12 Best Man Cave Chairs in 2020 – Recliners and TV Chairs

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It’s easy to find caveman chairs for your perfect space if you know where to look and what to look for. After all, comfort, functionality, color and style are important and taking all of these elements into consideration will help you find the perfect chair you want.

And to help you on your journey, we’ve looked at the most promising options available on the market today.  We’ve listed several options below, ranging from recliners, play and massage chairs to full-size units for the perfect relaxation experience.

Top 10 Men’s cave seats

With all the different options currently available online and in stores, it’s hard to limit yourself to just one. To help you out, here’s a list of the best ones we’ve found:

Homall Lounge Chair

Men's cave seats Top 1

Our first choice is the Homall recliner, made of high-quality leather, which is skin-friendly and very easy to clean. It also features a thick, high density sponge that is highly permeable and durable.

This cave chair has a padded seat that allows you to lie down at three different angles to find the perfect position to relax, watch TV or even take a nap. It doesn’t tilt 180 degrees, but it does tilt enough to sleep well.

In addition, the improved double-layer footrest provides maximum comfort, while the metal frame retains its strength when tilted. All in all, the Homall armchair is the epitome of ideal lounge furniture for men.

  • High-quality leather construction
  • Thick double padded footrest
  • Wide curved armrest for more comfort
  • Easy assembly

PC gaming chair BestOffice

caveman chairs top 2

If you need the best gaming chair to sit comfortably in front of your gaming console for hours and play all kinds of adventure games, we recommend the BestOffice PC gaming chair, which is designed for complete comfort and durability.

It is wider than a normal office chair and can be easily adjusted in height. In addition, the locking mechanism relieves stress on the back, which is something most standard office chairs cannot offer.

This gaming chair also features a user-centric ergonomic design that allows you to be fully mobile, whether you’re in a meeting, working on the computer, or playing while wearing your favorite Fortnite T-shirts. It’s even BIFMA certified, which means it’s a rugged and reliable option with a 250-pound payload capacity.

  • Available in 7 colors
  • Ergonomic design with lumbar support
  • 90 days warranty, 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Easy assembly in 15 minutes

Esrith massage chair

caveman chairs top 3

Oops, most men’s recliners on the market only have a cup holder, but not the Esright massage chair. What makes it special is that it has two integrated cup holders that can be retracted into the armrest and folded up. This means you can enjoy all the features and comfort while sitting.

This armchair also has four storage compartments, two in the front and two on the sides. The front storage compartments are ideal for small items and knickknacks, while the side compartments are larger and can easily hold magazines and books.

The best feature is the 360 degree swivel and 150 degree tilt. Of course, it is also equipped with a remote control that allows you to adjust the heating, vibration and massage functions of the chair, which is a perfect complement to the ergonomics of the chair.

  • Multifunctional design, robust construction
  • A wide range of innovative features
  • Lots of storage space
  • Remote control of massage functions

Christopher Knight House President of the Toddman Club

caveman chairs top 4

If you want a simple yet charming lounge chair that can serve as the perfect centerpiece for your man cave, the best option is the Toddman club chair from Christopher Knight Home, a high-backed chair that offers superior comfort and an absolutely stunning look.

It has a sensual, curved design that looks and feels just as comfortable and cozy. The tufted design also tastefully combines traditional and modern aesthetics, putting simple chairs to shame. Just place the chair anywhere (including outside the man cave and family room) and enjoy the comfort and style it provides.

The high-quality finish is also full of elegant details, and the neat sleeveless style makes it easy to adapt to the space of your choice. The thick cushion and soft yet durable fabric are also commendable, as they gently cradle your body while maintaining the shape of the chair.

  • French design
  • Simple yet elegant hands-free design
  • Easy assembly, minimal tools required
  • 90-day manufacturer’s warranty

Lorelton Glider Resliner Home Liner

top 5 caveman chairs

In fifth position is the Homelegance Laurelton Glider Recliner, which offers plenty of room to sit comfortably thanks to its oversized seat, back and armrests, all upholstered in soft fabric. In other words: This men’s chair offers the best in terms of extra support and comfort.

