Re:Zero Season 3 : Everything You Need To Know In 2021

ReZero Season 3

So weebs are you ready to know more about Re:Zero Season 3? But first lets make sure that we are on the same page.

Isekai has come a long way since its conception. Spirited Away to the more recent Re: Zero are all great examples of how it’s won over audiences worldwide, and I can’t wait for what comes next!

However, amongst the bangers mentioned earlier, one that stands out is Re: Zero.

It’s an Isekai that appeals to people who don’t even like anime in general. 

Oh yeah! For a lot of those elitist Anime haters, Re:Zero was completely new experience with potential for more than what they expected from an Isekai series.

Either way we fans have always enjoyed it nonetheless but you might know there has been no third season announced yet so where are our episodes?

That’s right, anime fans! If you’ve been a fan of Re: Zero and wanted to know the news about season 3 then this is your article. Let’s get started with everything we need to talk about regarding Re:Zero Season 3!

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Everything We Know So Far About Re: Zero

Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu is an anime adaptation of a light novel series by the same name.

The book was written by Nagatsuki Tappei and illustrated by Ootsuka Shinichirou, both fairly new without any other works to their names yet.

It’s directed Watanabe Masaharu who has also worked on Kids on the Slope and Soul Eater Not!

Along with White Fox as its animation studio – neither having previously done anything close in terms of style or genre which makes Re:Zero stand out all the more for it.

If we talk about director Watanabe Masaharu, he has been responsible for directing Granbelm and Wakaba*Girl.

He also participated in the creation of anime like Naruto and Haruhi Suzumiya.

If we are talking about the studio that animated Re: Zero, White Fox is best known for making shows like Steins Gate, The Devil Is A Part-Timer (Maou Sadao to Chihayafuru), Akame Ga Kill!

No wonder why these guys are so good at portraying psychological drama; first season aired on April 4th 2016 – September 19th 2016.”

The second season of Re: Zero aired from July 8, 2020 to September 30, 2020. The final part was broadcasted on January 6, 2021 to March 24th.

Anyway returning back the narrative of “Re:Zero,” it’s a story about Natsuki Subaru who gets teleported into a new world by an eye blink!

He had been queuing in front of a convenience store when he suddenly left and blinked his eyes- poof! BAM…he got transported right away!!

Subaru being the Otaku that he is, understands his situation and starts to look forward to this new world.

However, what lies true is his naivety for this realm because immediately after arriving in an unfamiliar place with a bunch of creatures that seem everything but familiar; Subaru gets attacked by some delinquents from another universe who don’t know him at all.

When Subaru was about to get the boot, a mysterious girl appears and saves him.

It turns out that she’s looking for something too! The two of them team up in an epic quest throughout town.

I know where this is going – they’re obviously fated lovers who met each other through destiny itself!

Subaru continues to search for Satella, but this time he wants to save her from being murdered.

Re:Zero will be continuing into Season 3, with official announcements and release dates announced on its website.

Official Announcements And Release Date Of Re: Zero Season 3

All our Re: Zero fans, I have good news and bad news for you guys.

Which one would you like to consume first? Okay, the bad one it is. There are no official announcements regarding Season 3 just yet.

To be fair, the second season aired this year itself so expecting a sequel almost instantaneously is kind of unreasonable!

Not saying that it’s completely impossible shows like Rent-a-girlfriend or Uzaki chan received their sequels announced off the bat but those are some exceptions.”

Because anime has become increasingly popular, it is not often that there are sequels announced.

While the trend of announcing a sequel after an initial season’s success seems to be growing in popularity, this isn’t always the case with most shows.

The good news is actually an announcement but not an official one.

Let me explain: you see, in 2020 Crunchyroll had a Q&A with the producer Sho Tanaka where he said that “I’m confident that [we] will all be clamoring for [a third season of Re: Zero once we finish watching this (season 2)].

Even though it’s unofficial and not from someone big like Kadokawa or something, I think it means they’re thinking about making another season!

These guys aren’t playing around. Just the idea of considering an anime sequel is motivating in itself. 

KonoSuba had a similar situation; one official showed positive approach and look, it has a sequel now!

So yeah, even if there are no “official announcements or release dates”, we do have an official statement from someone out there.

To begin with, sales is a factor that can decide whether an anime will be hitting the TV’s back again.

In fact, this entire article is an in-depth analysis so we have to look at other factors as well such as profit and source material being two of them.

Popularity Information Of Re: Zero Season 3

Many anime are judged based on their popularity.

This is because the amount of fans something has shows how well liked it is among people, which can be related to its quality and appeal towards viewers.

However, pinpointing whether or not an anime series’ popularity will make a sequel isn’t always easy; we’ll try this analysis using data from three big sources: the Internet!

First, let’s look at Anime News Network (ANN). If you’re looking for news about any new popular releases in Japan-made animation then ANN should definitely be your first stop since they cover every single one that comes out each season with both written reports as well as video previews. Thus far though there hasn’t been anything official announced yet so checking back soon might help

Google Trend

Google trends rezero

Google Trends is a website that allows you to get a graphical representation of trends on Google.

It’s about consistency and repetition, so this would be a great way to judge how known your series is. 

Either way let have look at it! We don’t seem to have some favorable results here.

“As you guys can see, the trends are low and the consistency is also pointing towards negative direction”

Re: Zero is one of the series that’s been dry all along.

The highest spike it had was from 21-27 March which could be due to Season 1 part 1 ends. 

So yeah, Re: Zero season 3 hasn’t been in a lot of conversations lately since its last installment just ended recently on May 23rd 2019

With enough time having passed, it is much more admirable to see a consistent search for the next season of your favorite TV show.

