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Gothic fashion can be a rather peculiar style. But there is no denying that it has developed and adapted over time.

Of course, there are still girls who do corset and guys who work with eyeliner and dark lipstick. But in the 40 or so years since the subculture’s inception, many modern variations have emerged, incorporating the typical black, white and red ensemble.

Whether you’re building an emo teen or trying to live up to Bella Gough’s last name, here are a few pieces of TS4 CC that will appeal to an emo or emo gothic.


1. Gothic corset and skirt for Sims 4 by Annett

Gothic corset and skirt for Sims 4 by Annett Sims 4 CC

Consult this CC

I’ll start this list with the classics of goth girls; corsets and floor-length skirts. This gothic corset and skirt for the Annett Sims 4 is a great duo (or rather a six-for-three duo?), because the corsets and skirts can be worn separately.

So you can mix and match a gothic dress that fits the Sims’ palette.

Would you rather wear a corset with your pants? Totally doable.

Would the skirt go better with a rocking top? That’s good too.

Gothic fashion is all about distinction and personality (in very dark shades), so go ahead, Simmer. They do.

A quick note on the download page. The main download button leads to a reduced page with 4 sections. Don’t worry, you can still access this TS4 CC through the OneDrive channel.

2. Giruto 43 Low Long Sleeve Tee Studio K-Creation

Giruto 43 long sleeve T-shirt from Studio K-Creation TS4 CC

Consult this CC

Listen to me.

I understand that this style is more punk than gothic. He even turns more towards the suburban category – stage fifteen.


Since the goth subculture was technically developed by goth rock fans, and goth rock is an offshoot of punk and post-punk, I’d say this TS4 CC counts.

Because the t-shirts are too cool not to be included.

In addition, many of them are black t-shirts with emo, scream, goth rock and grunge goth patterns. And they have black and white striped sweaters, the usual hash browns.

Here we go.

But seriously: These giant graphic tees from Giruto look cool on even the biggest Sims. A pair with combat boots and some kind of lineman. It disappears completely.

3. MAEL – Gothic T-shirt – Men (Updated) Helsoseira

MAEL - Gothic Shirt - Man (Update) by Helsoseira for The Sims 4

Consult this CC

Well, if the previous article was too casual or too gothic punk for your Sim’s taste (which is correct), then I introduce you to Helsoseira’s amazing masterpiece: the gothic MAEL T-shirt.

A gothic, avant-garde and quasi-renaissance song that gives a strong impression of a contemporary Count Dracula.

If Dracula threw a party in an insane asylum, he’d probably wear it in tightly pleated pants.

The main fabric of the shirt is in seven dark and earthy shades. Chest, lining, collar and cuffs are black and silver.

By the way, I have to say that the trunk design is excellent. Many complex and interwoven lines that create a perfect symmetry without being too playful. And the fake corset on both sides makes the torso look thinner.

4. Colour the parts of the band in infinite symmetry (grid required)

Group for re-colouring T-pieces on infinite symmetry (grid required) TS4 CC

Check this CC. (Recolor)

Check this CC. (Mesh)

What better way to show Sim’s love for the emo lifestyle than to rock out with Hot Topic’s emo/rock trios?

(No, seriously, the creator confirms it in the description).

This group of t-shirts (Recolor) from Infinity gives 10 matching maxi t-shirts that are loose, casual and just this side is trendy enough to be considered an emo fashion.

These t-shirts proudly display musical icons like My Chemical Romance, Metallica and all the other bands that redefined an era that blurred the lines between emo, emo-punk, punk rock and goth rock.

And if you want more samples – or if you prefer this Alpha CC textured t-shirt – you can download the grid! There are 40 patterns, mostly black, grey and dark grey. But not everything from Hot Topic. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

5. NIDA – V.2 Gothic Garter Dress by Helsoseira

NIDA - V.2 Gothic dress with leg guards by Helsoseira Sims 4 CC

Consult this CC

Another fantastic piece by Helsoseira; this time for women. And she’s unique. I’m not gonna lie.

