Top 50 Best Josei Anime Of All Time

Best Josei Anime

Josei anime are typically known for being serious, emotional, and dramatic. But what about the lighter side of this genre? The josei genre is less popular than shoujo or shounen but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great series to be seen here. If you’re looking for something a bit more mature then check out my list of top 50 best Josei Anime Of All Time!

50. Strange+


Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s commence our list. And why not start it with something unique!

Something strange? Strange+ is a 12 episode TV anime that aired back in 2014; It is an adaptation of the manga series written by Mikawa Verno which talks about Kou’s journey after finding out his long lost brother who turned into one-of-a kind private detective firm head… yeah you heard us right: He became one too–and we bet this will be more exciting than any other story on earth because there are two different perspectives for what happens next!

49. Kimi Ni Todoke: Best Josei Anime

 Kimi Ni Todoke

“I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t just a little bit frightening to realize that there’s no place for me in this world. But the longer you hide, the more of a life you waste.” – Sawako Kuronuma Sawako Kuronuma is the go-to horror girl among josei anime series.

Although she is serious about her studies, she is often mistaken as being scary based on her appearance–that ‘killer’ look which makes people believe whatever they want about her. But what happens when she meets Kazehaya? Will love triumph over everything else? Kimi ni Todoke tells us how.

48. Aoi Hana

 Aoi Hana

Fumi and Akira has been best friends since they were kids–they even keep a diary together! But as time goes on, their feelings for each other grow deeper… and we know it’s only a matter of time before one of them confesses. What happens after that? Sweet Blue Flowers tells us what lies ahead.

47. Hourou Musuko Wandering Son

Hourou Musuko Wandering Son

A story about two middle schoolers discovering their true identities; Shuuichi Nitori is a feminine boy who would like to be more masculine while Yoshino Takatsuki is the opposite–he wishes he could be more femininine.

Although there parents aren’t very supportive at first, things quickly change after they realize this could affect his future happiness. However, they are still in middle school so they have a long way to go. Hourou Musuko is one of the best josei anime series out there!

46. Shoukoku no Altair

Shoukoku no Altair

Although this may not be the most popular entry, it’s got some great potential as one of the best josei anime ever produced. We hope you all give it a chance!

With that said, let’s tell you about an incredible journey taking place during the 18th century; The name Altair refers to a cursed island–a land feared by all because those who set foot on its soil never return and those who meet their fate here does not receive any funeral rites.

The children taken here undergo harsh labor; the only way to survive is to steal from others. Although this may seem like a barbaric practice, it’s everyone for themselves on this island and that’s how you stay alive.

46. Bokura Ga Ita: Best Josei Anime For Teens

Bokura Ga Ita

“I want to be with him…if by doing so means we will be able to make each other truly happy.” -Yano Motoharu Yano Motoharu is an aspiring shojo manga artist and has fallen in love with Nanami Takahashi who recently moved back to town after living in Tokyo for a couple of years–He didn’t expect their first meeting would leave such a deep impression on him but he was deeply by her kindness and beauty as a person.

The first half of this josei anime is about their story and how they fall deeply in love with one another; the second half, however, deals with unforeseen tragedy; We Were There tackles what happens after that as well as how it changes them as a couple.

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45. Shinohara Chie The Animation

Shinohara Chie The Animation

Our next entry focuses on jellyfish which might be a little outside everyone’s comfort zone… But we can assure you: This is worth your time!

Princess Jellyfish tells us the story of Tsukimi Kurashita who lives in an apartment complex where its residents all have unique characteristics and personalities–except for Tsukimi: She secretly wants to be like her other neighbors but feels she doesn’t belong.

One day, however, Tsukimi stumbles upon a beautiful woman being harassed by a drunk man–she attempts to help but ends up getting scolded for it.

However, the woman takes interest in Tsukimi and tells her that she needs a place to stay–the catch is that she has 10 pets. If you’re a fan of slice-of-life anime with a bit of romance then you’ll love this series!

