Primal Season 2: Everything You Need To Know In 2021

Primal Season 2

Primal was a super thriller fantasy that had fast pace and danger-filled sequences.

It’s most remarkable part is its visual storytelling as it suited the plot, character development, ensuring different vibe ruled the story direction.

A prehistoric world makes the backdrop of a story about friendship between two unlikely friends: one, a caveman and another, Tyrannosaurus.

These characters cannot communicate with words like you or me but their suffering unites them as they fight together in episodes to come.

The first season of the show was full of twists and turns, but it ended beautifully.

Second season is eagerly anticipated by fans who are waiting to find out if there will still be conflict between them in Season 2!

Everything We Know About The Primal So Far

Primal is an adventurous saga that follows 2 characters in a fight for survival.

The 10 episodes are similar, each following the same plot of Fang and Spear’s struggle as they grow closer to one another.

Spear feels the pain of losing his family to dinosaurs after he witnesses Fang’s children get taken away by them. When Spear tries and fails, Fang decides to follow him around with a new perspective on life.

In prehistoric times, two young cavemen fight each other and have minor clashes over food.

But then they face another attack from their enemies so the duo must unite together again in order to survive. 

When Fang and Spear hunt for prey like mammoths, warthogs, snakes or even apemen (a type of ape-like species), there are many evil creatures that want to take them down due to being predators themselves.

The boys put up a great team effort in hunting these dangerous beasts without putting one’s own life at risk – which is why when danger arises.

“Spear and Fang are two characters in a story created by Genndy Tartakovsky. The first season ended with the addition of Mira to their team, but she has yet to make an appearance again.”

Official Announcements And Release Date Of The Primal Season 2

The release of Season 2 is for sure – there should be no doubt about that.

Collider had a chat with Genndy Tartakovsky In October 2020. It was just before the last 5 episodes of Season 1 were aired . 

In the chat, they discussed related topics and he confirmed that they are on their way and will be released on time!

There are no official release updates on “Primal,” but if we look at the patterns in Season 1, it is possible that there will be ten episodes and a released date of October 2021. It was also divided into two halves by Genndy.

Ending Of Previous Season Of The Primal

The latest episode of Primal came out in November 2020. The name was “Slave of the Scorpion.” 

It started with Spear and Fang encountering an unfamiliar cavewoman who has a tattoo on her head that reads, ‘slave.’

When she is rescued from being eaten by a pliosaur, it becomes clear to them that something else must be going on because they do not take slaves. She also had armlets and a collar around her neck which suggested captivity.

This marks another important development for Season 2 where there will most likely dialogue between characters instead of just action sequences alone like we’ve seen before!

Mira joined Fang and Spear in their journey after introducing herself as Mira.

She told them her story through sand drawings which revealed how she got enslaved by some invaders and her brave escape from them. 

Mira was good at cooking, showed off archery skills during a fight, took refuge in a cave where prayed to the moon every night for family held captive of hers who had been kidnapped next day by Apemen but when Fang and spear ran out they discovered that ape men were killed instead.”

Looking beyond the footprints, they found Mira and Spear on a ship. The same scorpion symbol was displayed proudly upon it’s sails.

Once again, she had been kidnapped by her captors who watched from afar as their mark of ownership remained clearly impressed in her flesh.

Popularity Details Of The Primal Season 2

Primal, a TV show on the National Geographic Channel has an increasing presence online.

Twitter Account

The official updates on the show “Primal” is shared from Twitter account @adultswim. However, it would be incorrect to judge popularity based off of this page and not correct as you have to look for all the updates here.

There’s a growing sub-community under primalshow in reddit with moderated discussions about Primal which shares content such as fan art or designs related to that topic.”

Google Search

“The number of people watching Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal on Adult Swim spiked sharply in September and October 2019, before the show premiered. This was about two years after it had become a hot topic online.”

Google Trend

Primal Season 2 Google trends

A prehistoric-themed cartoon had to reach every corner of the world.