Also striking is the dark brown, fluffy textured microfiber cloth. Not only does it fit easily into any standard decor, it is also very aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. In fact, this chair is an excellent choice to decorate your cave or living room.

It’s even quick and easy to assemble and requires no special tools or intensive DIY skills. You can assemble the chair yourself and be welcomed in a relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by all the necessary robot masters.

  • Available in different colours
  • Simple and practical backrest mounting
  • More comfort and support with large hands
  • Slide control with tiltable reset lever

Tuose Deck Chair

caveman chairs top 6

For a chic, simple and trendy recliner that fits perfectly in a modern home, discover the Tuoze recliner that adds elegance to your otherwise basic man cave. It is made of a high-quality, durable and skin-friendly fabric and comes in an elegant shade of blue.

It also has a thickened sponge that is super flexible and won’t warp. The chair itself is multifunctional, with a backrest that can be lowered from 90 to 165 degrees, and a footrest that you can use as needed. It is essentially a comfortable TV chair on which you can lie down or relax.

The best part is the ergonomic design with a curve that perfectly fits your back to relieve pressure. The wide armrest also has a curved design that reduces pressure on the arm while stimulating circulation. Finally, the solid wood and metal structure ensures the stability of the chair and your safety.

  • Available in blue and grey
  • Simple fabric construction
  • Modern home cinema
  • Frame made of heavy alloy steel

Luxury recliner

caveman chairs top 7

Then we have the Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner, which is one of the best massage chairs because the massage jets cover a large area and use eight massage motors.

These motors are perfectly integrated and work together to perform the chosen massage movement. They are evenly distributed in strategic places around the seat, so you can get a more complete massage.

This means that all your elementary anatomical elements are effectively realized. Your upper back and shoulders should release tension, the middle and lower back benefit from lighter pressure, better circulation and posture, and your calves and other parts of the body should also add an element of relaxation.

  • 8 integrated vibration massage motors
  • Soothing heat treatment in the lumbar spine
  • Adjustment of the line tension, swing and pitch of the canopy
  • Maximum comfort thanks to thick padding

Flash Furniture Trigger Series 3-Situator

top 8 caveman chairs

If you want a complete Man Cave chair for you and a few family members or friends, take a look at the Eclipse series of 3-seater flash furniture, which is a successful Man Cave sofa that is one of the best in the home theater seating category. It is available in a two- and three-seater version, also in leather.

It is a high-quality, state-of-the-art home theater at an affordable price. Between each of the three seats are storage consoles that are ideal for storing items such as remotes and other cave accessories.

The console compartment also features cup holders, so you can put down your drink (whether it’s coffee, hot chocolate or beer) without worrying about spilling it on your new sofa. Oh, and what’s the best one? All chairs can be tilted to different angles!

  • The whole family sits down
  • Integrated cupholders
  • Commercial quality
  • A modern look and feel

RackPro Charles RV Euro Chair drawers

caveman chairs top 9

Another promising option is the RecPro Charles RV Euro recliner, which has an elegant European design and is a compact, space-saving unit that fits perfectly in caravans, motorhomes and tight manholes.

This men’s chair is a RecPro product that redefines the look and feel of recreational furniture. In other words, here you get a piece of furniture with clean, transverse lines that offers superior luxury and comfort with the benefit of a recliner.

The most important feature is of course the size and weight. The compact design and construction allows the chair to fit into a small space without sacrificing comfort. In fact, it can sit comfortably with tall people. It is also easy to install and will last for many years.

  • Slim profile with a modern design
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Functional and elegant
  • D-ring hinge mechanism

Merax Barwick PU Sofa RelinerMerax Barwick PU Sofa Heater

top 10 caveman chairs

Also discover the Merax Barwick heated polyurethane recliner, which has an additional backrest, armrest and seat cushion for added comfort.

All this extra padding gives a soft feeling on the arms, shoulders, neck and head. This heated massage chair also has eight-point massage nodes that effectively relieve stress on your body and give you the perfect sitting position to watch TV.

Moreover, the additional pads effectively maintain their condition and shape regardless of the user’s height and weight. Unlike cheap quality sofas that can collapse under heavy weight, these cushions do not flatten, even after repeated use.