I’ve seen a lot of short dresses for TS4, but this NIDA Goth Shrug dress has a pretty tight design – despite the dress accents along the length of the legs.

Actually, it was attention to detail that put this dress on the list. The small window on the chest, the wide sleeves with open cuffs and the different manga prints in black and white for each pattern are a successful combination.

And, yes. The vibration of the seat belt really seduced me.

A smoky eye, a black lip and wide sneakers for a trendy gothic evening.

6. Galactic Witch Toxic Potassium Top Record opesims4 (grid required)

Galactic Witch Toxic Potassium Top Recolor by opesims4 (requires grid) Sims 4 CC

Check this CC. (Recolor)

Check this CC. (Mesh)

Even the name sounds different, and the design of the blouse lives up to the name. Lots of dark colors (especially black) for gothic tastes.

What about the celestial elements? Absolutely beautiful.

There are 16 drawings in total, ranging from classic black and white graphics to kaleidoscopic spatial patterns.

Honestly, this new opesims4 story is just proof that gothic and galactic wizards are not mutually exclusive.

The witch part of the name should be the only evidence that this mod is aligned.

Note that you need the original tissue for this – the potassium (above) from Toxic. The mesh happens to be an excellent cold-shoulder model readily available in black. Perfect for when your Sim is feeling more hardcore gothic than galactic witch.

7. DSF_TOPONIX the danart figure

DSF_TOPONIX with dance digitals Sims 4 CC

Consult this CC

This link leads to a special body dress with a bandage in the middle of the belly, which comes in three different styles – all so perfectly gothic they’re almost painful.

But the funny thing is that the link on the website is full of Sims 4 CC clothing that could actually be on that list.

They’re black, they’re fashionable and they have enough pleats, ruffles, chains and fishnets to be considered some kind of gothic subculture – modern, medieval, spacey, gothic punk….. You have the idea.

Take this sexy little number. Like I said, it’s a black dress with a half thigh bandage that’s perfect for the gothic fashionista, the dark femme fatale or the occasional nightmare. A bit dramatic, of course.

It is not recommended to wear it every day.

Every night? That’s another story.

Again, there are three totally different style variations. Don’t ask me to pick a favorite, they are all so cool.

8. DSF_TOPBERTHIERRITA by dance number

DSF_TOPBERTHIERRITA by danart figure for Sims 4

Consult this CC

Here’s another great piece of CC from Danart Digital that I had to include.

It’s a sleek black turtleneck that comes in three very gothic – and very cool – designs. It is a black and white long sleeve top with a main pattern of dots and roses.

Another long-sleeved version looks like black ribbed bandages on cobwebs (probably my favorite).

The third option, a short-sleeved turtleneck with a pleated corset, is perhaps the most classic gothic design in the bundles.

Seriously, scroll through the entire site. It’s a treat for self-proclaimed children (sims) of the night.

9. GEKI – MEN – gothic/industrial HelsoseiraT-shirt

GEKI - MEN - Gothic/Industrial T-shirt by Helsoseira TS4 CC

Consult this CC

Gelseira is back on the list. This time for a slightly more casual (but no less stylish) piece of CC. This gothic/industrial shirt is a delightfully modern version of the mid-century gothic style: Silver buttons, lining, pleats, crosses and all.

It’s much less sizzling than his gothic MAEL shirt, but much fresher – and certainly more modern.

If you associate this shirt with clean hair, absolutely no jewelry, acid washed light colored jeans and dirty and scuffed sneakers, it wouldn’t look gothic at all!

But who wants to?

That’s not why you’re reading this list.

Add the leather handcuffs, a chain, lots of chains, fishnet stockings and black leather skinny jeans. Let your Sim rock the modern gothic!

10. Umbra DSF Coat Umbra Nocte de DanSimsFantasy

Umbra DSF Coat Umbra Wedding Night of DanSimsFantasy Sims 4 CC

Consult this CC

Let me quote directly from the creator’s description of this particular CC jacket:

A design inspired by the mystery and depth of the night, dedicated to the passion and intensity of man.

