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Hello, my dear patron! We are happy to see you here in our last newsletter to recap everything that has happened on the site since then, from01/18/2021 to 01/24/2021.

So if you haven’t had time to read in the past few weeks, here’s everything that’s been published, neatly packaged. So grab a cup of coffee (or tea, of course), sit back and enjoy!


Triple tadpole coding – two inches up

Rhythm Game ($8.99)

Paula: I believe that a rhythm game is only as good as the songs in it, and Tadpole Treble Encore does not disappoint in that regard. It’s a fun, engaging game, and very cute and charming. The composition mode adds an almost unlimited amount of content and gameplay options to the game.

Tadpole Treble Encore is a game you play with a smile. You can feel the love that the developers, Matthew and Michael Taranto, put into their game.

Nintendo switch 3D puzzle encoding test

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Unexpected task feedback – we like this package

Management Strategy (US$15.99 | €14.99 EU | £13.49 UK)

Paula: I love The Unexpected Quest, it’s a fun game with little touches. It’s not as deep a strategy game as some other games of the genre. However, if you’re looking for a lightweight strategy game that doesn’t require too much effort, Unexpected Quest is worth checking out.

Unexpected review of Nintendo Switch Quest

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General responses (mobile) – We like

Game Strategy (free to download, with in-app purchase up to €99.99)

James: Generals is a cute mobile game that is a fun pastime for casual gamers. Personally, I don’t care how games handle microtransactions or encourage the player to log in regularly for rewards. But it’s not as predatory as some of the mobile games I’ve seen.

All in all, it’s a relaxing time where you can immerse yourself, whether you’re bored on the couch watching TV or waiting for the bus in the rain. Make sure your phone is not wet.

Noon Lily Resurrection Review – We Love

Visual Romance Adventure (6.99 USD | 5.39 UK)

CJ: Lily of the Hollow-Resurrection is an intriguing game, but the player’s enjoyment will likely depend on their ability to tolerate (or entertain) mistranslation and their willingness to fill in confusing blanks with their imagination. With excellent voice acting, I must say that my experience was not too confusing. Unfortunately, the end of Diane’s journey was one of the moments where I felt a little out of place. But even as it is now, I would gladly pay the small amount they are asking. If they had invested in a better translation and if the story was as good as I think it was, it would have been worth every VN fan’s time. I hope he gets the transfer he deserves!

Download Hero DX magazine – We love

Arcade action (4.99 USD | UK £4.99 | EU €4.99)

James: All in all, Loot Hero DX is a very simple game for a cheap price. For some, the experience will be a nice distraction for a few minutes. The gameplay lacks depth, but it’s just fun to shoot enemies and see a gold coin fly to your character. It’s understandable that many players expect more. For me, Loot Hero DX is like a stress ball. Play a little to let off steam. Put that down and get on with your day.

Four in the standings – We’re not sure.

Board game/part (5.99 USD | 4.49 UK £ | 5.99 EU)

James: Four-in-a-Row isn’t great, but it’s not exactly a title that will appeal to online retailers. There are cheaper games you can play for hours if all four in a row have a mode you can play with the AI or the grandmother, I guess. But I suggest you call your loved ones and let them know how you feel about them. I felt more compelled to play the board game than most video games.

Military Truck Simulator Review – We don’t like it

James: A military truck simulator should not be sold in its current condition. We missed a huge opportunity to do something new and original, but in the end all the games became a terrible computer port. This reminds us why quality control is essential in game development. Don’t believe it.

Griftlands (PC)Demonstration prints

Elena: Here’s a promising card game for Nintendo Switch in 2021. Griftlands, currently in Early Access on Steam, is a fashionable bridge-builder. It will appeal to Slay the Spire fans and card game enthusiasts, but I think it will also find a wider audience.
The full PC version (Steam and Epic Games Store) is coming out later this year, as promised, but we may see a switch port in 2021.


Monthly questions and answers p: James and Elena

Patrons only, level 2 and 3.

Question of the month – How do you rate the games? LadiesGamers team members James and Elena explain how they arrived at their final verdict. So how do they decide which game to recommend and which game to avoid?

Machine Man Indie DevInterview

Patrons only, level 2 and 3.

Elena: During my banner year, I could still travel abroad, party with the locals and paint picturesque waterfalls. I’ve died dozens of times along the way, but that’s the fun of the Curious Expedition.

In 2020, I declared Curious Expedition one of my best Switch games because of its humor and addictive nature. This 19th century exploration game is a game of chance. For centuries, many elements – danger, disease, drama – have been skillfully combined into a single adventure. I can’t wait to see how developer Machine Man continues to improve this unique game in its sequel, Curious Expedition 2.

While waiting for the full release of CE2 (on January 28 on PC, later in 2021 for Switch), I contacted Machine Man so we could inquire about the development of CE1 and CE2.

So, this week is the week! And as always, thanks for the support of LadyGamers!


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