  • 8 vibration motors
  • Adjustable massage intensity
  • Alternative massage modes
  • The extended footrest has a side pocket.

Oslo Bergen Collector and Ottoman

top 11 caveman chairs

Don’t forget to take a look at the Oslo Bergen Recliner and Ottoman collection, which features an easy tilt that will meet and exceed your expectations. This simple, yet too intuitive tilt function allows you to lie almost in the supine position.

So the chair is not only suitable for watching television and reading books, but also for taking a nap. It also relieves lower back pain by offering an unlimited range of motion with 360 degree rotation. This means you can reach nearby objects without having to get out of your comfortable chair.

In addition, the firm lumbar support of this Caveman chair for men also helps relieve lower back pain, as this feature ensures that the lower back and spine are always properly supported. All in all, it’s an excellent chair for your man cave.

  • Excellent lumbar support
  • High quality leather and elegant design
  • Convenient 360 degree rotation
  • Bend and move easily from one side to the other

Catnapper Cosmo Bonded Leather Swivel Glider Reliner

top 12 caveman chairs

Finally, the Catnapper Cosmo Bonded Leather Swivel Glider Recliner is another great addition to your Pimp Man Cave. It is very comfortable, but tasteful and elegant, with thick leather upholstery.

This theater chair is solid black in color, with generous padding and detailed stitching for a comfortable viewing and seating experience. The full 360 degree rotation and easy and smooth glide are also phenomenal features.

In addition, this cave chair for men has an upholstered armrest, a comfortable padded seat and many other extras. In conclusion, it is a colorful, elegantly designed and amazing chair that can fit into any decor.

  • Available in red and black
  • With comfortable cushion and padded armrest
  • Full 360 degree rotation
  • Soft toy design

How to find a seat in a better man’s cave

The man in the accent chair

Basically, a bellboy chair is a chair that has all the features you want. In other words, all these features and elements will allow you to create the right product, of high quality, that will perfectly meet your needs and desires.

The added features also scream quality, functionality, comfort and durability, everything you expect from a man’s cave chair. Below is a list of the most important factors to consider before making a purchase decision:

Chair type

There are infinite chair types and thousands of other subtypes. Only in the men’s cave chairs category you will find reclining chairs, massage chairs, play chairs and dozens of other categories. Here are the most common ones:

Accent chairs

The term accent chair is actually a generic term that covers most types of lounge chairs. These chairs usually go in the seating area next to the sofa, as they offer almost the same seating position and are at the same height as most sofas. The comfort is also similar to that of the sofa in the living room.

Nevertheless, there is a wide selection of occasional chairs, from the thinner and smaller ones that are a bit uncomfortable to the larger ones that look like recliners but don’t have a reclining function.


Speaking of deck chairs: These chairs look a lot like regular lounge chairs, but are much larger and offer more comfort. The main difference is that the back of the chair, as the name suggests, has a reclining function.

This feature makes this type of chair more comfortable and versatile. The downside, however, is that recliners are often more expensive than standard chairs and take up more space than occasional chairs.


At the cheapest end of the spectrum are bean bags, which are simply thick cloth bags filled with some sort of filling that can be made from various materials such as styrofoam or dried beans.

These chairs are very low, close to the ground and offer a relaxed seating position. The fabric construction and upholstery allow the chair to adjust to your shape when you sit down, making it comfortable. However, you may need to mount the ottoman chair to the wall if you want a certain type of backrest.

Cinema seats

There are also home theater chairs that are similar in design to those seen in movie theaters, except that they do not need to be anchored to the floor. These chairs look more like a regular sofa, but have extra armrests for extra comfort, often with one or two cup holders. They are also available in a 2 and 3-seater version.


To find the right type of cave chair, you need to ask yourself what it is going to be used for. In other words: What do you want to do in your man cave? Where are you going to put the chair? How many people will be in the chair? What comfort do you want?

Other questions that will help you find the perfect chair for men are how much space you have in your man cave and how much you are willing to spend on a chair.


