behind Laputa – an ancient castle in the sky that has been long forgotten by everyone except for a few people who believe it still exists somewhere out there.

And if you’re looking for something new and interesting, then we have good news for you because this anime original is just what you need! So come on now and give it a try right away!

Click here or visit our website today so that we can show you all about why Castle In The Sky deserves your attention!

26. Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelations

Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelations

Tsubasa is a new series that has all the makings of an epic fantasy adventure.

 The story follows two main characters, Sakura and Syaoran, who are childhood friends.

They both have a special power to cross dimensions through different worlds.

One day they find themselves in a world where everyone has lost their memories except for them.

It’s up to them to restore these people’s memories before it’s too late!

You don’t want to miss out on this exciting journey filled with magic and mystery!

Join our heroes as they embark on an unforgettable adventure across many different worlds!

25. Spice And Wolf: Best High Fantasy Anime

Spice And Wolf

Spice And Wolf is a popular anime that aired back in 2008. It is an anime adaptation of a light novel.

The light novel was written by Hasekura Isuna and illustrated by Ayakura Juu.

The story is about a holy deity of its time named Holo who was being worshipped as a part of good luck during the harvest festival in Pasloe.

24. Weathering With You!

Weathering With You!

We are going to talk about Makoto Shinkai, a Japanese anime director whose movies have gained worldwide attention.

One of his works is Weathering With You which aired in 2017 and was directed by him as well.

The story follows the life of Hodaka Morishima who does not make enough money for rent and cannot seem to find any opportunities that suit him very well until he meets Mizuno Tooru one day at work.

Hina, a young woman who works at the publisher where he is employed, has an older brother she wants to nurture and care for. 

Over time Hina felt like they were connected somehow but wasn’t sure why or what it meant until one day when there was suddenly heavy rain outside which caused her commute home from work take much longer than usual.

After finally making it back to their apartment building both of them realized that something unusual shared between them had happened:

Neither seemed bothered by getting soaked in the downpour because deep inside each knew no harm would come their way if only together they could stay strong enough against all odds – as long as this feeling held true nothing else mattered including how wet either got on account of being out.

23. Kamisama Hajimemashita: Best Action Fantasy Anime

Kamisama Hajimemashita

Kamisama Hajimemashita is about a high schooler named Nanami Momozono living in the city.

One day, she meets Tomoe who has been assigned to protect her and gives his protection over until he proves himself worthy of being her familiar and servant.

Throughout the series, this harem anime builds its protagonist’s character so that they can rise up as an angel god which brings them closer together with Tomoe.

The story starts off rather slow but quickly becomes more interesting once we get into it due to all the action scenes presented throughout each episode making for quite an adjustment from what our previous entries have had before!

22. Mushoku Tensei: Best Fantasy Anime 2021

Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei was an 11 episode TV anime that aired in 2021, but it gained traction quickly.

It could have been just another Isekai out of the 20 million other series airing every season, however there are a lot going for this one specifically.

The first thing is its presentation; Mushoku Tensei has great pacing and animation with excellent fight scenes to boot!

This story follows 28 year old Rudeus Greyrat who’s life turns upside down when he finds himself transported into a new world as well as his entire former existence forgotten by everyone including him!

21. Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind

Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind

The film Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind is a Studio Ghibli-style anime that was made by an unexpected studio.

Miyazaki Hayao wrote and illustrated this manga, which you’ll find out about in just two hours!

The movie we are going to discuss next might remind you of a certain animation company with its detail.

If you guessed it right, it’s none other than Studio Ghibli itself! However, this isn’t their work at all; instead, they look pretty similar to them despite being from another studio altogether.

It goes on show how surprising movies like Nausicaä really can be since there aren’t many details or explanations regarding what happens throughout most parts in the story.

20. Land Of The Lustrous

Land Of The Lustrous

Why Land Of The Lustrous is one of the most captivating anime series from last couple years

If you have been a part of the anime community for a while, then you know that animation quality can be an important factor in deciding whether or not to watch something.

This holds true with some newer releases as well – among them include Land Of The Lustrous .

An adaptation by Studio Orange and Kobayashi Takako (the original creator), it gave fans both new and old nothing short than incredible experience throughout its run.

With 12 episodes total, this program aired back on 2017; written/illustrated by Ichikawa Haruko, I highly recommend looking into at least checking out what all the hype’s about!

19. Mononoke


The 2007 horror anime, Mononoke is looked upon by many as one of the most horrifying anime out there.

A lot of its horror comes from its animation and direction which are incredible because it was made in recent times.

The series has 12 episodes that aired back then directed by Nakamura Kenji and animated by Toei Animation.

18. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Now, it’s time for another Isekai anime. This one has entertainment as its biggest appeal with engaging and creative execution.

It is an anime adaptation of a light novel called That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime that aired back in 2018 for 24 episodes.

The story follows the life of this young man who dies mysteriously only to be reincarnated into slime form!

17. Maquia

What if, instead of being human like you and me, we could live for miles upon years?

Would that make life more interesting than what it is now or would the world still look bleak without our simplistic lives as humans with limited lifespans?

Maquia explores this idea through a story. This movie follows a girl named Maquia who isn’t just any normal person – she can see age at first sight by looking into someone’s eyes!

In fact, time means nothing to her since in one instant she was an infant but now after living hundreds of times longer than us mere mortals have lived so far on average will find herself outliving everyone around her even those closest to heart: family members and friends alike. However despite having been alive

16. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

This wholesome anime will brighten your day!

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is an animated series about a young woman named Miss Kobayashi who finds herself in the company of dragons.

One such dragon, Tohru, has decided to become her maid and help out around the house while also providing some laughs along with cute character designs.

The show aired for 13 episodes from January 2017 until March 2018 on Japanese TV but can be viewed through platforms like Crunchyroll or FunimationNow if you want to watch it too!

15. KonoSuba


KonoSuba is an anime series that has been gaining popularity since its release back in 2016.

The show follows the story of Kazuma Satou, a NEET who dies after being struck by lightning on his way home from the convenience store to play games all day and eat instant noodles. 

He wakes up with Aqua (an overpowered goddess), Megumin (A Japanese Arch Wizard) & Darkness(Kazuma’s childhood friend).

They are stuck together for eternity due to them making a contract with God himself!

Now they must find ways around their surroundings as well adjust themselves into this new world which seems so much different than what they were used too…for better or worse?

14. Berserk (1997)

Berserk (1997)

Let’s talk about some of the most critically recognized series of all time.

Berserk is a 25-episode anime adaptation based on one man’s life story, Kentaro Miura and his manga which has been called “The best manga ever.”

The main character was born from the corpse of his mother, Guts or Griffith depending on whether you read Japanese Manga or English translations.

13. Aria The Origination

Aria The Origination

Well, my man, I have a great anime for you.

This is yet another interesting anime that stands on its execution and has an amazing story.

The manga was written by Amano Kozue in the 24th century with three girls wishing to become Prima Undines – Akari Mizunashi, Alice Carroll ,and Aika S. Granzchesta .

I see that you are a hardcore weeb who watched anything and everything he gets his hands on; thus I recommend this 13 episode TV series from 2008 titled Aria: Origination which is adapted from the manga of same name created by Amano Kozue

12. Re: Zero

Re: Zero

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got Isekai’d? 

I mean, it’s a fantasy anime list and of course there will be many different types.

Anyway, let’s come back to our topic. If someone were transported to another world like in an isekai anime such as Re: Zero or The Rising Of A Shield Hero they might end up with their own harem or perhaps die instead!

11. One Piece

One Piece

One Piece is one of the most successful anime series in Japan and has received praise for its art, narrative, characters.

Adventure is a prominent genre used in this unique fantasy world that the viewers get to explore with Luffy as he becomes Pirate King. 

I mentioned earlier how adventure was often found within other genres such as shounen or seinen but One Piece truly defines what an action-adventure anime should be like!

10. Wolf Children

Wolf Children

Hello everyone and welcome to the final round of our countdown! We’ve been working hard, so let’s get right into it.

As a reminder this is not about who we like most or least but simply what makes us feel good inside when watching them.

Let’s start off with number 10 on our list: Wolf Children (2012). This heartwarming series follows one young woman named Hana as she raises two half-human children after finding their father in the woods before his death at her doorstep.

Facing both tragedy and triumph, these kids are all that they have for each other throughout some really difficult times; however things do finally look up once more people become invested in supporting them along their journey through life!

9. Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle

With Howl’s Moving Castle, we are introduced to a fictional place with magic and wizards.

The movie focuses on the life of Sophie Hatter who is cursed by an evil witch after she turns her into an old woman.

She becomes part of the moving castle where she later befriends wizard Howl along with other characters in this 2-hour long anime film directed by Hayao Miyazaki that was originally aired back in 2004.

8. Princess Mononoke: Best Fantasy Anime Series

Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is one of the finest works from Studio Ghibli.

It was aired in 1997 and contains 2 hours, 10 minutes worth of play time.

The movie tells us about a village that gets attacked by monsters which leads to its destruction;

However, there are some who fight back against these beasts for their own sake as well as for humanity’s sake at large!

