Top 12 Anime To Watch If You Love Konosuba

Anime To Watch If You Love Konosuba

If you love anime, then you probably know that Konosuba is a popular series in Japan. But you might not know that it has a sequel, or even a spin-off.

Well, if you’re a fan of anime, you should definitely check out this anime series, which is based on the same characters, but from a different perspective. It’s called Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!, and it’s another great anime series to watch. It’s a spin-off of Konosuba, and you can watch all of the episodes on Netflix.

In the anime series, God has created a great world, and mankind has been given the power to create their own destiny. In this world, there are several gods, and each one has a set of abilities.

Konosuba is the only god with a female body, and she has the power to grant wishes. Her partner is Konohamaru, a god who is a master of ninjutsu.

12. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

When it comes to the popular fantasy MMORPG Cross Reverie, none could match Diablo’s power. He possessed rare artifacts and an unrivaled player level that overpowered all those who dared challenge him. But despite his fearsome reputation as a Demon King in-game, Takuma Sakamoto is one of society’s shut-ins with no social skills or ambition outside gaming until he was transported to another world where he became Diablo!

Takuma is summoned into a world that resembles his favorite online game. He’s greeted by a couple of female characters who summon him and perform an enslavement ritual on him. Still, the spell backfires on the clumsy girls, and they become slaves instead! With some awkwardness between them all, Takuma decides to go with these slave girls to find out how to unbind their contract while learning what it means to be this new Demon King.

11. Gintama

In the future, Earth falls to an invasion of Amanto aliens. As a result, swords are outlawed, and samurai have fallen into disrespect.Sakata Gintoki still possesses the heart of a samurai, even though his love for sweets and work as an odd-jobs man might not suggest it. With him are Shinpachi Shimura with glasses and a strong heart, Kagura with her umbrella who always has room in her stomach to eat more food no matter how much she eats already, Sadaharu, their oversized pet dog – all going on many adventures together.

But, of course, these jobs they take aren’t easy: they often have run-ins with rebels or assassins, which result in unfortunate consequences that can be both funny but also sad at times.

This is an amazing watch and easily one of the funniest anime out there. It takes outrageous adventure series tropes and throws them back in your face making this a very funny anime.

10. Ixion Saga DT

I’m a big fan of KonoSuba, so I really enjoyed watching the show. It has a lot of great characters and never runs out of ideas to keep you laughing.

The story centers around a boy named Kanade, who is a member of a secret organization that travels through time to prevent dangerous events from happening.

9. Outbreak Company

Outbreak Company

This anime has a great premise for a fantasy anime series: Our hero is a shut-in otaku who lives in a fantasy world for a mission. When he’s kidnapped by the Japanese government, he’s sent to the Eldant Empire where he has to spread otaku culture by becoming an “Otaku Missionary”.

To accomplish his mission, he’s supported by the Japanese government. Together with the half-elf maid Myucel and Princess Petralka of the Eldant Empire, he will overcome the obstacles of politics, social classes, and ethnic discrimination to promote the ways of the otaku in this holy land.

Our hero is living in another world for a mission. But instead of fighting like the protagonist from KonoSuba, our hero has to be an ambassador and share culture with other countries! A weird premise for a fantasy anime series, and these comedy elements make for a great watch.

8. The Devil is a Part-timer!

The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

Striking fear into the hearts of mortals, Satan, and his demon armies arrive in Ente Isla with plans to conquer it. However, their efforts are foiled by Emilia. She forces them back through a dimensional portal, only for them to land in modern-day Tokyo! Alongside loyal general Alsiel, they must find a way home while still determinedly plotting an invasion of Ente Isla again—if they can make it there first, that is.

Always on the move, Emilia and Alsiel are out to stop the demon invasion and save the people of Ente Isla.

The author of the popular visual novel K-On! and manga artist of To Love-Ru, Kana Ishida, brings us a brand new story in this anime series! The battle for Ente Isla is just beginning.

7. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

This anime is based on a popular light novel written by Nisio Isin. The story revolves around a group of people who wake up in a world that is similar to our own except that they don’t know their name, their hometown, or anything about themselves. They are then forced to take on the role of soldiers for an organization called The Reserve Army.

After some time, they start feeling fear, survival instincts going strong within them that force them to get stronger so that everything will be different one day. However, when all of the stronger candidates join together, those left behind must create a party to survive.

The team consists of Manato, the charismatic leader and priest; Haruhiro, an unlucky thief with more bad luck than good fortune; Yume, who never lets her cheerful nature slow down for anything or anyone; Shihoru, who is shy but powerful in magic as well as healing abilities; Mogzo has always been kind-hearted and caring yet secretive about his past; Ranta is rowdy because he comes from humble beginnings.

6. Gate

On the way to a doujin convention in Ginza, Youji Itami was faced with something he never expected: A portal that released monsters and warriors from medieval times. With swift actions, the otaku successfully saved many lives. At the same time, the soldiers of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces directed their efforts towards stopping this invasion.

Three months after the attack, Youji led a special recon team as part of a JSDF task force. They must travel into this unknown world to learn more about what they are dealing with and attempt to befriend the locals by creating peaceful ties between both sides. However, if they fail, their consequence will be participating in an all-encompassing war that would potentially destroy them on either side of the gate.

5. Pop Team Epic

Pop Team Epic

Another funny gag anime on the list is Pop Team Epic. It’s a parody anime, with lots of pop culture references. But it takes this humor to another level, with heavy doses of Pokémon and other related things. Popuko is short and quick-tempered, while her partner is tall and calm.

To summarize, it’s the short, hot Pokémon character with the cool, tall, slow partner. The series also features a pair of rivals, Popoi and Popura. They’re not only rivals, but also rivals of the Pokémon world itself. There’s also the “Pokemon World Championships,” which features a tournament between the main characters. If you want to learn more about the series, you can watch the first episode here.

4. Slayers

Only if Lina can master the true magic of this object will she be able to defend herself and everyone she loves from these two nefarious villains!

Lina Inverse is a love letter to Japanese animation, anime, and games. It features a protagonist who is a half-Japanese-half-Russian young woman, as well as a diverse cast of supporting characters. The world of Lina Inverse is a modernized version of Japan, a fantasy setting with a steampunk aesthetic, and a real-world Japan that is inextricably tied to the fantasy world.

3. Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls

Monster Musume Everyday Life With Monster Girls

When humans and mythical creatures live side by side, there’s a chance for both groups to learn more about each other’s cultures. The Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act had allowed these different species to live together on Earth while still having some of their own identity preserved with programs like Miia, who was lost in an accident when she showed up at Kimihito Kurusu’s doorstep waiting for her tour guide.

2. Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They?

Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They

A new world, a new life, a new experience, and a new goal for three unsuspecting individuals. That’s what you get when you receive an invitation to join the No Names community. Three ordinary people, thrown into a new world, and given the chance for fame and fortune, if they join No Names.

One of my favorite anime series is KonoSuba. I love this anime because it’s lighthearted and entertaining, but not in an over-the-top way that might be off-putting to some people. What other series from the isekai genre do you enjoy watching? What other worlds should we explore? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts.

1. Saiki K

The manga/comic The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is about an average boy who has been blessed with psychic powers but wants to lead the life of an ordinary person instead. However, due to his incredible gift, he can’t help meddling in other people’s lives and ends up needing help himself from time to time because he always seems to be on the wrong end of things even when trying not to interfere at all.


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