Caveman chairs come in many different styles, but they can be divided into 2 main categories:


If you have a classic interior that is darker and gloomy and looks a bit like an English or Irish pub, it is best to complement it with classically styled chairs that also match the color scheme of the house.

Avoid bright, vibrant colors or shiny metals. Instead, opt for wood, darker and less conspicuous metals, and natural leather, which looks elegant and supple and will only improve with time, provided you take care of it. It’s also very comfortable.

Basically, classic decor is all about looks. For example, when it comes to cave seats for men, you’ll find a lot of padding and thick feet.

A businessman in an elegant armchair


On the other hand, modern chairs are not really limited to any particular style. As long as it looks new instead of old, consider it modern. In other words, the common features of modern cave chairs are thinner profiles with less visible trim and thinner legs.

You also have the freedom to play with colors, whether they are vibrant or vivid or even offensive to the eye. In addition, there are many interesting designs that can match the rest of the Spider-Man toys or stand out and serve as a focal point of the room.


No matter what kind of chair you buy, comfort is always one of the most important factors to look for. After all, you don’t want to sit in a stiff, uncomfortable and unbending chair for more than a few minutes.

This means looking for a chair whose ergonomic design meets the needs of the user. Not all beautifully designed chairs are comfortable, so be careful. If you are shopping in a store, try to sit on the product. If you shop online, check out the customer reviews.


The feel of the seat is also important, as the seat will largely support your weight. In this case, the seat needs to be firm so you don’t sink into the chair, but also flexible enough so you don’t feel uncomfortable or have trouble relaxing.


This one is a piece of cake. Any chair you buy, whatever its purpose, should always be durable so that it can last for many years and perform its function, so that you don’t have to keep buying new chairs or sitting on expired old ones.

This means that the quality of materials and construction of a man cave seat is important, as it directly affects the life of the seat.

Frame material

As for the frame, the human cave chair is generally made of two materials:


Wood is the original material of the seat frame. It’s been the default choice for millennia, and for good reason. High-quality wood is not only beautiful and pleasant to the touch, it also lasts a long time and retains its shape well. This material has a depth and warmth that you cannot achieve with any other material. Wood is also relatively easy to clean and maintain.

That said, you have to be careful about things like mold, mildew, moisture, and pests, especially if you have a man cave chair in a basement or garage, because these things can actually ruin the finish and interior of the wood frame.


If you want a cheaper, more modern and relatively more durable option, opt for a metal frame. This gives your chair a sleeker look that will stand the test of time and make it easier to clean, not to mention it’s perfect for a humid environment.

Make sure the metal used is strong and thick, that it is not a brittle alloy, and that it is covered with the proper paint and protective coatings so that it does not decay, rust, or corrode over time.


For cheap furniture, you can find other materials like plywood, MDF and others. They don’t look good, aren’t comfortable and don’t last long, especially when wet.

Flexible materials

In addition to the material of the frame, the material of the covering must also be considered:


The best and most faithful material of cave seats for the human senses is leather. In addition to its masculine appearance, which fits perfectly with the style of most men’s dens, it offers other benefits such as ease of maintenance, low maintenance and excellent durability. Just make sure it’s not fake leather and you’re good to go.


Another popular upholstery material for men’s cave chairs is cotton, which is very comfortable and comes in a wide range of styles and colors, so you can find one that perfectly matches your decor. Moreover, cotton chairs are cheaper.

For best results, choose dark colors that won’t let stains appear as quickly, especially since cotton isn’t as easy to clean as leather.

Additional functions

Finally, there are other features to consider when buying a cave chair for men. Includes:


If you want to save space in your little man cave, opt for a seat with under-seat storage, side storage compartments, cup holders and remote control storage.

Massage function

The massage function is a nice addition to the men’s cave chair, which is usually in a reclining position. Try the chair out first (or read reviews online) before you buy it to make sure the massage feature really relaxes you.


If you want to be able to turn around and catch objects nearby without standing up, it makes sense to buy a swivel chair.


As you can see, there are many amazing options when it comes to the best man’s cave chairs. The decision is yours. Make sure you buy a chair that fits your needs, requirements and preferences in terms of comfort, support, utility, space and budget to find the perfect chair to relax and have fun.

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