Top 30 Best Wolf Anime Of All Time

Top 30 Best Wolf Anime Of All Time

“Wolf” If you ask Google, it will say something like “a wild carnivorous mammal which is the largest member of the dog family, living and hunting in packs.

It is native to both Eurasia and North America”, but if you ask anime industry people they would answer with hot boys going fight-fight”.

Animals have a lot of potential when used as characters because they are so multi-dimensional.

They can embody various human emotions or characteristics that make them relatable yet interesting at the same time!

The anime industry has created many stories that use wolves and werewolves as their main characters.

Concept of a wolf is very unique, so we have made this list to show you the top ten best examples!

If you love wolves and anime, we’ve got just the list for you! Be sure to check out Top 30 Best Wolf Anime so that your wolf-loving hearts can be satisfied.

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30. Pleasant Goat And Big Big Wolf: Best Wolf Anime Series

Pleasant Goat And Big Big Wolf

Pleasant Goat and Big Wolf is a Japanese anime television series about the conflict between Pleasant Goat (the goat) and his arch-rival, Mr. Bigwolf (the wolf).

The show has 530 episodes that were broadcast from 2005 to 2016 when it ended its run on TV Tokyo.

It’s an original production of Creative Power Entertaining in collaboration with Alpha Group Co., Ltd.

The story is made for children who wish to enjoy their childhood.

The world is where a group of goats lives a chaotic life every day.

These goats live on the Qing Qing Grassland and have an unasked company; however, they want to play with each other instead of being eaten by the wolf that always wants them as his food!

This comic war spreads up between these two parties when they try their best to accomplish what goals are set before them both.

This journey would bring bliss into your heart if you were once one among these kodomos (children) or not someone above 10 years old because this series isn’t meant for all ages yet it was created just so kids could read along side adults without any discomfort in translation.

29. Unbreakable Machine-Doll: Best Romance Wolf Anime

Unbreakable Machine-Doll

Ever thought of becoming a robot controller? Sort of like Robo-King or something?

Well if you did then this is the anime for you. Unbreakable Machine-Doll follows Yuu, our protagonist who has become one such person in a world where magic and machines have blended together to form super powered soldiers known as puppets.

If that sounds cool to you then check out its 12 episode TV series which aired back in 2013!

The light novel was written by Kaitou Reiji with illustrations from LLO; it’s definitely an interesting read so give it some time when looking into more about this amazing show!

This magic, known as Machinart, is used by magicians to control machines for war.

We treat everything like a weapon and it’s terrifying!

Raishin Akabane failed the test at Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart but still wants to learn more about this kind of magic.

Raishin is about to have a duel with one of the top 100 students, but his opponent gets attacked.

Raishin saves both and decides to cancel the match instead. With this win under him belt, he’s moving on up in first place!

The tale of an underdog who takes on the title of “Wiseman” is one that you shouldn’t miss out on.

28. Vampire


The lost series Vampire is a 26 episode long anime that aired in 1968.

It was an adaptation of the manga by Osamu Tezuka and created by his studio Mushi Production.

The story centers around vampires moving away from their homes with one main character, Zero Kiryuuin who helped them settle down to live normal lives after being mistreated for centuries due to fear towards humans.

Unfortunately, this area isn’t what you’d expect. It’s not a place for vampires to hide out and feed on human blood at night time!

Instead of being the scary monsters we thought they were, these creatures have abilities that allow them to turn into wolves when exposed to certain triggers.

One character is our main protagonist Toppe who turns into one during moments where he feels nervous or scared under the light of the moon.

27. To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts

If you’re looking for an anime that has a lot of action, drama based on the military and is about wolves then To The Abandoned Sacred Beast might be right up your alley. 

This 12 episode TV series aired in 2019 and adapts a manga written by Maybe which was released back from 2015-2017. Yeah, don’t question it… Anyway!

For this story we have war setting where something unusual happens.

A war started and the troops developed a special breed of human beings to stand their ground against enemies, called Incarnates. 

