Konosuba Season 3: Everything You Need To Know In 2021

Konosuba Season 3: Everything You Need To Know In 2021

Konosuba Season 3 is the third season of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! anime series.

It follows Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin and Darkness as they take on their latest adventure after defeating Demon King in the first two seasons.

The show is still ongoing but its release date has not been confirmed yet.

According to rumors, it will be released either this year or next year.

We’ll know for sure when we get closer to 2020-2021. Until then make sure you follow our blog regularly to stay up-to-date with all the information about Konosuba Season 3 .

Not much is known about the upcoming season but there are a lot of speculations regarding its release date, plot and story.

We will be updating this blog as soon as we get any latest update from the official sources.

In 2021, Konosuba Season 3 will premiere on a major TV Network in Japan.

It may not air on the same channel where the first two seasons aired but it will definitely air on a popular channel focusing on anime series.

So far, there has been no official confirmation regarding its release date.

However, since Konosuba Season 1 premiered in January 2016 and the second season released in January 2017, we can expect season 3 to come out either this year or next year.

Everything We Know So Far About KonoSuba

The TV anime Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku Wo which aired in 2016 is a 10 episode adaptation of the light novel series with the same name.

The adaptations were written by Akatsuki Natsume and illustrated by Mishima Kurone whose previous art includes Mangetsu no Jinrou to Hangetsu no Vampire as well as Sentouin Hakenshimasu!

First season of the anime was directed by Kanasaki Takaomi, who is known for his work on School Rumble Ni Gakki and Tokyo Ravens.

Meanwhile, Studio DEEN has worked on several other well-known shows like Sakamoto Desu Ga? and Log Horizon.

Kazuma Sato, a shut-in NEET and also the protagonist of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo! (or Just Be Friends for short) sacrifices himself to save this classmate.

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As he enters what he believes will be his final moment on earth, God appears before him and gives him an offer: “live in another world!”

He then wakes up next to Aqua who soon becomes Kazuma’s companion throughout their adventures together.

Kazuma dies after pushing a girl from the path of an oncoming vehicle, only to learn that it was not a truck but rather a tractor.

He is shocked at his own assumption and dies because of this shock. In the afterlife, he takes Aqua’s offer for rebirth in another world.

Kazuma is given a chance to have any strong weapon he wants in exchange for slaying the Devil King. 

However, Kazuma uses his 900 IQ and asks for Aqua instead of a weapon since it will be easier to keep her safe from harm when she has no idea what’s going on because everyone there can use magic.

Thus begins their adventure as they try their best to blend in while trying not die or kill each other along the way with all those price tags that you see everywhere!

Meeting an arch wizard and crusader on his journey, Kazuma and Aqua now have a party that takes odd quests to fill their tummy as well as pockets.

Now most of you guys already know this is amazing but what’s even more remarkable is the humorous tone it has which challenges common stereotypes beyond their limits.

We don’t have any official announcements about KonoSuba Season 3 yet.

The second season of the series had a pretty similar staff to the first one, but J.C Staff took responsibility for its movie with a different team.

As stated earlier, Studio DEEN animated season 1 while J C Staff worked on season 2’s OVA and movie respectively.”

Konosuba has two seasons with an OVA each along with a film release so far – what do we know? What can be expected in future episodes or movies?

Official Announcements And Release Date Of KonoSuba Season 3

Don’t worry, KonoSuba fans! The third season is coming.

There hasn’t been any official announcement yet but the good news is Kadokawa business producer Junichiro Tamura was part of a Reddit AMA and mentioned that we should wait for announcements related to this matter soon.

The release of KonoSuba is not an issue if the movie performs well.

This comes from someone who stands within the money-making section of the industry, so this shouldn’t be much of a surprise;

However it’s definitely positive that there won’t need to wait long for season 3 after seeing how successful and highly rated their first big project was!

More Source Material Information On KonoSuba Season 3

KonoSuba is a light novel series that was adapted into an anime adaptation. This franchise has 17 completed volumes and it’s not continuing any time soon!

The conclusion to any franchise means that the absence of source material can be a reason for no sequel.

But is that the case with KonoSuba? Let’s find out! So, as we all know, there are 2 seasons (with an OVA each), and a movie under its title.

How much content did it adapt from book-to-anime though?

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Well in season 1, it adapted just chapter one through four from volume one; while season two started off by adapting five through eight found within volume two. Those being chapters ten through eighteen respectively.

The series has plenty of source material to make another season.

Considering the speed at which the anime adapts these light novels, there can be 6 more seasons of this series.

That’s right MORE seasons! This is because for every individual 12-episode long season, 2 volumes were adapted and 1 volume was adapted in a movie so all my KonoSuba fans who were wondering whether their favorite show had enough story left…well your wait may soon come to an end!

Popularity Information Of KonoSuba Season 3

As you guys may know, popularity is important in the anime medium. This fact is even more prevalent when it comes to series that are well-received by critics and fans alike.

