Nintendo Has To Rethink How Seasonal Events Work In Animal Crossing New Horizons

The seasonal events in Animal Crossing New Horizons have a big flaw that Nintendo needs to rectify in the future.

Exploring new horizons with animals was everything I had hoped for. After almost seven years of playing daily at New Horizons, he couldn’t come early enough. When it came out, I spent a few unhealthy hours in the game and since its release in March 2020 I have continued to develop and enjoy my time on Poedelhoofd, my island.

One of the main attractions of each game of Animal Crossing are the seasonal events. There is something very special about playing a real-time game without time travel and experiencing events on the island as they happen in real life.

By bringing Easter, Halloween and even Christmas into play, your creativity and holiday feeling will be given free rein. I love to cover my whole island and my house with Animal Crossing in a holiday environment. But for some reason that was impossible with New Horizons.

Holiday points prior to the actual holiday event

The biggest drawback of most festivities that have taken place since the launch of New Horizons are the items we have received at each festive period, or rather, the times we have received these items.


For me, it all started with the Halloween party in October, and although there were a lot of crafts for cute things you could use to decorate your island for Halloween, it took a lot of dedication to get all those crafts ready in time for the party itself. Unless you’ve spent dozens of hours on the game, there’s little chance you’ve taken advantage of this tinkering.

It wasn’t until the end of October that I had a number of Christmas items in my catalogue to decorate my island. It was a real shame because the scary season is one of my favorite times of the year, but because of the slow pace of the balloon rides I couldn’t turn my island into a scary place until Jack came on Halloween, the 31st. October has arrived.

In addition, one of my most coveted items, the pumpkin wagon, was given to us almost simultaneously by Jack at the end of Halloween.

First day of toys Crossing new horizons with animals was a peak of frustration

If Halloween was such an event in terms of delivering items in time for the actual celebration, then Toy Day was a peak of frustration to the point that I was desperate to do something with my island for the holidays, making dusty pumpkins and a rotten pumpkin patch a seasonal decorative feature of my island.

Until the 24th. In December I received a total of two Christmas-themed crafts, including a wreath that Isabel gave me and a craft I got from a balloon that was a real Christmas tree. Although I love both things, it wasn’t enough to turn my island into a wonderland.

All this after playing every day, morning and afternoon, to make sure I have all my beach and village crafts, shooting balls and doing my daily chores.

A beautiful snowy country without… snow always falls. Another sunny day

From the day Animal Crossing New Horizons came out, I was looking forward to the first season of the holiday and the toys in the game. Because I’m not a time traveller, I’ve had to wait a long time for the arrival of the season.

When the time is finally right and the 1. December arrived, I was surprised that my island looked like any other autumn day, with orange trees, burnt grass, and the sun shining and shining….

It took until mid-December before my island finally turned into leaves and snow. It may seem unimportant, but a Winter Wonderland is needed for something Animal Crossing does so well at the end of the holiday season. Everywhere you look, postcards, movies, the ideal holiday landscape is a snowy landscape, and Nintendo knew it.

I wrote a whole article about how it once snowed all winter and the holidays, not to mention Halloween, where never a drop of rain fell, completely ruining and taking away the sinister atmosphere expected at this time of year.

I’ve seen fog, rain, thunder, why wouldn’t such a weather appear on your island at the scariest time of year?

That it snows, and that the seasonal products are available well before the event.

Nintendo managed to bring in weather effects like thunderstorms and even blizzards that I just couldn’t experience. In fact, I had to look for videos with weather effects because they never work for me and many of my friends who play this game.

Halloween storms and winter blizzards would have created a lot more atmosphere, and their absence made me much less inclined to play pretend autumn or winter when the weather is just as dull, the sky is clear blue and the sun is shining…. All of them! Bachelor! Hi! Hi!

Зачем Able Sisters продавать мне бобы и лыжные наряды и чулок красивый дизайн зонтика, когда один из этих пунктов никогда не приходят в игру.

В дополнение к тому, что погода соответствует фактическому сезону, как это было в другой каждой Animal Crossing до New Horizons, крайне важно иметь получить предметы и DIYs задолго до фактического события.

Получение предметов праздника в День Игрушек опровергает цель

Да, я люблю подарочную кучу на День Игрушек, но получение ее в Рождества сделало для меня. На самом деле я никогда не не размещал на его острове и пока хранил своем год.

I had the same feeling when I got the bow tie for the 2021 celebration, which is great fun, but getting it at the end of the celebration also made it useless. I’d like to post it a day or even a week before New Year’s Eve.

Nintendo has recently announced that seasonal events can change from year to year, which means that we will receive different items for the upcoming Easter, Halloween or Toys Day. This is a great addition, more in line with what Animal Crossing’s Pocket Camp is doing, but it could mean that last year’s items won’t be in place for the next holiday period because there will be a lot of new items to buy.

Yay! The jingle is here… and he’s gone.

With so much expectation for Toy Day, I was totally excited to meet Jingle. But just as we saw on Halloween, where Jack only came for a few hours on the day of the event, Jingle only came on the day of the toy and disappeared shortly after.

It’s incredibly frustrating, I would like to receive the Jingle for a few days and make Toy Day part of the holiday season instead of a day when most people don’t feel like playing the game for long.

Make seasonal events longer than a single day

If you’ve ever played Pocket Camp, you’ll find that the events can be used for days or even weeks. Jingle could be the 15th. December comes along and asks us to help spread the joy of Christmas by decorating the island, giving us household chores and making us feel and enjoy the holidays throughout the month of December. This should be the case for all seasonal events.

Please provide the seasonal items prior to the event so that we can use them to decorate our islands and enjoy the festivities throughout the month, not just for a few hours on the day of the event.

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