44. Kare Kano His and Her Circumstance: Best Josei Anime For Girls

Kare Kano His and Her Circumstances

“That’s because I know how fragile ‘love’ is.” – Kazuma Asou In all honesty: This josei entry isn’t as popular as the other titles on the list… But we feel it’s still worth mentioning for those who haven’t seen it and might be interested. Let’s tell you a little about Kare Kano: It focuses on how we present ourselves to others and the meaning behind every action we take.

For example, both Yukino Miyazawa and Soichiro Arima attend an elite school where the student council has the highest authority as well as respect from everyone else; as such, they’re looked up to by their peers.

Although this series doesn’t really have much comedy–it takes place in one of those “perfect” settings which can make or break an anime–we think focusing on stories like these is important because many people find themselves in similar situations and need somebody to relate with (If you’ve never been popular at your school or had any trouble finding friends, then this series probably isn’t for you).

43. Amaama to Inazuma

 Amaama to Inazuma

“I will not give up…because I want to make him happy.” – Kotori Iida Sweetness and Lightning is one of those animes that focuses on daily life; For example, Tsumugi is a schoolgirl who has lost her mother–and with that comes all the responsibilities that come with it; she must take care of her house while also attending school regularly.

Her father, Kouhei, however, does his best to support her through everything but he’s away most of the time because he’s doing research at another university.

When summer hits town: The two of them only have each other to spend time with–when Tsumugi makes a “tasty dumpling”, they decide to invite their classmates over as well. In the end, Sweetness and Lightning is about family and how important they are in our lives.

42. Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru

Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru

“In order for me to make her happy, I need to become a man that’s good enough for her to see.” -Takashi Ninomiya We bet you’re thinking: Why is this josei anime entry on the list? Well, we’ll tell you why: This wasn’t meant to be a josei anime!

If you were to read the synopsis, it’s about a high school student who falls in love with his little sister; however, he doesn’t act upon his feelings until one day–after they get drunk together–he confesses how he feels and that sends their relationship into disarray.

This anime played with your expectations because of its title; instead of becoming something perverted like what you would expect, Ninomiya-kun (the protagonist) learns how to become a better big brother while also managing to keep his little sister Ui happy.

41. Chiisana Kanojo: Best Friendship Josei Anime

Chiisana Kanojo

“I was only able to make friends because I had my stuffed animal.” Shouko Kaidou There are a few things worth mentioning about The Little Girl Was There: First of all, it’s the studio that has produced this anime; feel free to explore their website and check out any other titles they’ve worked on; Second, The Little Girl Was There was created by the same author who wrote AnoHana.

Third, if you’re into slice-of-life genres then this anime will fit right in with your tastes because it focuses on daily life! Unlike other josei anime entries on this list–that includes Amaama to Inazuma!

The Little Girl Was There is shorter (it spans 13 episodes) but often times these short stories can be more impactful than longer series. The story takes place in high school; Asuka and Miki (the two protagonists) decide to form a group and become friends.

However, when the school year ends: They must go their separate ways–that is, until they meet at different universities where they’ll reunite with one another.

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40. Lovesick Ellie

Lovesick Ellie

“I want him to know that I love him.” – Yuki Yanase The world of romance in anime can be complicated–after all, there’s an infinite number of possibilities!

When it comes to Lovesick Ellie, we have a main girl named Yuki who has been friends with her crush Yamato for quite some time; however, when he transfers schools she decides to confess her feelings towards him because she doesn’t want to regret not telling him in the future.

Now, in anime and manga: Girls tend to become really cute whenever they’re embarrassed; Lovesick Ellie is no different because her character design becomes more detailed (her eyes get wider for example) whenever she confesses to him.

There’s also one funny episode where she thinks he might like her but they end up bumping heads–which they brush off as a small accident; we won’t spoil it any further!

39. Koi wa Ameagari no You ni: Josei Anime

Koi wa Ameagari no You ni

“A storm is coming soon, then I’ll be able to melt into your arms.” – Akira Tachibana When you think of “rain”, what comes into your mind first? Most likely you’d think of a rainy day–and that’s exactly what Koi wa Ameagari no You ni is about!

After The Rain follows the story of Akira who has been working at a family restaurant ever since she was in high school; now, as a college student, Akira hasn’t experienced her first love until a new young man named Masami comes into town.