Well, shit.

If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about this jacket, I don’t know what does.

This elegant piece is a beautifully structured trench coat that falls to about knee height. At the front, there are straps (maybe gold or polished bronze or something similar to fashion) and what looks like luxurious velvet trim for the cuffs and collar.

The shoulders are delightfully flared (presumably to emphasize broad shoulders), and the patterns artfully combine tasteful elements like fleur-de-lys, honeycombs, and other geometric elements.

It comes in 14 different colors, all of which share a palette with a fair amount of black.

11. BYRA – Field Hooded Sweater from Helsoseira

BYRA - Field Hooded Sweater by Helsoseira TS4 CC

Consult this CC

Call me a dove for a well-bred sweater, but this particular piece (again, for the incredible Helsoseira) is just too cute not to be included. It comes in black or dark grey (the base of the gothic wardrobe) and the design is excellent.

Printed necklaces, tear bags, crescent moons and alchemical symbols?

I never thought I’d find these particular combinations of emo or aesthetic satisfaction, but here it is.

Favorite part? The thumbholes.

I like clothes with long sleeves that you can stick your thumb in.

In addition, each sim can easily tilt a harvester. It’s just a fad.


12. Combat Boots from Sims4 Marigold

Combat boots from Sims4 Marigold

Consult this CC

Every gothic and emotionally charged simulator needs a reliable and well worn burner pair. The more coins, the better.

This piece of Sims4 Marigold adds a gothic and punk style by giving large combat boots a five inch heel.

Because why be simple in Mary Jane’s shoes when you can be avant-garde, cool and totally cool in them? 14 amazing colors, most of which have black soles.

(Corresponds to your Sim’s dark soul. Look)

The only exceptions are the colors pink, purple and mint green (and a second black pattern). They have white soles – probably to complete the baby mood.

13. Footwear with corrective measures by EvellSims

Remedy Shoes by EvellSims 4 CC

Consult this CC

The maker simply describes them as beautiful gothic boots.

I agree 100%; there’s something about gothic shoes that gives the impression that the wearer doesn’t have to make an effort, but is going in the right direction.

Especially if the shoes have a lot of accents, accessories and extra capsules.

Take these Remedy shoes.

Knee-high boots with a fair amount of heels and an almost obscene number of buckles and studs. The one on the right even has a chain hanging off it. It’s irrational and impractical and unnecessary, and I love it.


14. Basic Soothing Fingerless Gloves by MaruChanBe

Basic Emo Fingerless Gloves by MaruChanBe for The Sims 4

Consult this CC

Don’t let the name fool you, these fingerless gloves are anything but ordinary. Another iconic accessory for disenfranchised youth. These clearly designed hand accessories simply complete the outfit. It helps that they fit incredibly well with the aesthetic of dark lining – silver chains – black jeans.

And if they’re good enough for drama queens, they’re good enough for emo sims.

These special MaruChanBe come in three different variations: classic black and colored stripes, a nice old checkerboard pattern and scary neon skeleton sleeves.

It is also available in a simple black version. Because of course I do.

15. RemusSirionFibre sleeves

RemusSirion Sims 4 CC Fibrin Handcuffs

Consult this CC

These are RemusSirion’s fibrin cuffs, they are similar to the Basic gloves without fingers, only aligned. It’s less sweet, cotton candy and sexier, the fashion for seductive leather.

If it’s for you, then this CC is for you.

And this SS is essentially a long black leather cuff adorned with crossed straps (corset style) along the entire length of the forearm. His cut is attached to a simple silver ring around his middle finger.

Higher up the arm are black bands of the same material that wrap around the elbow and/or shoulder, depending on the option chosen.

There are seven options for the placement (and number) of the straps.

It’s a bit more daring and risky than most items on the list. But there’s no denying it’s cool.

16. Grimoire Choker de Pralinesim

Necklace Grimoire de Pralinesim Sims 4 CC

Consult this CC

What self-respecting gothic man doesn’t have a large collection of choke chains? It is the year 2020.

