How To Delete Call Logs Permanently From SIM Card On Android

To permanently remove call logs from the SIM card on Android

Discover a simple and effective way to permanently erase the call history from your SIM card on your Android phone!

Review : Do you want to permanently delete the call log from the SIM card of your Android smartphone? If you answered YES, don’t worry because I have shared with you some solutions that will help you to permanently delete your SIM card call history on Android. Just visit the station and follow one of the solutions as per your needs. Expert advice : One of the easiest ways to permanently erase the call logs from your Android SIM card or the internal memory of your Android phone is by using the Android Data Eraser software.

With the Android Data Eraser tool it is possible:

  • Permanently delete the call log of your Android phone from the SIM card and internal memory of the phone (not recoverable by data recovery software).
  • It also allows you to delete other types of data such as text messages, photos, social applications, contacts and all personal data.
  • Allow the user to see the call information on the program preview screen before permanently deleting it.
  • Available for Windows and Mac.
  • 100% read-only program. Safe, reliable and easy to use.

Download/purchase a free trial of Android Data Eraser to permanently erase call logs

Many users want to delete call logs from their Android phone for personal, business or various other reasons.

For example, look at the following practical scenario!

Practical scenario: User wanting to permanently delete the contact from the call list

How can I permanently remove a number from the call list so that nobody can find it?

Source : Quora

As in the above example, many users want to permanently delete the call logs from the Android phone’s internal memory or SIM card.

Meet effective solutions for permanently erasing the call history from the SIM card/internal memory of the Android phone.

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Solution 1: Manually deleting the call log from the SIM card on Android [Restore]

This method allows you to manually delete the call history of your Android phone. You can delete all or some of the received calls, missed calls, and dialed calls from the call log on your Android phone.

Follow the steps below to delete multiple call logs from the SIM card of your Android phone:

Steps to clear the single connection history on Android device

Step one: On your Android phone, open the phone application on the home screen.

Step two: Then call the magazine.

Step three: Now select the contact you want to remove from the call list.

Step four: To delete one call at a time, tap the Call Details menu.

Step Five: To delete the call list, press the Delete key.

To delete the call history on Android

Now follow the steps below to clear all call logs from your Android phone.

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Steps to erase all call logs on your Android phone

Step one: On your Android device, open the phone application on the home screen.

Step two: Then switch to the Call List tab.

Step three: To remove multiple entries, click Advanced, in the upper right corner, and then click Delete.

Step four: Now just select all the call logs you want to delete or select All to select them all and confirm by clicking Delete.

Step Five: A dialog box appears on the screen.

Step six: Finally click on the OK-button.

How to delete all or multiple call logs on Android?

That’s it! This will completely erase the phone’s call history.

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Solution 2: Delete the call history on your Android phone by performing a factory reset [Restore]

Resetting resets the device to the factory settings. This will erase all data stored on the phone, including the call log.

Pay attention: As this will erase all data, it is advisable to backup your phone’s data before performing this solution.

In all cases, follow the steps below to factory reset your Android phone and clear the call logs.

Step one: On your phone, go to Settings and then Backup and Restart.

Step two: Then press Factory Reset > Device / Phone Reset > Delete All.

Restore Android to factory settings to get rid of insufficient storage space

Wait a few minutes for the process to complete; the device will automatically reboot when the process is complete. You will now see that all data, including the call list, has been deleted.

Important note : Both of the above solutions remove call logs, but they are not permanently removed. It can be recovered using Android data recovery software. The above solutions are not a safe way to clear your call history if you want to sell, give away or give away your phone.

So now the question is: how can the call history be permanently erased?

Well, here is the solution available – how to permanently delete the call log on Android?

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Solution 3: Permanently remove the call log on Android with the Android Data Eraser [Unmovable]

You can permanently erase call history from your Android SIM card or internal memory using popular third-party software such as – Android Data Eraser, which is an ideal Android call history erasing software. Please note that deleted call logs cannot be recovered even with data recovery software.

The best thing about this call deletion software is that it is available for both Windows and Mac computers. This data eraser for Android also allows you to remove contacts from other applications that record your call logs. And it permanently erases the call log from the SIM card and the phone’s internal memory.

You can also use this tool to permanently delete other types of data from your Android phone, for example. B. Messages, photos, contacts, calendar, email, videos, browsing history, personal application data, saved usernames and passwords, personal information, etc.

It supports all kinds of Android phones like Oppo, LG, Xiaomi, Motorola, Huawei, Samsung, OnePlus, Google, Lenovo, Sony, HTC, Vivo, etc.

Here is a step-by-step guide to permanently erase SIM card call history on Android using Android Data Eraser.

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Steps to permanently delete the call log from the SIM card/internal storage on Android

Step one: Connect your Android phone to your computer

First, download and install Android Data Eraser, then run it on your computer and select Erase from the available options.

Now connect your Android phone to your computer using a data cable. Make sure debugging via USB is enabled on your Android device.

If your phone is running with Android OS version 4.2.2, a pop-up message will appear on your Android phone asking you to allow debugging via USB. Just press OK to continue.

Step two: Start erasing your Android phone all the time.

The software then automatically detects your Android device and connects it. Now click the Clear All Data button to begin deleting all data from your device.

Pay attention: Since deleted data is permanently lost and cannot be recovered. Therefore, it is recommended to backup all important data before proceeding.

Now enter in the Delete field to confirm the deletion.

Android Data Erase will now start erasing all the data from your Android device. Just wait a few minutes and all the data on your Android phone will be permanently deleted. Make sure the device is connected to the computer until the process is complete.

Step three: The factory data will reset your Android device to its factory settings.

Once all the data like photos, application data and personal data are permanently deleted, Android Data Eraser will prompt you to perform a factory data reset on your phone. Just press the Factory Data Reset or Erase All Data button on the phone. This will erase all settings on the phone.

Now all the data on your Android phone will be erased forever and it will be like a brand new phone. You can now sell or give away your phone because the device contains no data about you.


We hope that by using the above solutions, you have been able to permanently delete the call history from your SIM card on Android.

But as mentioned above, solutions 1 and 2 do not permanently erase the call logs because they can be recovered with the right data recovery software. Therefore, it is highly recommended to try Android Data Eraser as it permanently erases the call history from Android’s SIM card/internal memory and is 100% irretrievable.

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