Top 15 Saddest Anime Movies Which You Must Watch In 2022

Saddest Anime Movies

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. In the case of anime fans, the anime community has been known to have a very strong bond. And when someone dies, they usually get together and watch anime to remember them.

And we’ve compiled a list of the 15 saddest anime movies ever made, based on the number of fan comments on IMDB. If you want to grieve for your lost anime friends, this list is for you.

You might be surprised to find out that most of the anime movies listed below have a sadder than sad ending. We’ve included movies with very tragic deaths, and some that are just too sad to watch.

Indeed, these are the anime movies that have the most number of comments on IMDB.

15. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

Gankutsuou The Count of Monte Cristo

Anime fans are really sad that Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo only lasted a mere 24 episodes. But the anime film is still very popular among fans.

One reason is that it has a very tragic death. A very tragic death, indeed. The main character dies of old age. This means that he can’t have any more adventures.

14. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhisa Yamashita, better known as Haruhi Suzumiya, is a fictional character created by the anime series, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. She is the protagonist of the series, and is a high school student.

In the movie, she meets the mysterious Kyon, who has an extraterrestrial alter-ego named Yuki. And he introduces her to a group of people known as the SOS Brigade, who are also on a mission to stop the mysterious “Kyon” from taking over the world.

Sadly, Haruhi died in the series, and the fans couldn’t help but grieve for her. And the movie ends with her death.

13. A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice tells the story of a deaf girl named Shoko Nishimiya, who is the victim of bullying. She befriends a young boy named Shota Taki, who is also deaf. When Shoko and Shota get into an accident, Shoko loses her hearing. And when Shota dies, Shoko loses the only person she could talk to.

The movie was produced by Studio Ghibli, the same studio that produced the classic anime film, My Neighbor Totoro. It is based on the novel by Yoshitoki Oima, and was directed by Makoto Shinkai.

12. Black Butler

Black Butler is an anime movie that was directed by Mitsuru Hongo. It tells the story of a man who is a butler. And he takes in a young girl named Ciel Phantomhive, who is the heir to a powerful family.Ciel is kidnapped by her family, and Ciel’s butler Sebastian finds her.

But when Ciel finds out that Sebastian has been working for her family all along, she orders him to kill her. And when Sebastian refuses, she gives him a deadly poison that he is unable to remove.Ciel’s death is the saddest part of the movie, as she is the protagonist.

11. Death Note 

Death Note is one of the most controversial anime movies of all time. It is an adaptation of the Japanese manga of the same name, which is a story about a high school student who finds a notebook that gives him the power to kill anyone whose name he writes in it. The movie is the most-praised adaptation of the manga, but it also has its share of haters.

One of the most popular characters in the movie is Light Yagami, played by Japanese pop star Ryoko Hirosue. In the movie, Light is shown to be a very manipulative and ruthless character. Many fans have claimed that the movie is a perfect example of the manga’s dark themes.

10. Rurouni Kenshin: Hokkaido Arc

Rurouni Kenshin

Based on the manga by Nobuhiro Watsuki, the anime film adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin is considered one of the saddest anime movies ever made.

In the anime movie, Kenshin, who’s been living as a monk, is suddenly asked by his master to go to Hokkaido and fight against the gangsters who have taken over the town. He’s very reluctant, but the monks insist on him going.

The anime movie was released in 1993, and it was a big hit. However, the film had a very sad ending. The last scene of the movie shows Kenshin’s master killing himself.This anime movie also has a sequel, and it was released in 1995.

9. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

With Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the first movie in the Final Fantasy VII franchise, the main character, Aerith, dies. Aerith is a legendary character in the Final Fantasy VII series, and fans were devastated when they found out that she had died.

With the release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the fans wanted to pay their respects to Aerith, and decided to make the movie. They were able to include the character Aerith in the movie, and the fans were so happy.

But after the movie was released, Aerith’s death was discovered to be a fake. The director of the movie, Tetsuya Nomura, had secretly made a CGI version of Aerith, and the fans were furious. Many of them thought that Nomura had killed Aerith, and many of them were not happy with the fact that the director had lied to them.

Some fans even considered making a movie to pay their respects to Aerith, but that movie never happened.

8. Berserk


The anime movie Berserk: The Golden Age Arc is based on the manga by Kentaro Miura. It’s the sequel to the anime movie Berserk: The Golden Age Arc.The anime movie, like its predecessor, has a sad ending. In the anime movie, Guts is killed by the Black Knight, who was originally his friend.