The Primal was able make inroads into Latin America, Russia, Europe and Asia because it was a movie with no dialogue that would be understood by everyone everywhere.

Expected Plot Of The Primal Season 2

As season one ended with Mira getting kidnapped, the scorpion-shaped flag on board may indicate that her journey is far from over.

Spear’s call for help was a helpless response to seeing his only hope of salvation vanish before he could do anything about it.

Season two might focus on finding and rescuing Mira due to how much she means to him and what little they have in terms of resistance against an evil king who wants nothing more than power at any cost.

Why The Primal Season 2?

Primal Season 1 was well-received and viewers are eagerly waiting for the next season.

The film that retold four of the episodes also did really well in cinemas around this time last year, garnering positive reviews from critics as a strong story with no dialogue. 

As expected by many people who have seen it during its initial release at theaters earlier this year, Primal has garnered much praise for being an excellent series without any form of talking throughout all twelve parts so far.

After her brief but strong presence, Mira almost becomes the central character in this story.

Her tattoo and symbol on the ship’s sail are intriguing to fans of the show.

Many fans want the next Season of The Primal’s after her kidnapping. Fan reactions are discussed in this article, and they will have good commercial prospects too!

Online Reactions For The Primal Season 2

Online reactions to a show are its life. The more a show is discussed, the more it reaches new audiences.

It also helps the creators understand and sense the pulse of the viewers. Let’s look into the reactions across various platforms.

Reddit Reaction

The Primal is a popular subreddit for its unique blend of beauty and brutality.

Reddit users love the variety between light moments in dark, which explains why it has become so much more mainstream since 2015 when the page was created by user

TheeHorsePwner who also runs another well-known meme generator called Me_Irl.

Twitter Reaction

Fans of The Primal are celebrating the expected release date for Season 2, which is even before fans were able to catch their breath after watching Season 1.

Ratings And Reviews Of The Primal

It’s no surprise that online rating and review websites are more niche.

For example, The Primal has an audience of people who know what they’re getting themselves into – as opposed to a general public audience on Yelp or TripAdvisor.

With almost a third of voters rating it 10/10, The Primal has received high ratings on IMDb.

What’s more is that the second most number of votes are those who rate for 9/10 and this means that the show has been well-received by its niche audience.


In a review for Indiewire, actor Steve Greene praised the beauty and brutality of The Primal.

He said that it was “beautiful” to witness such violence without dialogue

Production And Success Of The Primal

Want to know how much money The Primal earned? Well, it was jointly produced by Cartoon Network Studios and Williams Street.

Genndy Tartakovsky the creator of The Primal was an executive producer too! Let’s look into the commercial aspect of this show to see what its costs and profits were like.

Production Cost

The exact production costs of The Primal are not known. However, we can estimate it from similar shows like Aqua Teen ($60k per episode) and Frisky Dingo ($40-50k).

These numbers give us a range: $60-100K for an average animated show on Adult Swim.

Streaming, DVD, And Bluray

The July 2021 DVD release of “Game of Thrones” Season 1 is available for $20 and includes all the episodes.

The television series, based on A Song Of Ice And Fire by George R.R Martin, has over 100 million viewers worldwide!

In June 2019 HBO Max will be launched to bring even more content from your favorite shows like GOT as well as new originals exclusive only to this platform.

Box Office

As of now, there is a lot that we don’t know about the second season. However, as soon as it’s out; I’m sure more information will be available and people can enjoy all kinds of things!


As of now, production on Season 2 would have been completed. There’s confirmation from Genndy Tartakovsky himself that the new season will be out in October 2021.

However, for an official update about it we’ll have to wait because Adult Swim has not yet announced anything officially and so far all they’ve said is “we want a second season”, which isn’t quite enough at this point!

In case you haven’t seen Season 1 of The Primal as yet then do check it up on HBO Max right away- just don’t forget to drop your email below if you’d like some updates delivered straight into your inbox; Cyest awaits…


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