For example, if Season 3 ended just months ago and you were still searching every day or so for updates on when Season 4 would come out then that would be truly amazing!

Unfortunately though Google Trends doesn’t really give us an entirely accurate picture because even though searches are consistently high they aren’t necessarily as high as we might hope them to be… But don’t worry there’s another platform I want to talk about in depth with you guys now.


Rezero twitter

Twitter is a platform where both anime creators and fans are present, making it possible for us to connect with them. 

A positive sign on this platform could be a major factor in planning the production of new episodes or seasons of our favorite series!

It’s not tough to understand; if people like watching it enough, they would try connecting with the series itself (and hopefully that means we’ll get more Re: Zero).

Fans of Re: Zero are going wild on Twitter. The anime’s official handle has over 568,000 followers!

This is more than KonoSuba and One Punch Man combined. Moreover, the English account boasts 250k fans which is still an unbelievable feat in itself given how popular those other shows are as well.

Fans also love tweeting about their favorite show using @Rezero_officialgame so there’s no lack of fan engagement online if you want to join them yourself!

I can understand why Re: Zero has more than 30k Twitter followers. It’s as entertaining and epic as it gets!

There are over 500,000 fans of the series so I’m sure there will be many to come in the future!!

Search In US, UK

Now we are going to look at the search volume of searches related to Re:Zero Season 3. In other words, how many times people have searched for it online.

This would help us get a general idea about its popularity as more number of searches show higher interest in something which is why this will be our metric for measuring that factor.

The numbers seem surprisingly low and different from what I expected them to be though so let’s take a closer look 

Pretty straightforward! Let’s start with those numbers then..

On average, Re: Zero Season 3 is looked up for around 22k times worldwide. However, this number isn’t as simple to understand due to a few factors. 

First of all there are the recent events surrounding the show which could be influencing people’s search habits in relation to it (i.e season 2 just concluded).

Additionally, we must also take into consideration that not everyone who looks up information on certain shows would actually want or need an official source so these numbers may appear inflated compared with what they should truly reflect about someone looking for something like subtitles online rather than buying their own copy etc…

Expected Plot Of Re: Zero Season 3

If the next season does happen, what will be its storyline? There is a lot of room for expansion!

We would love to see more of Subaru and Beatrice’s interactions with everyone else.

The story seems to have started, but the most plausible direction is in Emilia winning the Royal Selection so she can fulfill her promise towards Roswaal.

Not to mention, the light novel is still going on which means that we have a lot of stories and mysteries in this world.

The possibilities seem no limit but at the moment, they are most likely to go in the direction of Royal Selection.

Why Do We Want Re:Zero Season 3 So Badly?

Many anime fans of Re: Zero might have asked themselves this question- is there going to be another season?

However, since that’s not the focus of this article, I will answer it anyways.

The true reason why most people want more seasons are for entertainment purposes because the story has a great cast with an amazing plot and execution.

There are so many stories in Re: Zero that fans want to be turned into anime.

As it stands, the story seems like its hitting a limit on how much content can fit within an anime format and this is why they’re asking for more seasons of the series.

Ratings And Reviews Won So Far By Re: Zero

Re: Zero is highly rated, which means it had a large number of viewers.

If the series has high viewership numbers, then there’s room for more seasons and fans to enjoy themselves watching Re:Zero. We need to look at both scores and reviews on Rerzerzero as well!


Rezero imdb rating

The series Re: Zero is listed on the most popular movie rating site, IMDb.

There’s a huge fan base of entertainment over there so its score would tell us a lot about how it was accepted by casual anime fans. 

If you check out their website, you won’t be disappointed because they have an impressive 8.1/10 score with great reviews that appreciate everything from nature to dark tone as well as appreciation for work by many people.


MAL rating re zero

Now let’s look at MAL. The website where 100s of anime fans mingle and rate/review their favorite anime series, such as Re: Zero . 

Scores and thoughts on this platform would be more centered towards the hardcore fandom;

However , it turns out that appreciation HERE is pretty difficult for many shows including season 1-2 part 1 (8.27) followed by 8.43 with Season 2 Part 2 making it a part of Top 100 Anime On MAL .

This shows how every new season gave a boost in quality as well as maintained its audience throughout time showing that everyone loves Subaru!

Famous Characters To Reappear In Re: Zero Season 3

Now, let’s talk about some characters that might return in the next season. If Season 3 does happen, many of our beloved characters will make their comeback.

Now we’re going to discuss a few popular ones:


Subaru re zero

In the next season, our protagonist will show no fear in going from being a weakling to becoming one of strongest people. I can’t wait for his foolish heroism!


emilia re zero

The previous season might follow The Royal Selection and Emilia’s role as the first princess will likely be further developed.


Rem re zero

Although she had no spotlight in the previous season, there’s a pretty good chance that next season might focus on her reawakening.

Her fan base has been growing since Season One and abandoning her midway would disturb many fans so it looks like we’ll be seeing more of this character!


Beatrice Re zero

The otherworldly Beatrice returned for the second season of Re:Zero. Every time she appeared on-screen, it was a joy to watch her antics and strange behavior.

I’m looking forward to seeing more from this character in future seasons!

Although it is uncertain how prominent their role will be in the next season, other characters like Roswaal, Ram, Petra Fredrica and Garfiel are likely to make a return.


Thanks for the read! This was all the information that we had about Re:Zero Season 3.

To sum it all up, Re: Zero is almost guaranteed to get a sequel.

The only reason we haven’t had any announcements yet is that last part aired in 2016 itself. 

Otherwise, producer Sho Tanaka’s hint and incredible monetary performance works in its favor too.

So my fellow Re:Zero lovers don’t worry; just wait patiently and you’ll be able to see your favorite girl again on screen soon enough!


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