KonoSuba was a show we both loved and enjoyed but did everyone else?

Let’s see if there were other people who cared about this story as much as us!

To judge how popular this series actually was, I decided to use 3 different metrics: Google Trend, Twitter pages for the Anime Staff & Cast (if they exist), Search Number Hits on “Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!”

Google Trends

Konosuba Season 3 google trends

So with Google trends we can see that KonoSuba is a popular show and has been for some time now.

Google Trends shows a positive outlook for KonoSuba. However, let’s see what Twitter mentions are like.


Konosuba Season 3 twitter

KonoSuba is one of the most influential anime on Twitter because many people associated with it are available to interact and engage fans.

A green flag on Twitter would be massive for KonoSuba as that represents pure motivation, so how’s it going? The official account has over 200k followers!

Fans of KonoSuba are really dedicated to the series. They’ve taken their time to follow it on Twitter for a long run, and that must mean they’re interested in its sequel or something along those lines!

Search In US, UK

KonoSuba is the third-most searched anime on Google globally. There are over 140k searches for it every month, which means people all around the world love this show!

KonoSuba is a really popular anime and fans are clamoring for its sequel. Looking at the data, it seems like we’ll be getting another season soon!

If there were to be a second part of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!, what would happen in that story?

Expected Plot Of KonoSuba Season 3

We know that the main focus of KonoSuba is Kazuma and his party’s struggles as they try to defeat the Devil King.

One can assume Season 3 will be about their battles with other powerful foes, which both strengthen them for this final fight but also show how much damage it takes on all involved parties.

We can expect the upcoming season to be filled with more of our ‘Kazuma and his squad’ defeating those Devil King generals, but anything is possible. 

Anything could happen in the next season, including Darkness receiving a marriage proposal or Megumin deciding to return to her village for good.

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The next season of KonoSuba is going to be filled with more adventure, fun and thrill.

I love the romantic relationship between Kazuma and Megumin that was seeded back in the movie can also take a new shape in this sequel too!

I’m dying for everyone who wants to enjoy Konosuba Season 3 ASAP but are we both alone?

Online Reactions To KonoSuba Season 3

Now is our time to take a look at Online Reactions for KonoSuba Season 3 and its release.

This information would not only help us know how popular the show is but also give us perspective of fans around the globe.

Their opinion, thoughts, speculations will all be covered in this section- which platforms do we seek if we wish to explore behind-the-scene fan reactions?

Well I have selected three platforms that can help out here – Twitter Quora , Reddit .


Konosuba Season 3 twitter

Many anime fans use Twitter to interact with their favorite creators and other like-minded people.

In fact, many of the most popular animes have been found through this platform as well.

With KonoSuba season 3 around the corner, it’s interesting how much our fellow brethren on Twitter are craving for more adventures from Kazuma and his party!

It almost feels like they’re suffering every passing moment that we don’t get a new episode yet!


Konosuba Season 3 reddit

“Reddit is yet another online platform that has witnessed an abundance of anime fans over the past few years, and there are a lot to look forward from this source.

Even Junichiro Tamura attended their AMA session on Reddit.”

“Heck, even he held positive notions towards KonoSuba Season 3! Subreddit r/konosuba holds hundreds & thousands expressing ideas about season 3 release.”


Quora, as it sounds like the name of an anime character’s sword in KonoSuba (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!), is a website that has many questions regarding Anime and Manga.

This means people can get information about online fans reactions to 3rd part of this comedy series here too! Let’s see what they’re thinking on Quora…

This platform helps us learn more about how active members react towards third season which haven’t been announced yet by Studio Deen just like Reddit does for some other shows’ fan communities.

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Why Do We Want Konosuba Season 3 So Badly?

For a lot of anime fans out there, it isn’t necessary to get another season for their favorite show.

They’re fine with the current material and don’t want any changes in an ongoing franchise like KonoSuba. 

However, if you are one of those people then maybe it’s because you haven’t watched that particular series yet!

The biggest reason why such dedicated fans love watching Konosuba so much is because they can relate to Kazuma and his squad while laughing at all the ridiculous problems he runs into each episode.

KonoSuba is a series that gives us new insight into the Isekai genre.

It makes fun of tropes and challenges our ideas about what we consider to be an “ideal” world by presenting one in which nothing works like it should, even when you’re supposed to have superpowers or special abilities!

Everyone wants another season of KonoSuba! We hope you have a general understanding by now.

This anime is widely popular amongst casual and hardcore fans alike, which means that the series deserves more seasons.


With all the data and facts, I can say with confidence that KonoSuba should get another season.

The series overall has nothing negative going for it; it would be more surprising if there wasn’t a 3rd season to watch!

Thank you so much for reading this article about KonoSuba’s chances of getting renewed in 2021 – Sayonara!


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