How Quick Play determines a “random” map

There are sometimes questions about it and many inaccuracies related to the overall complexity, anecdotal evidence and the fact that some people still confuse things that existed before the system was changed two years ago.


First, a pseudo-description of the algorithm used to select the map for QP follows:

for every player in the lobby to do: Apply the base weight 1 if no level has been reached: Multiply the weight by 10 // Progress factor to support the campaign for the last 20 games played: Reducing the weighting of the level by ((21 – index) / 20) // index 1 for the youngest, 20 for the oldest // is additive : If a level appears more than once, its weight is decreased several times // don’t go below 0 for each level do: if is_dlc_level and not party_finished_act4: remove level from list if is_level_locked_for_any_player remove level from list avg weights of all players throw dice based on weights // bigger weight = bigger chance

and the corresponding source code here. If you go back in time, the last major change was in version 1.4, here’s the previous algorithm.

Corner points

Interpretation includes code functionality not directly related to the above.

  • This only applies to the player present at the time the card is chosen. This does not affect the cards you get when you put the PQ into execution in a game.
  • You can convert a PQ to a custom game without selecting a card, even if it is still in the lobby.
    • This distorts people’s perceptions because they include data in the interpretation of an algorithm that was never generated by the algorithm.
    • If the map is popular enough for people to make their own games for it, it will appear more often in the current game lists and thus less often in the PQ. This in turn forces more people to open their own games to this card.
    • Similarly, if people want to avoid certain cards and make their own games with their own subset of semi-random cards, they make these avoided cards more common in PQ.
  • If a band member does not beat Skittergate at least once, all CSDs are ignored, regardless of their weight.
  • The progress multiplier is 10 times higher than the normal range of 0 to 1.
  • Including DLC, there are more than 20 cards in the game, so the player always has multiple levels with a weight of 1.
    • But in a crowded lobby, chances are that one of the other players will reduce these weights.
  • Your last card has a weight of almost 0. But if it’s just the two of you and the other player hasn’t played that card at all lately, the average weight comes back to 0.5.
  • The more you change lobbies (for example, by leaving if you get a card you don’t like), the less efficient the whole system becomes. Because you are constantly playing with players who may have very different weights, everything is getting closer and closer to the same weights.
  • If a particular card is unpopular in the community and many people leave it prematurely, all the other cards become proportionally more popular, increasing the weight of the unpopular card for everyone.

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The item How to Play Quickly determines the random cards for the Warhammer game: Parasites.

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