An anime about rain and romance? It sounds so much better than it actually is… but instead of focusing on those two aspects: After The Rain takes the focus off them and onto its characters; we do get some helpful insight behind why Akira became distant after her father passed away–this eventually leads to their relationship changing (that includes them growing closer).

38. Kimi to Boku

Kimi to Boku

“I don’t want to hear why I should live because it’s the best, right?” – Chizuru Tachibana One of the goals that many people have in their lives is to find happiness.

When you think about it, there are multiple ways to pursue happiness–for example: Some people might want friends, while others will prioritize finding success through employment. Kimi to Boku knows this very well which is why the anime has four main protagonists who are all friends; Tsumugi is perhaps the most similar to us because he focuses his energy on pursuing what makes him happy even if it means upsetting other people.

There are a couple of reasons why Kimi to Boku made its way into this list; for one, its realistic approach is rather refreshing (especially if you’re familiar with slice-of-life animes); second, it’s more than just friends–there are some romantic subplots that help move the story forward!

37. Hinako Note

 Hinako Note

“You know how there are people who find something they like and stick to it?” – Sawa Konishi There are few anime titles out there that boast having a large female cast; however, Hinako Note breaks the mold by not focusing on war or action scenes but instead: The daily lives of girls who go to school.

That includes doing comedic skits about random events that happen at their school–for example: One of our main characters, Sawa Konishi, doesn’t know how to swim so she’s forced to take swimming lessons!

Hinako Note isn’t just about comedy but also gaining friends in the process; although, the latter might be hard when you’re known for being clumsy–as our main character finds out. If you’re into daily life animes that are more focused on socializing then Hinako Note is the perfect anime to watch!

36. Sora yori mo Tooi Basho: Best High School Josei Anime

Sora yori mo Tooi Basho

“I don’t want what they have… I want my own happiness!” – Mari Tamaki We’ve talked about titles which feature “happiness” as their theme; however, none of them make us feel like giving up hope.

That’s where Sora yori mo Tooi Basho steps in because the story starts out with high school students who are close friends–and they’re all trying to find happiness. To do so, our main characters arrange an expedition to Antarctica even though they don’t have the money to pay for it!

Although this sounds pretty interesting on paper, our main character has her own set of problems she needs to deal with which makes things more complicated.

What did you think about seeing how other people view happiness? If you’re into slice-of-life anime then Sora yori mo Tooi Basho is worth checking out!

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35. Barakamon


“Doing nothing until something happens, maybe that’s what being an adult really means.” – Handa Seishu When talking about slice-of-life anime titles, there’s always a chance you’ll hear the term “moe”–in fact: Some people might even say that it’s one of the reasons why these types of animes exist.

You might not know this but Barakamon is actually a younger version of what you’d expect from a moe show because our main character Handa Seishu is a young adult!

To put things into perspective, he’s around the same age as Akane Tsunemori from Psycho-Pass or Yuki from Angel Beats. However, being unemployed leads to him getting scolded by his superiors which eventually leads to him trying to improve himself through drawing.

This sounds interesting on paper but if you’re looking for slice-of-life anime recommendations then Barakamon is worth checking out!

34. Shirokuma Cafe

Shirokuma Cafe

“You are not an animal, so don’t act like one.” – Panda There are times when we feel down or depressed; however, what would happen if animals started imitating us? This is the main idea behind Shirokuma Cafe which features a protagonist who works at a cafe with animals that know how to socialize with people.

For example: Our main character’s friend is a panda that knows how to listen to music while our other protagonist, Penguin can use sign language. It might sound weird–especially when you find out about other characters such as Polar Bear who knows how to sew and alligator who has a very bad habit of eating things.

What do you think about this show? Did it remind you of anything from your past experiences? If so, Shirokuma Cafe is the perfect anime for you!

33. Oregairu Zoku 

Oregairu Zoku

“We were both suffering together at that time.” – Hachiman Hikigaya No one can deny that high school life is a hellish experience; however, being part of the service club makes it a little bit easier because our main protagonist helps solve problems through advice.

If you liked Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru then Oregairu Zoku is worth checking out because both animes share similar themes!

To put things into perspective: Our main protagonist also enjoys spending time with two girls he can socialize with. If you want to watch slice-of-life anime about high school students then Oregairu Zoku is worth checking out because it has its own charm!