7. Made In Abyss

Made In Abyss

Now we are diving deep into the pool of anime.

This massive abyss seems to have a lot of series that we haven’t watched but super entertaining – one such is Made In Abyss, an intriguing 13 episode TV Anime airing back in 2017 based on Web Manga written and illustrated by Tsukushi Akihito. 

The adaptation follows Riko who lives with her mother Lyza at Osu town; she also loves reading books about exploring the depths below which has led many people down there never returning from their journey while

others just don’t want to believe it exists after hearing stories like this since they think its all fiction or lies told for fun so many rumors continue being spread around without anyone having any idea what’s actually going on beneath surface level.

6. Mushishi


When you have an aggressive day at work or school, watching something calm can help. For someone who loves slow burners this is the fantastic Mushishi!

It’s a 26 episode TV anime that aired back in 2005 and was adapted from a manga by Urushibara Yuki titled “Mushi-Shi”. The story is set on the concept of ‘Mushi’, which are simple beings found all over earth.

5. Fate Series

Fate Series

We’re almost done with this list of the best anime. So far, we’ve had a great experience and I think you’ll love what’s coming up next!

This incredible collection would give you an unforgettable experience–and it just got better because one very well-known series was added to our list: Fate/Series.

This iconic Japanese animation is known by many people around the world for its compelling story line, characters, action scenes and more!

First released in 2011 as an adaptation from Urobuchi Gen’s light novel illustrated by Takeuchi Takashi; there have been several installments that make up this legendary saga…which means even MORE epicness!!

4. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

An anime called Violet Evergarden provides an example of when fantasy is not completely about a new realm.

It’s also not the case that it is always about having magical creatures around.

The first episode shows how even just small bits can bring something to life and create beautiful worlds within people’s imaginations, like in this show with its protagonist who sees letters as colors which help her understand words more easily than everyone else does.

You might want to check out this series if you’re looking for creative ways on bringing your imagination alive!

3. Hunter X Hunter: Best Fantasy Anime on Netflix

Hunter X Hunter

These are the best fantasy anime of all time! 

Their concept, execution, animation and presentation is top-notch. Now let’s waste no time talking about these final 3: starting with Hunter x Hunter (2011). It has 148 episodes that aired in 2011.

The manga was written by Togashi Yoshihiro while its illustrated version was done by Ikeda Yuko.

Next up we have one of my favorites – Berserk . Its a black sheep but you will love it nonetheless; airing from 1997 to 1998 for only 25 episodes total including 2 movies which came out years later just adds more icing on the cake so don’t miss them.

2. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Ranked as the runner-up in our list, I won’t be saying it is surprising to see this anime. Come on! If you have watched it, you know how brilliant this show is.

Looked upon by many as a ‘perfect’ anime with its name being coined for itself – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (64 episodes) aired back in 2009 and adapts from an original manga series.”

The manga was written and illustrated by Arakawa Hiromu. The story follows the life of two brothers, Edward Eric and Alphonse Elric, also known as the “Elric Brothers.”

These two are known for their proficiency in Alchemy; if you guys don’t know what that is – it’s when someone can transform objects into another shape or form through sheer will power.

For example: changing a light pole to car would be an act of alchemy!

 1. Attack On Titan: Best Fantasy Anime

Attack On Titan

Finally! The moment we’ve all been waiting for. No, not the new season of Game Of Thrones; Attack On Titan is finally getting talked about today in this post and it’s going to be an anime that will go down as one of those classics.

So put on your cape because I’m about to take you into a world inspired by fantasy with no boundaries.

Hajime Isayama’s manga depicts a world where humanity has to live behind walls.

This is because humongous monsters known as Titans eat upon humans and are part of the ecosystem.

However, to avoid ending up dead at some point in time, these barriers were created so that people can function comfortably on their side without being preyed upon by them anytime soon.

Eren Yeager wants change in his life, but when a titan attack kills Eren’s mother and destroys the town he becomes more determined to kill every one of them. 

He joins a scouting regiment where they train him how to fight titans so that someday all of these questions about their existence will be answered; however before this can happen another tragedy strikes with much greater consequences than any other battle yet.

One puzzle that is a phenomenon in itself, Attack On Titan.

One series has broken the internet multiple times and won prestigious awards.

It had the highest number of episodes on IMDb Top 10 at one point in time, entertains people from all around the world who watch it for hours together; this miracle happens once every decade or so!

And now comes another anime like this which will change our horizons forever: “Attack On Titan”

Thanks a lot for reading and until next time, sayonara! Well that’s about it weebs.

This was the Top 50 Best Fantasy Anime list I hope you had fun while gathering information on all of these anime as well as watching them afterwards.


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