How To Fix Blur And Small Text In Windows 10

How to correct blurred and thin text in Windows 10: Best in 2021

1. Open the ClearType text editing option.

The first step is to enter the ClearType text settings in Windows 10.

The trick is to click on the Windows button > type ClearType > select the custom ClearType text menu that appears.

2. Enable ClearType Enable ClearType

The ClearType window appears, check the Enable ClearType option and click Next.

3. Enable ClearType on all monitors

In the next window you can activate ClearType on the desired monitor. If you are using two monitors, turn them both on.

Select the option Yes, I want to configure all monitors now > then click Next.

4. To set the screen resolution to the default resolution

In the next step, ClearType makes sure that your monitor uses the correct resolution (native resolution).

The detection process starts automatically and when it is completed, you will see the description Your color LCD is set to its own resolution.

Then click the Next button.

5. Choose the sample text that makes the most sense to you.

The following ClearType shows examples of fonts you can choose from. The goal is to determine which type of font is easiest for your eyes to read.

Choose the cleanest handwriting, the difference is very subtle, but if you look closely you will see which handwriting is easiest to read. Choose the text with the darkest and thickest black to make it appear sharper on a larger screen.

After selecting the following text, click Next.

Follow the steps to the end, usually 4 to 5 steps. Make sure you choose the most readable text.

6. Continue with the second monitor

If you are using a single monitor, the process is complete when you have selected all complainants; the final step is simply to click Finish.

However, if you are using two monitors, ClearType will make the same settings for the second monitor. Follow the same steps and choose the text that is easiest for your eyes to read.

When all steps are complete, click Finish.

It’s done, after modifying the text by following the steps above, you can now see the difference. Windows 10 messages are no longer vague, unclear and confusing.

Adjust the zoom setting to solve the problem of blurred and small text on a large screen.

If the text still seems too small and too clear, it means you need to enlarge the screen. This usually happens with larger monitors (20 inches and up).

Proceed as follows:

First, go to Settings > select System > tap the Display tab.

Pay attention: Under Scale and Formatting > under Reduce Text, Applications, and Other Items, choose the largest percentage scale.

You can try different magnification scales until you find the one that best fits the size of your monitor.

On a monitor with a resolution of 2560 × 1600, a magnification of 200% gives the best results. Try to decide which scale is best for your monitor.

After zooming in, the image appears sharper and thinner.

When using two monitors, this scale adjustment must be performed on both monitors.

To do this, simply select one monitor at a time under Display.

First select Monitor 1> Set Scale.

Then choose 2> Set the scale to the monitor.

Fixes the problem of thin and hard to read text in Google Chrome.

The settings we made earlier only change the input on Windows systems. When you open Google Chrome, the entry still looks thin, especially on large screens.

You can use the zoom function to remedy this.

First, open the Google Chrome application.

Then press the Menu key > select Settings.

Then click on the Appearance tab.

Under the Pages heading in the Scaling section, choose a larger scale to find the most appropriate text size.

After zooming in, the Google Chrome entry is displayed thicker and larger for better readability.

Removing blurred text because the display driver (VGA) is not installed

A graphics card that doesn’t work because the driver isn’t installed can also make Windows 10 look ugly. B. large icons, the display widens and the labeling seems unclear.

Configuring Windows 10 performance settings

The last piece of advice you can give is to optimize Windows for a better look and feel.

To do this, enter the system settings.

First press Windows + R on your keyboard>, then type system.CPL > press OK.

Then click on the Advanced tab > in the Performance section, click on Settings.

To activate all graphic functions, you can select the Settings option to get a better overview. This makes Windows look better, but uses more resources. On high specification computers this should not be a problem.

Second option You can select a custom option and then individually choose the functions you want to activate.

Press the OK button when you are finished. Then restart the computer.

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So, my friends, here are these tips on how to fix fuzzy and thin text in Windows 10. If this still does not work, please give us your feedback below and we will try to help you.

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