32. Yozakura Quartet

Yozakura Quartet

“It’s the kind of place where your dreams come true.” – Sakanoue Hime Although some people might not be familiar with the term “yuri,” you should know that this abbreviation means “lesbian” which makes our first recommendation yuri as well.

The anime we’re talking about today is called Yozakura Quartet and if you liked Sakura Trick or Strawberry Panic (yes, I said it) then this anime is worth checking out! It’s about a town where humans and demons live together in harmony; however, there are still conflicts that occur.

You might want to watch this if you like action-filled shows with strong female protagonists who are surprisingly good at fighting against enemies. Just be warned that the yuri theme can get pretty intense–especially when you see how our main protagonist dotes on another girl!

31. The Idolm@ster

The Idolm@ster

“The only thing girls should keep in mind is that they’re cute.” – Producer Although The Idolm@ster isn’t really one of the most popular anime titles today, many people have watched it because of its interesting premise: Follow your dreams!

If you’re looking for slice-of-life anime recommendations then The Idolm@ster is worth checking out because it teaches us a valuable lesson about following our dreams! You might want to watch this if you’re a fan of idol anime such as Love Live because it features girls who try to become famous singers.

To put things into perspective: The series has been going on since 2005 and currently has over thirteen seasons! If you haven’t seen the first season yet–don’t worry, there are plenty more seasons waiting for you so be sure to check them all out!

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30. Sora No Otoshimono: Best Josei Anime

Sora No Otoshimono

“You have wings…so why don’t you fly!?” – Ikaros “Heaven’s Lost Property” sounds familiar right? This is because Sora No Otoshimono is a light novel adaptation which started in 2007 and has multiple seasons. Although the anime’s premise might sound generic at first, it actually features an interesting story to follow along with.

If you enjoyed other titles such as To Love-Ru or Bible Black then you should give this one a try! What makes this show unique? Our main protagonist finds himself surrounded by angels after he saves one of them from getting hit by a truck.

He then tries to help her get back home to heaven but it doesn’t seem possible because she seems too attached towards him–despite the fact that he isn’t really special except for the fact that he can see angel-like beings called “angels.” If you want to watch an anime about supernatural beings then this one is definitely worth checking out!

29. Highschool DxD: Best Magic Josei Anime

Highschool DxD

“When you try to protect something, it ends up getting taken away.” – Rias Gremory What makes Highschool DxD unique? It features a harem theme which focuses on our protagonist who is surrounded by girls who admire him; however, he isn’t really special because he’s just an average guy who can use magic.

If you enjoyed other harem anime like Love Hina or To Love-Ru then you should give this one a try! What makes this show unique? Our main protagonist finds himself surrounded by girls who eventually end up fighting over his love interests–yes, it’s that type of anime.

We can’t mention a harem without mentioning fan service–and yes, Highschool DxD features a lot of risque scenes to keep viewers entertained; however, the show also contains serious moments as well!

The fight scenes are well executed and might actually remind you of other popular fighting anime like Bleach or Naruto. Be sure to check this one out if you’re into these type of shows!

28. Ro-Kyu-Bu


“To improve your skills…you must not hesitate.” – Tomoka Minato Our next recommendation is Ro-Kyu-Bu which actually has three seasons: Ro-Kyu-Bu, Ro-Kyu-Bu SS and Ro-yu-Bu ~ Fast Break!

This is a show about girls trying to improve their skills as basketball players–except they’re all really bad at it. If you’re a fan of sports anime then this one’s for you! What makes this show unique? Our main protagonist finds himself surrounded by cute girls who have big breasts and try to become better at playing basketball.

It’s that type of show which features fan service and comedy galore. The first two seasons are also well-known for teaching us valuable life lessons along the way such as seeking your goals, determination, teamwork and so much more!

You won’t regret watching this if you want to learn how to be a good person from an unlikely group of middle schoolers!

27. Gintama


“A true samurai is one who thinks about the well-being of his family first before himself!” – Shimura Shinpachi What makes Gintama unique? If you’re looking for a lighthearted anime with lots of humor then this show might be for you!