Incarnates are beast-like humans with unreal strength that can’t be matched by normal people.

Their edge allowed them to quickly end the war without much destruction experienced by those participating in it.

The beast hunters group called ‘Beast Hunters’ was formed by now to end the suffering of those who had unfortunate experiences within themselves and their beasts.

They killed many Incarnates with a goal to stop these people’s pain for good, but this action caused more turmoil among them especially when they found out that one of the Beast Hunter members ended Nancy Bancroft’s father causing her anger towards him.

26. Sengoku Night Blood: Best Wolf Anime

Sengoku Night Blood

Set in Jinga, a peaceful world that is soon invaded by demons and monsters.

The only ones who can save the land are four young female warriors called Night Bloods with powers to seal them away.

An anime adaptation of a game developed by Typhoon Graphics which will give you vibes from historical action films like Spartacus or 300!

Our female protagonist is destined to bring the place back on track.

How? Well, she will stop unreal beings in the military that are causing chaos in her city.

These soldiers have abilities like transforming into Vampires and Wolves which they call Getsugazoku (translated as moonlight tribe).

They fight for their territory giving up everything including disrupting their living or even risking losing life itself!

One day a being named Himemiko calls our main character because of special healing powers from her blood can be used to bring peace to this world.

The town is at peace again and a new leader must step up to keep it that way.

Not only will you find drama, romance added in this story as well but there’s also strong action scenes between the wolves and other creatures which make 12 episodes worth watching!

25. Noblesse: Pamyeol-Ui Sijak

Noblesse: Pamyeol-Ui Sijak

In the 2015 anime adaptation of a popular Korean franchise, Noblesse: Awakening, Ashleen wakes up to an unfamiliar world after being caught in human vs. vampire war with no memory of her past life or abilities. 

It is targeted towards fangirls as it has many boys present including Frankenstein and his son Rai (who can be shipped together), nobles who have devoted their immortality to serve humans, etc.”

The lord of werewolves Muzaka rescued a human from war and attempted to give her a great life.

However, he was upset by the number of wars humans committed these days so his own kind started planning for an attack on them.

The OVA is the base for Noblesse anime, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in wolf-based stories.

24. Wolf Guy

Wolf Guy

We will be discussing the use of wolf settings from a while back.

This setting is mixed with two other unique genres: military and sci-fi! It’s about a guy, more specifically, Wolf Guy –a 6 episode OVA series that started airing in 1992.

The manga was written by Hirai Kazumasa and illustrated by Sakaguchi Hisashi (AKA “RanXerox”).

In the story, Akira Inugami is unlucky to come in contact with an incredibly powerful poison.

However, there are only two antidotes available and one of them turns people into werewolves while the other doesn’t work as well but isn’t fatal.

The military wants him for their own good so they can use his newfound abilities without having any consequences on themselves.

23. Okami Wa Okami Da

Okami Wa Okami Da

The lost anime, Okami wa okamida is an 11-minute long film that aired in 1931.

Because of the lack of information available about this movie and its predecessor’s neglect from historical records, not much has been said or known about it.

A wolf starts to become a threat to the forest animals, so they plan on how best to deal with him.

The monkey comes up with a clever idea that ends in disaster for both parties involved and demonstrates who really is king of the jungle.

22. White FangL: Anime Wolf Movie

White Fang

There is another work that has lost its way in the massive pile of anime we have got since the beginning of this industry.

We don’t know much about it, but from what I can gather White Fang was released back in 1990 for over an hour and twenty five minutes long with unknown sources; however, Ellis Mel may be involved somehow because they are said to belong to drama genre.

The story is about a boy named Lasset who decided to trek 300 miles north in order to save his wolf pet that he raised himself.

However, the journey would be life changing and it wouldn’t have been possible if not for this situation.

This movie was one of those rare movies where everyone loved watching it but unfortunately wasn’t recognized much by other veterans as well

21. Okamikakushi


Have you ever watched horror, mystery or supernatural anime? If so, then watch Okamikakushi!

