The narrative that mouse and keyboard has no recoil in this game is false – and it’s detracting from the real issue.

First, this is not a PC/console debate – it’s a debate about access.

I know some of the concerns are coming from console players worried about the upcoming cross-game update – but PC players using a controller will have the same shooting mechanics as console players – with a few exceptions for frame rate physics, which is only possible on PCs. (Hardware limitations/discrepancies are a whole item. But I just want to say that changing the mechanics of shooting on a platform is not the solution to these problems).

I really don’t want to turn this into a war, so on the first point, I would like to point out that there are many PvP players who only use PC controllers. I think people greatly underestimate the number of people who actually do it, someone using the Traction is usually a good indicator. These inputs were mixed on the computer for a long time, which worked well for the most part. Complaints from both sides have been greatly exaggerated, with a few legitimate exceptions such as the controller’s sensitivity settings and aiming values for certain high-precision weapons like the Arbelast or low-zoom snipers (which are now largely satisfied).

But because of some unfortunate dialogues I have observed since these changes of this sub-editor, I thought it necessary to accompany this post with some evidence to point out inaccuracies in the discussion.

The mouse and keyboard have kickback, and stability is important.

At first it was hyperbole, but it has become so common that people believe that guns remain perfectly stable when fired – which is not the case.

Here’s an example of what two extra stability points can do.

The first 3 loaders pulled from this seventh Seraph rifle were raised and lowered significantly, thanks to the fact that this coil had a waste stability. Switching to Ricochet ammunition and Ricochet pistols will significantly reduce the recoil of the weapon.

Anecdotally, I have always preferred the Dire Direise Spare Power because of the difference in stability. Although I own a Dire Promise with much better benefits – the visual impact compared to the Spare meant I preferred a lesser quality weapon. Stability was important.

Destiny 2 has noPC discount compared to other FPS.

This is more of an exaggeration than a lie, but there are some important differences worth noting here.

Here’s an example of how AEK were sent back from the battlefield.

In fact, this is less than the DSC above before the premiums were changed. But the main difference between Destiny and other more award-winning games is the absence of referential splatter patterns.

Let’s take the example of the
Apex, which I’ve seen many times in this discussion. Never mind that things like r301 are incredibly easy to handle.

Each rifle even has a recoil, so the user can learn to shoot evenly, and experienced players will be rewarded with great accuracy at long range. Recoil doesn’t work this way in Destiny, weapons can hit in different directions depending on the recoil. More information about the direction of kickback.

In Destiny, the magnetism of the bullets and the range of the FAR affect the actual landing of the shots more than anything else, and without being able to control the recoil of a particular weapon, increasing this influence will only make things worse….

Bungie will make a few more changes if they go too far.

Until the advent of Shadowkeep, the inaccurate handguns were not compatible with the controller, despite constant and repeated feedback. I’m sorry I didn’t give them the benefit of the doubt here.

Current issues and concluding observations

Bungie seems to have forgotten the main reason for this discussion, which is the existence…

The controller’s gun gives too much! There are entire classes of weapons that go largely unused due to recoil because they are too heavy to be used effectively. Increasing the kickback on MnK (by 50%!) solves nothing!

We had a player base where players felt free to use any weapon according to their own preferences – players played in their own way.

And another that unfairly limited her options in some scenarios by the way she presented them.

And Bungie’s solution to this problem is to simultaneously degrade the experience of every weapon in the game for a player base that was satisfied with the sandbox? There is currently no scenario on MnK where weapons are not used solely for utilitarian reasons. Why take the risk of producing such a result? Why make weapons (as the SSC will likely become, or multiple MMSs on one controller) if they require certain benefits to be used?

I’m also a little disappointed by the opinion of console gamers who insist that this good change is so widespread that many of them admit they haven’t even played Destiny with MnK. I’m not sure they’d be happy if the popular goal support calls were reduced by 50% for MnK players who have never tried the SMG on a controller.

I agree that it is certainly possible to increase CP recoil without doing so, as many weapons give less recoil than the SSC. But for the reasons outlined above, I don’t think this is necessary. Since this is an imperfect response to the crossover game, I don’t think these changes were well thought out or well executed. Many PC gamers do PvP with the controller without issue, and the higher levels of the game have some very good streamers in Drewsky, Jake and Purechill that come to mind. If they fear that auditors will encounter difficulties, they should give them appropriate sensitivity options and correct deviations from their inputs.

Let’s not forget that this is something Bungie has clearly already thought about – with some comments from Mark Noseworthy himself.

Resetting the controller is very pleasant. I shoot, I shoot, I shoot, oh, I’m losing control of my gun a little. It’s an amazing feeling, especially with the magnetism and all the magic of the controls making you feel that, Nose Bearer said.

With a mouse and keyboard, you don’t want the mouse to move without you moving it, so it’s not good if it bounces.

Although he initially stated that there would be no bribery in the PC version of Destiny 2, Noseworthy then took to Twitter to relay comments from Destiny 2 PC manager David Shaw, in which he confirmed that the bribery is still there, but works differently.

Or is that a bit wrong?

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