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A savior of our boredom and sanity was crowned among us during the Covid blockade in 2020. Though the game was originally released on Steam in 2018, a sudden surge in popularity, thanks in large part to Twitch streamers, made the game the most played entertainment in the world last year. The developers even decided to cancel development of the suite in favor of a larger version of the original, as well as future content.

One of their first plans to increase their popularity among us was something pretty bold: a trip to Switch. While the system is incredibly popular, it is widely known that it is not the best for playing online games due to Nintendo’s weak network infrastructure. It’s time to see if this gate was hit or not.

Hey, buddy, you too, huh?

Among Us is probably one of the best hide and seek games and an incredibly fun board game. The online community can be a little too boring, because it doesn’t take long for people to start acting immature. Enabling cross-play also allows you to play with PC and mobile gamers if you’re worried that the Switch community will eventually disappear.

It handles well, despite some obvious limitations due to the lack of a keyboard. Quick sense only works moderately well when playing the game in portable mode with touch screen access. If you want to communicate with other players like in other game ports, you’ll have to use third-party tools like Discord.

I finally made it through with an A+!

A rare thing in Switch play. Not only do we have a touch screen for entering messages, but the entire game can be played in the same way as the mobile phone port. Some of the tasks, like sweeping the administration card or connecting cables, are actually easier to perform this way. Nevertheless, the game can be played with joysticks or with a Pro controller. It may not be perfect, but nothing is stopping you.

In terms of performance, it looks and sounds like its counterparts among us. It’s a great example of a game that doesn’t look technically impressive, but whose artistic style is so unique and charming that it’s impossible not to love it. Thankfully, this game will be no different if you play it on a small screen or 4K monitor. The pace is the same as in the other versions, the game rarely lags. A rare achievement for an online game on the Switch. We still have nightmares about the Super Smash Bros Ultimate online modes malfunctioning at launch…..

One down, how many to go?

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One down, how many are left?

Overall, you get exactly the same number of map features in both the PC and mobile versions: three, with a fourth in the works. Skeld is a map most people are familiar with, placed on a spaceship. Mira’s HQ is the most ambitious of all, with a long decontamination zone where players can be trapped for a few seconds, making it easy for them to fall prey. Pool is the most aesthetic of the maps included here. It’s drawn in a snowy search area and has annoying (but cute) male snowbirds.

Everything that was offered in the other versions has been elegantly implemented in the Switch version. The sound department is just as clean as it is on the computer. The approach is basically the same, with the obvious exception of differences in solution. Everything goes well, the online connection works surprisingly well for a Switch game, and even the absence of a Switch keyboard can be mitigated by playing in portable mode. All in all, it’s a competent port that probably makes sense as the only console among us.

It may not work at the highest resolution, but the important thing is that Among Us’ unique artistic style has been successfully brought to a smaller screen. Does your 4K monitor really improve the look of the game? It fits the Switch pretty well, although it’s significantly hampered by the fact that you can’t enter data at the same time during tasks.
The soundtrack below is actually very atmospheric, which ends up going on without a hitch on the switch. Porting Switch Among Us is very useful if you’re a fan of earlier versions of the game, especially the mobile version.
Last block: 8,5

Between you and me, we have it on PC, on Nintendo Switch, and on mobile now.

Appears when the power is turned on.


How to load…

Try it!

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