It’s a 12-episode TV series that aired back in 2010 and is an adaptation of the light novel.

The story revolves around 16-year old Hiroshi Kuzumi who just moved to Jogamachi but has been experiencing strange things happening since he got there.

Hiroshi is going to school in a place called Jogamachi. There are two parts of the town, one old and one new with an area split by a river running through it.

Everyone seems to like Hiroshi for some reason she can’t understand but everyone treats her well so far!

20. White Fang Monogatari

White Fang Monogatari

White Fang was one of your favorite books as a child, and now you want more.

But I get it- there’s only so much out there for children like us to read! So here is an alternative version that might be up your alley: White Fang Monogatari (1982).

This hour long special episode aired in 1982; Yoshikawa Souji directed the anime adaptation while Sunrise animated the show.

One day, on the Alaskan planes, a strange incident happens. It’s the birth of White Fang.

The son of a wolf father and half-wolf & half-dog mother named Kiche, he is taken in by Mit-sah after his parents’ untimely death during their walk together when they come across him one fateful day near camp where Mitsah has always wished to have dogs as pets before this happy occasion occurred for him so that winter would be easier with more friends around them than just wolves alone if what was about to arrive came upon them earlier.

Now living happily ever since at times but not all days are easy because life isn’t perfect like most things aren’t which might explain why some people think it should remain

19. Kanokon


I think this is a good time to spice up our list a little bit. So, with that being said I introduce you guys the best genre on earth: Ecchi!

And if you don’t think so, then – well – you’re wrong. It’s an anime called ‘Kanokon’ and it was created in 2018 by Nishino Katsumi based off of Koin’s light novel series which was released back in 2007-2008 (I know… kind of outdated).

Either way let me tell y’all about this gem because Kanokon definitely deserves some more love here on Tvtropes.

The story follows a country boy named Kouta, who has led an unlucky life.

One day in the forest he is unusually drawn to two spirits of animals that died previously and his new found ability makes him question everything about himself.

The anime industry isn’t for everyone but our hero wants to make it big so when grandma decides they need a move, he becomes nervous until she tells him what good things are waiting at their destination; which turns out being just as daunting.

18. Luger Code 1951

Luger Code 1951

This anime is a great introduction to the world of Japanese animation.

So I see that you are busy, but only have time for one episode! Well our next entry should definitely be worth your while and just take up half an hour out of your day.

It’s truly genius work by some talented people in Luger Code 1951!

This single-episode ONA (Original Net Animation) aired back in 2016 based on a manga written by Haneki Haruto and illustrated Akatsuki Akira.

The story follows Professor Helvetica who has an incredible gift – she can learn any language instantly which allows her to crack codes from all over history including cryptography keys used during WWII such as “Luger” code or even more elusive ones like the

Our professor is a skilled memorizer, which can be useful in real life.

However it doesn’t necessarily work all the time and our professor has to decode a code language called Luger Code that was created by Werewolves during war times with humans.

In order to become as capable of a character he used to be, the protagonist decides that in order for him to do this without any help, he needs some assistance.

So after traveling and hunting down his target who is known only by rumors due their rarity; our protagonist finally has what it takes thanks to them.

17. BNA: Best Wolf Anime


In a world where humans and other animals live together, the series follows protagonist Asao Takahiro as he adjusts to his new life in Tokyo after moving out on his own.

The show is filled with heartwarming interactions between various species of animals who have made their homes alongside each other, but it also has its share of drama from interpersonal relationships among certain characters that leads to conflict amongst them.

What are Beastmen? They can shapeshift due to their genetic ability and it even has a name, the “Beast Factor”. 

This factor is what causes tension between humans.

If you’re a beastman then Anima City might be just for you since they claim that this place provides freedom from human troubles but when Michiru Kagemori visits she realizes that isn’t true at all!

