Butter Chicken: A Delicious Dish with a Keto Twist

Butter chicken is a classic Indian dish that has been enjoyed for generations. The dish is known for its creamy, flavorful sauce made with a blend of spices, tomatoes, and butter. It’s usually served with rice or naan bread, but if you’re on a keto diet, those options are off-limits. However, with a few modifications, you can still enjoy the rich taste of butter chicken while staying on track with your keto goals.

To make a keto-friendly version of butter chicken, you’ll need to swap out the traditional rice or naan for a low-carb option. Cauliflower rice is an excellent choice as it has a similar texture to rice and can easily absorb the flavors of the butter chicken sauce. You can also try using almond flour naan, which is a low-carb alternative to traditional naan.

For the sauce, you’ll need to use keto-friendly ingredients. Instead of using heavy cream, you can use coconut cream, which is a great source of healthy fats. Ghee, which is a form of clarified butter, can also be used instead of regular butter.

To make the dish, start by marinating chicken pieces in a mixture of yogurt and spices, such as cumin, coriander, and turmeric. Let the chicken marinate for at least an hour, then sauté it in a pan until cooked through.

In a separate pan, sauté onions and garlic until fragrant, then add canned tomatoes, coconut cream, and ghee. Add in a blend of spices, including garam masala, chili powder, and paprika, and let the sauce simmer until it thickens.

Add the cooked chicken to the sauce and let it simmer for a few more minutes until the flavors are fully incorporated. Serve with cauliflower rice or almond flour naan and enjoy the delicious, keto-friendly version of butter chicken.

In conclusion, butter chicken is a mouth-watering dish that can easily be modified to fit a keto diet. By swapping out high-carb ingredients for low-carb alternatives and using keto-friendly ingredients for the sauce, you can still enjoy this classic Indian dish without derailing your diet. Give this recipe a try and savor the creamy, spicy flavors of butter chicken while staying true to your keto goals.

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