The story revolves around our main protagonist named Gintoki Sakata who tries to help others get their lives back on track–all while getting into crazy situations along the way. Some of these include fighting off aliens, figuring out how to survive in the future and dealing with assasins (and other criminals alike)!

This show also provides us with educational material which helps viewers learn history, politics and even why not eating meat can benefit us! What makes show unique? Gintama is a unique anime because it’s a show where you can never guess what happens next.

Sometimes, the episodes are serious but they usually end up showcasing wacky humor that will make viewers laugh out loud at those corny jokes! If you’re into comedy then this one is definitely worth checking out.

26. To Love-Ru

To Love-Ru

“Your panties are way too cute!” – Rito Yuuki What makes To Love-Ru unique? First off, it has over 18 OVA episodes and three seasons to its name: Motto To Love-Ru, To Love-Ru Darkness and To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2nd! The story centers around our main protagonist who finds himself surrounded by beautiful girls who also want his attention; however, he can’t really remember any of them because he has a fever at the time!

The first season is a lot like Highschool DxD where it focuses on harem themes and fan service. The last two seasons are known for their dark elements as well–but if you’re into horror, chances are you won’t be able to watch this one!

What makes show unique? This show’s unique theme revolves around girls having feelings for our main protagonist–you might have seen that type of anime before if you’ve watched series such as Amagami SS or Ichigo 100%.

While To Love-Ru does share lots of similarities with other shows from its genres, it does stand out because of its comedy moments which will leave viewers laughing until they can’t breathe! If you’re looking for a show about love and action then give To Love-Ru a shot–you won’t regret it!

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25. Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~

Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~

“I don’t want to become an ordinary person.” – Kaoru Hanabishi What makes Ai Yori Aoshi unique? This is the sequel of one of our favorite romance anime called Ai Yori Aoshi which focuses on Kaoru Hanabishi’s best friends named Akane Sano and Aoi Sakuraba.

The beginning of this series is similar to Amagami SS because it features character backstories which help viewers understand their motives more. Our main protagonist still wants to get closer with these characters but there’s a catch–they’re already engaged to someone else!

If you enjoy anime that feature romance and drama then there’s no denying that this one is for you! What makes show unique? Ai Yori Aoshi has a lot of similar themes with other shows from its genre; however, it still manages to stand out because it’s able to keep viewers at the edge of their seats when it comes to how the relationships between these characters will turn out.

There might be some comedy and fan service here and there but if you want something more serious along with romance then this anime is definitely worth watching!

24. Midori Days

Midori Days

“You’re pretty tough, considering your size.” – Seiji Murasawa What makes Midori days unique? First off, this is one of those romance comedy series that will leave you in stitches.

Our protagonist named Seiji Murasawa finds himself surrounded by women who are interested in him–but there’s just one problem: he sees them as his sisters!

The show has an interesting setup which involves the main character getting into all sorts of trouble because he doesn’t know how to properly deal with these girls.

What makes show unique? This anime has lots of fan service especially when it comes to our main character seeing all these beautiful ladies naked.

There’s also some dark humor here and there which will make viewers laugh at any scene involving violence or sex related themes. Unfortunately, Midori Days is only a 13-episode series so if you need more then give Ai Yori Aoshi a try!

23. Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts

Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts

“I’ll make you my punching bag!” – Yoshii Akihisa What makes Baka and Test unique? This show started off as a light novel series before it was adapted into an anime; however, the light novel author got into trouble with his editor which resulted in him writing this parody of other popular Shounen anime such as Naruto, Bleach and Dragon Ball Z. The show has lots of monster fighting elements featuring characters who grow stronger after each battle!

This one will keep viewers at the edge their seats because they know that our main protagonist will encounter all sorts of challenges later on. What makes show unique?

If you want something different from other anime in this genre then you definitely need to check out Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts because it does a great job at parodying these famous anime. There’s also comedy and fan service here and there–it’s like watching Naruto but with lots of nude scenes!

22. Girlfriend Beta: Best Josei Anime To Watch In 2021

Girlfriend Beta

“Are boys really that scary?” – Kiriyama Mizuki What makes Girlfriend Beta unique? This is another harem series featuring an all-girls school where our protagonist named Kazuma Sakurai will encounter all sorts of challenges when he becomes the newest member of the student council.