Chokers became fashionable in the 90s, and they never really died out. So not having them around your neck would be a travesty, I think.

The chains are so elegant, paired with wide tees and a high shoulder. This Pralinesim tight corset is no exception. It’s a wide solid stripe with alternating laces on the front and a nice soft, leathery texture.

Speaking of texture details. If your device can handle high-resolution images, you can zoom in and really admire the padding, bumps and cracks. It’s a work of art.

Is leather really not your thing?

Don’t worry – the manufacturer has a high-end version of the same collar (and it’s beautiful), the Camlann collar. You can check this by clicking on the Recommended tab.

17. Sofa bed/stool installed by Pralinesim

Somnauts / installed stool Pralinesims TS4 CC

Consult this CC

Again: Suffocation. You can’t go wrong with them – especially when they’re so beautiful. I’ve said this before, but I’m a big fan of this particular designer.

Every CC part they make is simply outstanding in terms of design, finish and attention to detail.

This set of chokes reproduces everything (and more).

There are three variations of the basic model, namely a solid black strap made of what looks like leather (though less structured than the previous Grimoire collar), with a hole in the front and a hoop closure.

The first option (1) is the basic version; plain black band, swing stop. The second (2) is a fixed band with a bell on a silver handle. The third (3) has rivets on the front of the strap, but no bell is attached to the strap. The fourth (4) is a combination of the second and third designs; front cleats, a bell.

Each variant is available in five colours: Silver, black, gold, pink gold and white gold. This makes a total of 20 unique chokers that you can mix and match as you please.

18. Trillyke – WOLO tights and socks, installed Trillyke.

Trillyke - WOLO Mesh Tights and Socks from Trillyke Sims 4 CC

Consult this CC

If you are concerned about the (as yet) obvious lack of fishing nets on this list, don’t worry. I found a set that is sure to soothe your Sim’s gothic soul.

These WOLO Fishnet byTrillyke tights and socks are definitely unique. These aren’t just standard fishnet stockings, no. You have a role model. I mean, sure, you can have a simple open (because there are variations in this set).

But why do that when you could have put the flanks between the nets? Elegant roses? Stars and moons? Keys?

And don’t get me started on the socks, because they can be combined with fishnets to create a completely different look. And this view is breathtaking.

Strong black socks combined with sexy black thigh highs and elegant fishnet stockings?

I’ll let the sample photos say more, because words don’t do the SS justice.

Hair and make-up

19. Her asleep in simande

Sleeping hair of Simandy Sims 4 CC

Consult this CC

Umbrellas and balusters are all fun and interesting.

But there’s something so iconic and alluring about massive hairpieces with fringe. Maybe it’s the Rogue (X-Men) effect. Maybe he just looks effortlessly cool. Maybe that’s why it’s so charming, because it’s kind of punk.

Whatever the reason, Simandi’s Sleepy Hair brings this concept to life perfectly.

Imagine a glimpse of eyes, dark purple lipstick, a pearl necklace and a fiery red mane – with a striking white or black patch.

If that’s not a nice gothic painting, I don’t know what is.

There are 58 basic colors and 58 colors with colored accents (see hat category), so you can discover many combinations.

20. Simlaughlove rainbow nails

Rainbow nails from Simlaughlove Sims 4 CC

Consult this CC

For emotional fashion, black nail polish is practically non-negotiable. It’s like a big eyeliner and silver crosses; if your Sim is wearing them, he’s probably listening to bands on endless Band Tees recordings.

Now, nail polish isn’t really a makeup option in The Sims 4 (which is a tragedy if you ask me), so this particular CC is already a winner in the original concept department. And it’s not just black. Actually, the name alone should tell you how colorful these nails can be.

(Just so you know, there are 30 possible colour patterns and colour combinations. See the category Body Accessories > Rings).

So even if you’re not planning on doing a Gothic simulation in the near future, you can still make good use of these beautifully colored Rainbow Nails candies.
There are two options: a single color (which I recommend for gothic sims) and multiple colors.

And there are monsters in Multicolor, probably a version of Instagrammable, developed by Sim.

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