Fix Facebook Watch Video Icon Tab Missing (2021)

In early 2020, Facebook will add its clock icon to the access bar of DeepL. You can just click on it and watch the video of your choice. However, today, in 2021, for some users, there is no video playback icon in the access bar or tab of DeepL. In this article, I will show you a simple way to solve the problem by using the Watch Icon tab of the Facebook application. I’ll also show you why this button is not available to most Facebook users.

In addition, the View Video tab is the best shortcut in the top bar of Facebook. It is used to watch your favorite movies and videos online in the Facebook application. People like to watch Facebook, there are all kinds of videos. This is also because in most countries network operators allow users to use Facebook for free.

This is also the reason why users spend a lot of time on Facebook and enjoy watching videos. So if you are the only one with the problem of not being available in your Facebook app. So you are at the right place to solve the problem in no time. So, let’s get started…

Reasons for not looking at Facebook.

The Facebook clock icon is inaccessible or missing for various reasons. I’ll show you the most common ones here:

Your Facebook application is irrelevant. You haven’t deleted Facebook data on your device in a long time. As a new user, you cannot yet activate the View Videos tab in your account. The phone’s software has not been updated. The phone you are using has a small screen. You need to uncheck another icon in the context bar to add the Facebook Watch icon again and more.

Now you know the most common reason why you are not seeing the Facebook icon. You can solve the problem yourself. But if you’re not the kind of user who knows Facebook settings that well. Then I will show you simple solutions to solve the problem.

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Correction of missing or unavailable Facebook clock icon

Before going into the solution, a simple way to fix the missing clock icon on Facebook is to update your application. Then delete the data from the Facebook application and restart the phone. This will solve the problem automatically. But if you still have a problem, follow me to get it back.

Updating your Facebook application

Updating your Facebook application can sometimes automatically fix many problems. Open the Play Store application on Android devices and the App Store on iOS devices. Then check for Facebook updates, and if there is an update, get it and restart your phone. This solves the problem of missing clock icon in your Facebook application.

Update your Facebook application to correct the missing Facebook Watch icon.

Delete data from the Facebook application

If you update your Facebook app and the clock icon is still missing. Then try to delete the Facebook application data and caching files. It’s very easy to do, just go to your phone settings. Then find the application, tap the Facebook application, and select Storage. Press the Clear Data and Cache button and restart the device. Open your Facebook app, and you should see the clock.

Removing data from the Facebook application

Installing the New Facebook Application

If none of the above ways works to fix the missing clock icon in the Facebook app. Then try uninstalling the Facebook application. Press and hold the Facebook application and delete it. Then open the Play Store or App Store and install a new copy of the Facebook application. Log in to your Facebook account and you should see the clock icon in the application.

Installation of a new Facebook application

Manually add the clock to the Facebook shortcut bar

If nothing works at this point, it’s time to manually activate the missing clock icon and add it to Facebook’s access bar DeepL. Update your Facebook beforehand and delete the data from your application. Then perform the following steps:

Open the Facebook application and tap the menu icon in the upper right corner. Now tap Settings and Privacy, and then tap Settings. At the very bottom of the Settings page, tap Shortcuts. In the Options section of the DeepL access bar, select the check box next to the VideoHome option. Restart your phone and open the Facebook application. The Watch Video icon is displayed in the access bar of DeepL.

Manually adding the clock to the Facebook shortcut bar

Configuring access bar icons at DeepL

Now that you have the clock icon manually enabled in the Facebook application settings. If you still can’t see it, it’s because of the size of your phone’s screen. You must manually configure the toolbar icons to access DeepL. In short, turn off the icon and turn on the watch switch. In any case, you will see the Watch button/icon in the Facebook shortcut bar at the top. Follow the steps below to do this: Go to Menu > Settings and Privacy > Settings > Shortcuts > Disable Profile Switching and enable the Video Home icon. Restart the Facebook application, and you’ll see the Watch tab in the access bar of DeepL.

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Report to get the Monitoring tab on Facebook.

This is the time when you have only one last hope, and you need to let Facebook know that. Many users solve their problems by reporting them manually on Facebook. You can just report the problem to Facebook and sooner or later it will be fixed. This is how they add the Facebook Watch icon to your Facebook. Here’s how to report it and receive it:

Open the Facebook application, then go to the menu. Tap Help and Support, and then tap Report a Problem. Click the Report a Problem button again and select Watch as a problem. Then you have to enter your questions, because you don’t have a clock icon and it’s not available or available in your Facebook account. Then send it in and sooner or later it will be fixed.

Report to get the Monitoring tab on Facebook

Facebook clock is not available

The clock is still in your menu, but if it is not available in the quick settings or in the quick settings in the parameters. You won’t get away with it if you don’t wait and report the problem to Facebook. This only happens with new Facebook accounts. You just have to wait until your Facebook account is old enough, 1 to 3 months. It will then appear in the DeepL Access toolbar, and you can also activate it in the DeepL Access toolbar preferences in the Preferences.

Facebook Watch is not available

Here’s how to get the Clock tab in the Facebook shortcode. Did you solve your problem with the above solutions or in some other way? Leave a comment below so we can help others put the Watch icon back on Facebook in the shortcode.

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