It’s up to us viewers to decide whether or not Kazuma can balance his studies while keeping his love life alive! What makes show unique? This is harem anime seems to be targeted towards guys who dream about living with five beautiful girls at their side.

It’s similar to Amagami SS because it features romance and comedy; however, one thing that makes Girlfriend Beta unique is that it has more fan service than the rest.

The characters are also well-developed; therefore, viewers will find themselves rooting for Kazuma as he tries his best to get closer with all of these women!

21. D-Frag!


“Wait up you goddamn delinquents!!” – Kenji Kazama What makes D-Frag! unique? From the first episode alone, it doesn’t take long before we can see why this show deserves a spot on our list!

Our protagonist is known as Kenji Kazama who is viewed as the delinquent because of his incredible fighting skills. It’s up to us viewers to decide whether or not he can balance his studies while keeping his friendships alive! What makes show unique?

This series has tons of laughs and entertainment which will make you want to watch more after episode number one alone! The characters are also well-developed; therefore, we’ll be able to cheer for our main protagonist as he faces off against all kinds of challenges later on in life!

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20. Myself ; Yourself

Myself ; Yourself

“I don’t know what kind of person I really am.” – Sana Hidaka What makes Myself ; Yourself unique? First off, this is yet another romance anime that starts off with a tragedy. We come to learn that one of the main characters named Sana Hidaka has lost her memories.

It’s up to us viewers to decide whether or not she can recover these memories while keeping her love life alive! What makes show unique? This is another high school anime in our Josei genre and it features lots of drama and suspense; therefore, we’ll be wanting more after each episode ends.

The characters are also well-developed; therefore, we’ll be able to cheer for Sana as she tries her best to live a normal life despite all the challenges that await!

19. Hourou Musuko

 Hourou Musuko

“You’re a girl and I’m a boy.” – Shuu ToKorozu What makes Hourou Musuko unique? This is literally one of the best anime that we’ve seen! It’s hard to believe that it started off as a manga before an anime was ever developed; nonetheless, it has been brought to life and our mouths are watering after watching the first episode because we want more!

The show features lots of coming-of-age moments because viewers will learn what it means to be themselves regardless of how other people treat them. What makes show unique: Although this is another romance series like Amagami SS and Myself ; Yourself, Hourou Musuko has less fan service and more drama.

The characters are also well-developed; therefore, it’s easy to sympathize with the protagonist as he tries his best to live a normal life despite what his family may think of him!

18. My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san

My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san

“My wife is an elementary school kid…” – A 31-year old man named Iida Souichirou Who would’ve thought that someone like you could ever fall in love with someone so young? It’s hard enough true love; however, what will happen when this elementary school girl tries to come onto you?

This is what happens in My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san. What makes show unique? For one, it’s not your typical high school romance anime; rather, it features romance and comedy which will make viewers want to watch more after episode one alone!

The characters are also well-developed; therefore, we’ll be able to cheer on the protagonist as he struggles to get closer with his beloved even though she doesn’t act her age.

17. Ristorante Paradiso

Ristorante Paradiso

“My, Anne was beautiful.” – Nicoletta What makes Ristorante Paradiso unique? It’s a slice of life anime that doesn’t only focus on romance and comedy! The show is actually about a young girl named Nicoletta who secretly runs into one of her father’s friends inside an Italian restaurant.

It turns out the friend has been living as a male for many years; therefore, viewers will learn what it means to live as someone you’re not (aka crossdressing).

What makes this anime unique? The set designs are amazing and we’ll be able to sympathize with Nicoletta as she tries her best to move forward in life despite all the challenges that await.

16. Amagami SS: Best Adult Josei Anime

Amagami SS

“I still have seven more girls to go…let’s do this!” – Junichi Tachibana How would you react if you found out there was an entire harem of girls who wanted to be in a relationship with you?

Well, this literally happens in Amagami SS; however, we’ll learn more about each girl as the story progresses. What makes show unique? This is another romance anime like Hourou Musuko and We Without Wings!

The characters are also well-developed; therefore, we’ll be able to cheer on Junichi as he tries his best to live a normal life despite all the challenges that await!