16. The Hakkenden

The Hakkenden

There are certain animes that give off the classical vibe right with their posters.

And a lot of people appreciate that sort of touch to the story presentation offered by them. 

If you’re a fan, then this entry has something great for you!

The Hakkenden is 6 episode OVA series from 1990 and it adapts novel set in war-filled world where Awa clan gets defeated at hands of enemy.

From the 8 Dog Warriors, you get an anime that isn’t exactly a wolf one.

However, if given another chance to watch this series again and even after having watched it once before will make their presence felt in your mind as much “Wolf” does for its viewers or fans!

15. Monster Rancher

Monster Rancher

Monster Rancher is an anime adaptation of a game.

The series was directed by Yano Hiroyuki and animated by TMS Entertainment, airing for 48 episodes in 1999. It tells the story of Genki who loves to play games just like you!

The anime Monster Rancher is not an Isekai like one might think.

Our protagonist, Genki, gets teleported to a game called Monster Rancher and meets multiple monsters that have animal appearances such as hare or wolf.

These guys then decide on going for a quest where they would find Phoenix who can defeat Moo – the evil villain in this story.

Now I know what you are thinking: “It sounds stereotypical, but it’s actually more enjoyable than you would have thought.” 

The show is simple and can be enjoyed by many gamers.

14. Renkin San

Renkin San

The best genre of anime is undoubtedly ecchi. If you don’t agree then I am sorry but objectively, it’s true!

The most recent show that deals with the vampire theme in an original setting is Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan which aired from 2016 to 2017 and was directed by Yatagai Kenichi at Studio Remic.

It follows a lighthearted story about four girls living their daily lives as they encounter different supernatural creatures such as vampires, werewolves and witches among others who are all friends despite being very different species themselves.”

I think we’ve all come across a group like this before! They’re so common in real life, too.

Anyway, these girls have visited Earth from the underworld and thus they don’t know anything about how daily lives function on planet Earth. 

So every day is new challenge as they try their best to blend in with everyone else around them.

And it doesn’t help that there’s Dr K-ko who wants popularity within his scientist community by proving these girls are otherworldly beings or unreal creatures of sorts!

13. Sirius The Jaeger

Sirius The Jaeger

I guess it’s another vampire anime with the wolf element added to a bunch we’ve seen before. 

But Sirius is better than those on our list yet, so don’t judge this one as just another too quickly!

It has taken its setting to a new level that makes it worth watching.

The popular anime, takes place in a special city where vampires have invaded to prey on the humans.

The government appoints an organization of vampire hunters like Yuliy who are ready for battle and determined with purpose.

“I hope you have a great time watching it,” the story tries its best to give you the correct vibe that would spark interest within yourself.

12. Wolf Girl And The Black Prince

 Wolf Girl And The Black Prince

A story of a forbidden romance between the wolf girl and black prince.

What is Wolf Girl all about? It’s time to discuss our list entry, an anime that tells us what we want when it comes to shoujo manga: 

Wolfgirl speaks from heart-to-heart with its audience which are your average romantics.

Despite being originally written as a manga by Hatta Ayuko in 2011, this 12 episode series aired back 2014 on TV Tokyo channel at 1pm every Saturday for 3 months straight!

If you’re curious enough whether or not these two love birds end up together then go ahead and give it try because I can assure you there won’t be any disappointment here!

The story revolves around our girl Erika Shinohara who is doing what many of us might have done at least once.

She lies about having a boyfriend to gain respect from her peers, but as the lie continues and gets out of control, she takes it all back by confronting that random stranger for real.

11. Okami San And Her Seven Companions

Okami San And Her Seven Companions

My romance lovers! Today, I wanted to talk about a different type of wolf-oriented series.

We will be discussing Okami san and Her Seven Companions today.

This anime is only 12 episodes long but it’s very popular despite that fact which makes me love the show even more. 

Let us go back in time when Ryouko Ookami was just starting out at her boxing club or rather ‘bruiser’ for short where she met seven people who were unique in their own way yet they all shared one thing:

They had special powers too like being able to turn into animals (Okami). It may sound interesting right?

