The best rewards in Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem premium Battle Pass

Apex Legends. Season 8: Chaos is on the rise: in terms of gameplay, characters, and even cosmetics. From an iconic new skin for tough guys to a host of other standout beauty products like holo spray this season, it’s clear that season 8 is no joke.

As always, the Premium Battle Pass includes 1,000 coins and 1,200 metal coins, and you can buy another set of rare legendary skins and a legendary weapon skin. Not all elements of the premium Battle Pass are necessarily the best in the game, but here’s the best that Season 8 has to offer for players who put their money where their mouth is.

Ridge packs

Active via Respawn

The Battle Pass bonus, as always, doubles your Apex Pack loot. This gives you a total of 14 packs: 12 rare standard packs – one epic (level 98) and one legendary (level 5).

Legend Leather

Check out this season’s five premium skins. Our favorite is the legendary Radical Action Bangalore leather. She is beautiful and she finally has beautiful hair. Still, many of these skins are worth buying.

Art of War (rare fuse skin)

Screen via Respawn

Unlimited envy (rare Loba skin)

Spawning screen

Goalkeeper (rare Gibraltar leather)

Respawn Screen

Radical Action (Legendary Banagalor Leather)

Replay Screen

Bone disease (Lifeline Legend Skin)

Calf screening


The holo-sprayers were introduced in season 6, and they seem to get better and more detailed with each season. We also doubled the number of holoprojections from last season, with two for each of the legends represented. Here are all the go sprays on the Battle Pass for season 8.

Let’s Make Noise (Lifeline)

Respawn screen

I’m ready. How about you? (Gibraltar)

Reproduction screen

Big Bad Wolf (Loba)

Screen via Respawn

Live today, die tomorrow (Rampart)

Screen by Respawn


Replay screen

Smoking kills (Lifeline)

Respawn screen

You’re next, Bruddah (Gibraltar)

Reproduction screen

Surprise attack (Rampart)

Replay Screen

It’s time to break some hearts (Loba)

Easter screen

Bored to death (recurring)

Reproduction screen


Active via respawn

While the appeal of weapons hasn’t been great this season, the weapon skins are definitely worth checking out. From legendary skins to rare skins.

  • Dazzling Light Longbow (Legendary)
  • DMR X-1 Longbow (Legendary)
  • Rehearsal Wing Ointment 30-30 (Epic)
  • Chain Beast Flatline (Legendary)
  • RE-45 Cyanide (rare)
  • Fragmentation generator (rare)

The best of the rest

Active through reproduction

For beauty products that don’t fall into the main category, but still deserve to be presented, here’s a list of other quality products that might catch your attention or ears. Seriously, the theme of Fuse sounds like an 80s anthem and you can’t help but listen to it.

  • Robo-Lisk (tracking banner)
  • Rest in pieces (Meshchansky banner)
  • Tickets, please (loading screen)
  • No guts, no glory
  • Full potential (startup screen)
  • Wick (music kit, not shown)

The passing game is much cooler this season than it was last season. Much less polish and much more action. Are there any beauty products you’re dying to take home? You’re buying your eighth season: Pogrom?

frequently asked questions

What do you get if you finish the battle on top?

The Apex Legends Battle Pass is designed to allow players to engage in a variety of rewards over the coming months. Season 5 buyers will be immediately rewarded with a Legendary Hemlock Retrofitted skin and three new Rare Legends skins when you purchase a Combat Pass.

Do you receive advanced coins for completing a Battle Pass?

Re : You have completed the Battle Pass and have not received any Apex coins? Then you get 1000 free coins for the next season when you reach level 97 of the Battle Pass. … You only pay $10 once for a Battle Pass, and if you save your coins, you can play every season for free.

How do I get to the top of level 110?

If you bought a Combat Pass for 2,800 Apex coins, you’ve already unlocked 25 levels, and this should help you reach level 110.

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