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15. NANA


“I’ve always dreamt of my wedding.” – Hachi What makes NANA unique? Based off the popular manga written by Ai Yazawa, we follow two girls named Nana Komatsu and Hachiko Oka who come from completely different upbringings.

What makes this anime unique? Fans of the original manga will love seeing their favorite characters in full animation!

The show also features lots of drama and even a bit of comedy which is easily relatable for anyone who’s been through tough times on their own, regardless of if it was with friends or family!

14. Sasameki Koto

Sasameki Koto

“I love you, too.” – Murasame Sumika This is literally an unusual romance anime because one girl named Sumika Murasame has feelings for her best friend named Ushio Kazama.

Unfortunately, Ushio doesn’t have the same feelings which makes everything difficult for Sumika from time to time. What makes show unique?

We get to learn more about Sumika’s feelings and her relationship with Ushio throughout the entire show.

The characters are also well-developed; therefore, we’ll be able to cheer for Sumika as she tries her best to win over Ushio even though it appears that she doesn’t have any romantic interests!

13. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Best Josei Anime To Watch

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

“I want to make friends.” – Kodaka Hasegawa We all want friends when we’re in school but not everyone is fortunate enough to have multiple people they can depend on during times of need. For our main protagonist named Kodaka Hasegawa, he only has one friend at school which makes things difficult for him from time to time.

However, his life changes when he meets a group of characters who are all lonely in their own ways; therefore, they decide to form a club where they’re free to talk about anything.

What makes this anime unique? We get to see the relationship between each character as the story progresses as Kodaka tries his best to make friends at school!

The show also features lots of comedy and even a bit of drama which is easily relatable for anyone who’s been through tough times on their own!

12. Beautiful Bones -Sakurako’s Investigation

Beautiful Bones -Sakurako's Investigation

“You have no idea how much I’ve yearned for you.” – Shotaro Tatewaki Have you ever noticed that there aren’t too many anime there which feature romance between adults? Well, Sakurako Kujo is an unusual woman who loves to study bones which are typically found in areas around town.

However, things take a turn for the worst when she meets Shotaro Tatewaki who’s also known as Shoutarou among his friends. What makes show unique? This is literally an anime about an unlikely relationship that forms between these two characters!

Fans of mystery will enjoy seeing how Shotaro tries to solve mysteries with her while still having time to be together on romantic dates!

The show also features lots of drama and even a bit of comedy which is easily relatable for anyone who’s had trouble approaching someone they have feelings for!

11. Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex

“Love comes in all shapes and sizes.” – Kohei Kadono What makes Lovely★Complex unique? It’s a comedy and romance anime like Hourou Musuko! The show is about an incredibly short girl named Otani Atsushi who falls for Oda Nobunaga—a girl with really long legs.

There’s no doubt that the two characters will face many challenges throughout this anime; however, we’ll cheer them on as they try their best to get closer despite their height difference.

What makes this anime unique? It might be a little clichéd at points; however, it features lots of drama and even some comedy which will make viewers want more after episode one alone!

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10. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

“Tonight, I’ll be the prince of your dreams.” – Hikaru Moroboshi What makes Ouran High School Host Club unique? If you want to take a break from all the drama Josei anime have how about an anime that’s centered around comedy!

The show is about Haruhi Fujioka who loses her parents after they go bankrupt so she ends up staying with her relatives. It turns out the family owns an extremely high-classed high school where our main protagonist meets the members of Ouran High School’s host club; therefore, viewers will get to see these boys in different situations that are often hilarious at times! What makes this anime unique? The set designs are amazing and we’ll be able

9. Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei

Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei

“I’m kind of tired.” – Ozu Yasujiro “Ozu! Where are you going?” – Akashi Fusano There’s literally so many there which feature romance between two people who are completely different. What makes show unique?

Ozu Yasujiro is one of our main protagonists who goes on a great adventure at his school which allows him to meet all kinds of interesting characters along the way!

The story has drama, romance, and even some comedic elements which will easily entertain any anime fan! Plus, it’s also based off an otome game that was recently released in Japan!