Well if you have seen this anime then you know how great it truly is so do not miss

There are many things you can ask about in Ryoushi’s journey with Ryouko. However, over time the motivation to have her becomes more and more complex for Ryoushi. 

Maybe he’ll be able to face someone after all? After reading this series it seems like my man might just stand up against some of his greatest challenges!

The tone is soft and comical at times but I think that makes a cherry on top if you’re looking for Japanese references or puns throughout too.”

10. Cuticle Tantei Inaba

Cuticle Tantei Inaba

The entries from here on are only getting amazing and amazing. And we will be starting it with Cuticle Tantei Inaba, which is a 12 episode TV series that aired back in 2013.

It is an anime adaptation of a manga written by Mochi set in a world where there are humans like you and me but also half-humans/half animals who live side by side enjoying their lives without any problems.

Detective Hiroshi Inaba is a part-human, part-wolf who can find criminals by using their hair.

There’s been an increase in the amount of consumption of human hair and it has caused him to have a fetish for humans balding but his coworkers don’t mind so its fine.

9. Hakkenden


If you have already watched Hakkenden, it is important to note that this new story follows a different plot.

The introduction should be shortened and the passage rewritten in one paragraph instead of three.

It also does not need an example about how watching anime may lead to spoilers for other similar series as being interested in anime opens up opportunities for more enjoyment down the line with another show if it has something unique or interesting going on within its own narrative.

In the aftermath of a virus that destroyed their village, three children were forced to make an impossible choice.

As they watch from afar as flames consume what is left of it around them, an old man approaches holding his sword and asks for their help in saving humanity by taking possession of it. 

Years later these same survivors have grown into adults with families themselves; if not for this experience our world might be very different today.

8. Kemono Friends

 Kemono Friends

This entry is for those who want to take a break from the usual brain-taxing anime, so we’re not going to think too hard.

It’s an adorable and comedic show about animals at Japari Park in Japan that aired back in 2017 with 12 episodes directed by Tatsuki and animated by Yaoyorozu.

These friends get to stay in Japari Park, and one day Serval sees a new friend she hasn’t seen before.

Curious about this mystery Friend’s name, they go visit her together.

The name of the species is still unknown but it turns out this special friend has an interesting story!

On their journey they meet other Friends on adventures with problems that need solving so everyone can have fun at Japari Park – what an exciting adventure for these two curious pals!

7. Wolf’s Rain: Best White Wolf Anime

Wolf's Rain

Now, this is a series that definitely needs your attention. For all my wolf anime fans out there, Wolf’s Rain is a series you can’t skip.

It has heavy use of wolves and traits associated with them which makes avoiding it kind of dumb for anyone who would want to do so in the first place anyway.

The show originally aired back in 2003 as an original TV anime directed by Okamura Tensai and Bones under the name “Wolfs’ rain”.

A wolf named Kiba is intrigued by the legend of a place called “Utopia.”

It’s said that this land will open when Earth comes to an end. However, only wolves are capable of finding it and opening its doors.

The protagonist lives among humans in disguise until he catches wind of a mysterious scent and thinks it might lead him there!

6. Inuyasha


Inuyasha is a 167 episode TV anime that aired back in 2000. It is an anime adaptation of a manga series, written and illustrated by Takahashi Rumiko.

Time to talk about Classics ladies and gentlemen!

This next entry on our list should be nostalgic for many readers out there so I hope all those who haven’t watched this have given it at least one try.

The fabulous Inuyasha fills up the number seven spot with its amazing action packed adventures full of demons, sorcery, magic spells – you name it!

With such great characters like Sesshomaru or Miroku around plus some interesting romances between Kagome Higurashi & Inuyasha himself…well what can go wrong?

The story follows a girl named Kagome who is dragged into the Sengoku Period by a demon.

She becomes teleported to Japan and then realizes that she was reincarnated with an object called Shikon inside of her.