Guts is brought back to life, and he becomes a vampire. However, Guts and the Black Knight have a very strong friendship, and Guts eventually becomes a vampire, just like the Black Knight. The anime movie ends with the Black Knight giving Guts a kiss.

7. Code Geass

Based on the manga by Yoko Kamio, the anime movie adaptation of Code Geass was a big hit. In the movie, Lelouch, a young boy who’s the main character in the anime, is searching for the person who’s behind the assassination of his mother. He’s going to the United States to find her, and he’s accompanied by Suzaku, a member of the Geass army.

While in the United States, Lelouch encounters a girl named C.C., who is an assassin who’s working for the man who’s behind the assassination of Lelouch’s mother. After Lelouch and Suzaku defeat C.C., C.C. tells them that she’s been hired to kill Suzaku. C.C. also tells Lelouch that she loves him, and she wants him to live.

Unfortunately, C.C. dies. She gives Lelouch a letter, and she tells him to read it. The letter tells Lelouch that C.C. was really working for the person who’s behind the assassination of Lelouch’s mother.

6. My Neighbor Totoro 

My Neighbor Totoro

This anime film is based on a children’s book of the same name. The story follows two young siblings, Satsuki and Mei, who find a magical egg. As they play with the egg, they accidentally open a door to another world.

The magical world is full of colorful animals and other children, but Satsuki and Mei are very lonely. They eventually meet a strange girl named Satsuki who lives with her mother. Unfortunately, Satsuki and Mei’s mother dies in a fire. And after that, Satsuki and Mei are taken in by the magical creatures of the forest.

This anime movie has a very sad ending. The magical creatures are unable to find a way to return Satsuki and Mei to their home world. So they stay in the forest forever.

5. The Royal Tutor

The Royal Tutor

The Royal Tutor is a Japanese anime movie that follows the story of a man who is the caretaker of a sickly girl named Azusa. Azusa suffers from a mysterious illness, and the man cares for her by day and spends his nights studying.The anime movie’s plot is simple, but the emotional impact is tremendous.

In the first half of the movie, we see the man learning about his disease, and slowly we learn more about his background. We also see him growing close to Azusa, and his family. And at the end of the movie, the man is forced to make a decision that will have far-reaching consequences.

4. Ouran High School Host Club 

The Ouran High School Host Club is a Japanese anime series that was adapted into a live-action movie in 2006. The series follows the lives of students at a private high school. The Host Club is a secret society that meets regularly to eat food and play music. The students are all friends, but they don’t know each other’s names.

Ouran High School Host Club is a comedy anime movie. But it also has a tragic ending. The Host Club’s president and founder, Natsuki Takaya, dies in a tragic accident. And the members of the Host Club are forced to say goodbye to their friend.

3. Tower of God

Tower of God

Tower of God is a Japanese anime movie about a group of kids who live in a futuristic city called Tower City. The kids are forced to attend school, but they don’t like the school and they also hate the rules that the teachers set.

So they create a secret club called “The Tower.” The kids use the power of God to make their school fun and to make the teachers stop interfering with their lives.

One day, one of the kids gets caught and the kids are forced to hide him in a secret room called “The Palace.” But the teacher finds out and she tells the other kids that the student has been kidnapped.

In the second half of the movie, the kids go to the Tower and they try to find the missing student. But it turns out that he’s been kidnapped by the Tower’s nemesis, an evil character named The Dark One.

2. Kaze Tachinu 

Kaze Tachinu 

Kaze Tachinu is a Japanese anime movie about a young girl named Tachikoma. Tachikoma is an android that has a robotic dog companion named Reika. One day, Tachikoma is accidentally separated from Reika, and she has to find Reika on her own.

The anime movie is set in a world where robots have taken over. The only people left are the humans. So the government has developed a new kind of robot, and they use it to hunt down humans. Tachikoma eventually finds Reika, but she’s lost her memory. And she doesn’t know where she is.

1. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya 

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya is a Japanese anime movie that follows the story of a boy named Yuki Nagato. Yuki loves the anime and manga series, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. And he loves the character Haruhi Suzumiya even more.

Yuki meets Haruhi Suzumiya at his school. He follows her around and watches her closely. But one day, Haruhi disappears.In the first half of the movie, Yuki becomes obsessed with finding Haruhi. He follows her everywhere, but she is never around.

Eventually, Yuki finds out that Haruhi is being held captive by a group of people who are trying to bring her back to the real world.

In the second half of the movie, Yuki rescues Haruhi from her captors. But the two of them end up being captured by another group of people.


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