8. Isshuukan Friends

Isshuukan Friends

Hase Yuuki It’s unfortunate but most people don’t realize how difficult it is to make friends at school when you first start out. This is exactly why Hase Yuuki forms a special relationship with Kaori Fujimiya thanks to their understanding of one another.

Unfortunately, Kaori has a rare heart condition which prevents them from maintaining their friendships with others for more than a week! What makes show unique?

This is literally an anime about the struggles that come with trying to maintain strong relationships at school against all odds! The story is quite inspiring so you should definitely give this one a shot if you’re looking for something fresh!

7. Chihayafuru: Best Josei Anime


Arata Wataya Wondering what it’s like to try your best in order to improve at competitive Karuta? Well, the popular manga series known as Chihayafuru is now getting its own anime adaptation soon!

However, before we get there, let’s talk about the manga itself. It’s a sports anime about a girl named Chihaya Ayase who decides to form a competitive karuta club at her school in order to help the people around her come out of their shells! What makes show unique?

For those of you who have had trouble trying to improve at anything, this is literally an anime that shows how hard work and determination can help make your dreams come true! You might even learn some Japanese along the way too…

6. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Kousei Arima “I don’t want to play the piano anymore.” – Kaori Miyazono Have you ever wondered what it would be like if our main protagonist was forced to perform in front of millions of people every night?

What makes show unique? We get to experience that firsthand as we watch Kousei Arima as his world starts to change after meeting a beautiful violinist named Kaori Miyazono who has an interesting dream for Kousei’s future!

The anime gets more and more intense as time goes on so you should definitely give this one a shot!

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5. XL Joushi: Romantic Josei Anime

XL Joushi

Senka Mei Yonomori “I won’t do something like this.” – Yamato Kurose Have you ever watched an anime series about food and romance before? Well, even if you haven’t, XL Joushi Senka is an anime about a girl named Mei Yonomori who works at the restaurant run by her family.

One day, she gets into trouble during work which forces her to team up with our protagonist!

What makes show unique? Unlike most romances where the couple eventually get together, Mei ends up having two different love interests in this one! It’s definitely not easy but it’s pretty cool that the story takes on a somewhat more realistic approach as well!

4. Kiko-Chan Smile

Kiko-Chan Smile

Kiko K, Takeshi Iwamoto Despite being around 23 years old, Kiko-C is an anime short about a girl named Kiku who gets to live together with her childhood friend! However, there are some strange things going on because their friends are now starting to fall for one another… What makes show unique?

If you’ve ever wanted to watch an anime that’s truly realistic, this is literally the anime for you. No matter what happens in life, it always feels great when you have someone by your side so don’t be surprised if you want to root for our two main protagonists instead!

3. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Jin Mitaka “I thought I was alone.” – Shiina Mashiro Have you ever watched an anime series where the main protagonist lives together with a bunch of other people that share his dream?

Well, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo is that kind of anime! Unlike most harem anime out there, this one has a lot of heart as we follow our protagonist’s life each and every day.

What makes show unique? Although it might not seem like it at first, the story gets surprisingly deep after episode 2 so you should definitely give this one a shot if you’re looking for something new!

2. Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru

Hikigaya Hachiman “I want to do my way.” – Yukino Yukinoshita Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a modern day teenager living their life in the public eye?

Well, Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru is all about that as we follow Hachiman Hikigaya and his friends who end up getting stuck together. What makes show unique?

This anime is perfect for those of us who like relatable shows because the characters end up having some awesome discussions after each episode. It’s definitely not your average harem anime or school manga!

1. Sakamoto desu ga?: Best Josei Anime

Sakamoto desu ga?

Sakamoto “I’m so cool.” – Sakamoto Imagine being extremely good at everything you do whether it’s cooking, running, or even making friends!

That’s the kind of character that Sakamoto is and this anime follows his life through high school where he tries to make everything fun. What makes show unique?

Unlike most harem anime, this one doesn’t have any romance in it so it’s great for those who don’t want to watch a cliche series. Also, you might learn something about being yourself along the way too so check out this awesome anime right now !

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And with this we come to the end of our list of  top 50 Josei anime of all time. We hope you enjoyed it and we’re looking forward to seeing you again in future lists!

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