5. Beastars: Best Wolf Anime Series


What would happen if animals were as advanced as humans and had their own society?

If you’ve ever wondered about this, then Beastars is the perfect anime for you.

The manga follows a gray wolf named Legoshi, who is trying to find his friend in an animal-run world where herbivores and carnivores are separated into different classes.

The story touches on the division between these groups as well as how they interact with each other at their private school.

Beastars is an anime that tells the story of a young wolf named Legoshi who falls for his new neighbor, Haru.

However, he must accept and understand himself first before pursuing her or else everything will be ruined in the end.

4. Spice And Wolf

Spice And Wolf

Spice and Wolf is a 13-episode series that aired in 2008.

It’s an intriguing interpretation of economics mixed with romance, like the idea of being stuck between two things you love but can’t reconcile together.

You’ll have to watch it yourself to experience this genre combination!

One day, Kraft Lawrence passed through Pasloe on his merchant journey.

Holo asked him to let her accompany him and since she could judge people’s character well, he decided to bring her along with him.

Spice and Wolf is a beloved series that has given viewers an interesting combination of economics and romance.

But the journey to opening their own shop isn’t going to be easy, as Holo will constantly provide assistance along the way!

3. To Your Eternity: White Wolf Anime

To Your Eternity

An anime that will shock you is To Your Eternity.

This show has the potential to make your jaw drop and it’s getting a lot of praise from viewers right now!

It even got an award in 2021 for best animation, so get excited because this isn’t something we see often.

The manga was created by Ooima Yoshitoki who also made A Silent Voice which shocked people all over as well.

The story is about an orb which can transform itself into anything it consumes.

First, as a rock on earth, the red planet experiences cold temperatures and turns green due to moss.

Later that day after witnessing a wolf dying of starvation in the wilderness he takes its form – but not before getting consciousness first!

He wanders around for awhile until meeting up with someone who was stranded without his tribe because they went off looking for fruit and fish at this “paradise”.

2. Wolf Children

Wolf Children

Wolf Children is one of the most heart-warming anime movies out there.

A 2-hour long movie that deals with issues like being a single mother, it’s an emotional rollercoaster that you can define as “Wolf Children”.

The story follows Hana who fell in love with a special guy and later learned he has some otherworldly powers to transform into wolves.

Hana, a human woman married to the last werewolf.

Despite his transformation into a wolf at night and leaving her for months each year during that time, Hana’s love remained strong throughout their marriage of several years.

The story fast forwards in time after they have two children together but before long he is gone from this world and leaves behind his wife with 2 beautiful children who turn out to be capable of transforming as well due to having inherited it from their father/mother

As heartwarming as it seems, Wolf Children is even more emotional.

There’s a reason why it has won awards like Animation of the Year and Best Anime Disc award at numerous film festivals around the world!

1. Princess Mononoke: Wolf Anime Girl

Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is the best wolf anime out there and of course, it’s none other than Studio Ghibli’s legendary movie.

It was directed by Hayao Miyazaki in 1997 with an original story set back during mankind’s early days when a demon boar attacked a tribe village; young prince Ashitaka saved them but got cursed for his heroic act instead.

Seeking a cure for the disease, Ashitaka heads towards the west.

However, he soon realizes that he’s being led to his death by an evil demon boar who cursed him with immense power while fighting in a fierce battle.

The town is greatly affected by the deforestation and conflict between Lady Eboshi, Princess San who are two women with opposing views.

Prince Ashitaka has to try his best resolve this issue along with finding a cure for himself.

This movie represents an ongoing battle of technology vs nature but it leaves us questioning which one will win in the end?

This movie was widely critically acclaimed and won many awards because it applied a creative narrative to criticism of deforestation.


A list of 30 wolf anime that will make your heart howl.

I bet you have at least one on this never-ending watchlist! Enjoy these hot boys to the best of your potential (if you know what we mean *wink*). Until next time, sayonara!

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