Seraph Of The End Season 3 : Everything You Need To Know In 2021

Seraph Of The End Season 3 : Everything You Need To Know In 2021

I’ve been a fan of Seraph Of The End from the moment it first aired. 

The animation is beautiful and really brings out the dark atmosphere that I love about this show, plus all characters are interesting to learn more about.

However with no new season for over 3 years now, fans have gone crazy wondering why they haven’t continued yet!

I hear you guys asking a lot of questions about Seraph Of The End season 3! So, I wanted to take this opportunity and give all the answers at one place. 

Season 2 ended with Guren’s death (spoiler alert) but if we think deeper into it then that shouldn’t be such a big factor since he is still alive in another dimension.

But for now let us focus on what will happen next because as far as my knowledge goes there are two possibilities here – either Yuichiro comes back or they go looking for him again just like how Mika went after finding out his brother was rescued by Ferid so I am hoping better sense prevails here otherwise who would want their favorite couple apart right?

Everything We Know So Far About Seraph Of The End

“Seraph of the End or “Owari No Seraph” is a 2 season long TV anime that started airing back in 2015.

It was first broadcasted on April 4 and the final episode of season 1 aired on June 20 in the same year.”

It seems like it ended there but then, another 10 episodes were added to complete its second installment titled ‘The Battle In Nagoya’ which began October 10, 2015- ending December 25th of last year.

That’s why many people don’t look at this as just another one because technically they are not wrong considering how different both seasons really are from each other.

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Instead, they treat “Battle in Nagoya” as part 2 of Season 1. However, for the sake of avoiding confusion, we will be calling it Season 2 and not Part2. 

The series is an anime adaptation from a manga written by Kagami Takaya and Furuya Daisuke with illustrations done by Yamamoto Yamato . 

Kagami has created multiple mangas such as The legend of the legendary heroes and A dark rabbit has seven lives which are popular among its fans.

If you are talking about the director, Tokudo Daisuke has been responsible for episode direction in popular anime like Banana Fish and Attack On Titan.

Well then! Let’s move on to some more interesting facts regarding production staff of Seraph Of The End. 

We’re certain that our man knows his stuff because he is talented enough to have contributed episodes in two very well-loved series – so let’s not waste any time getting down to business here.

After all, there is a lot we need to know before watching this show… We start off with an Earth which was attacked by a deadly virus one day out of nowhere – everything normal but just when humanity thinks it can live forever safe from harm these things pop up without warning?

The virus left children alive, but they are now captives of vampires who were hiding before the humans.

Among those kids was Yuu Amane (aka Yuu) who got settled into an orphan with family issues just before this incident happened.

The moon demon company approached Yuu to join them in a mission of revenge against the vampires who killed his family.

He is now determined to fight for their cause and see that all those dirty blood-suckers die!

Official Announcements And Release Date Of Seraph Of The End Season 3

If you’re looking for a sequel and if the original anime has any release dates or announcements from its studio, then expect to see it in production soon.

Seraph of the End has yet to have any announcements regarding season 3.

There haven’t been updates from Studio WIT or author Kagami Takaya, and there are no trailers as well.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been any statements passed on by author Kagami Takaya or anyone else involved in the series.

If we want the answer to our question of a sequel, there’s some analysis and research that needs to be done.

However, don’t worry! I have all the work for you covered in this article so just sit back and relax while reading it.

Let’s begin with taking a look at where everything started: The Manga series itself.

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Popularity Information Of Seraph Of The End Season 3

Interest in Seraph of the End has risen over time, making it one of the most popular anime this year.

With its trending on Google trends and widespread popularity on Twitter, chances for another season will increase greatly if there are positive reactions to future episodes.

Google Trends

Seraph Of The End Season 3 Google trends

For our first criteria, we will see how frequently an anime is trending. 

If we search for Seraph of the End season 3, the results are quite unexpected.

As you can see, it has mostly been constant with its popularity but spiked from 18th April to 24th April before and after that period there were low searches which isn’t exactly a bad thing because it shows why this series hasn’t been really popular lately -it makes sense-.

With no announcements and a 5-year wait, it’s understandable that many fans have been demoralized.

The series even spiked at the end of April but has remained consistent otherwise. We can say Owari No Seraph Season 3 is fairly looked after!


Seraph Of The End Season 3 Twitter

Owari No Seraph is loved by anime fans everywhere. The official Twitter account has over 140,000 followers–and counting!

Now we know just how many people love Owari No Seraph! Let’s take a look at some other popular anime to see the difference.

For example, Vinland Saga has about 41k followers on Twitter and it ended up getting sequels as well.

That’s great news for fans of that series but what do they have in common with our beloved Seraph Of The End? Well come find out below along with why this is good news for us all! 

That tweet makes use of an engaging hook by comparing two different manga titles together using statistics from their official twitter accounts so readers will continue reading until the end because they want to learn more explanations regarding these comparisons like “what are these similarities between them?”.

Google Searches

We have seen that Seraph Of The End has a decent amount of popularity. 

However, it does not seem to be as popular in comparison with other Shounen anime series such as “Naruto” or “Boruto”.

Since there are no new content being put out by this old series anymore, the number is expectedly low at 29K searches per month.

Despite being over half a decade old, the popularity of this anime is still great.

It’s not trending right now but hopefully one hint from its creators will bring back all that hype again.

Expected Plot Of Seraph Of The End Season 3

Now that the anime has been received positively by fans and critics alike, I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Will it follow its manga or will be have a different storyline? Either way, here’s hoping for another great season!

Although this is just a theory and all the changes of the anime can be rectified in the next season with a few tweaks here and there, it would most likely follow on from Osaka.

In which new characters will arrive to fight against our squad as tensions between vampires escalate.

Everyone’s excited for Seraph Of The End Season 2 because of what it might include. 

While the author isn’t sure, he/she can say that there is a lot to be revealed about Kureto Hiiragi and his family in addition to new characters like Russian Vampire Noble Urd Geales who would make our squad’s fight against vampires even more difficult than before!

While we don’t know exactly how things will go down next season (seriously though spoilers are out), let us see if other fans have anything interesting or relevant they want share with you all regarding this topic.

Why Do We Seraph Of The End Season 3 So Badly?

The third season of Seraph Of The End is desired by fans because the show is not over yet.

This series has plenty more questions to answer like what will happen in Season 3?

How did this all start, where are Yu and Mika Hiiragi now?

What’s their next step with vampire outbreaks still ongoing around them?

This anime has everything that we want from an anime. It’s characters are great, the storyline seems to be going in the right direction and it even has good animation!

We can’t wait for another season of this series so let us take a look at why everyone loves “Sakura Trick”!

Ratings And Reviews Won So Far By Seraph Of The End

For those of you interested in finding out more about Seraph Of The End, here’s what the internet has to say. 

Ratings and reviews are a great way to know what people think about anime shows.

It also helps us get an idea of how much critical acclaim it received overall too! So let’s take a look at what websites like IMDb and MyAnimeList have said so far.


Seraph Of The End Season 3 IMDB rating

“Owari No Seraph” is a very well-received anime on IMDb. It’s scored an overall rating of 7.5/10, and its biggest selling point for most people are the characters’ relationships with each other which promises to be developed further in future episodes as was promised by one reviewer who wrote “I hope they make another season because I’m not done watching it yet”. 

Most reviews describe this series as being incredibly enjoyable from start to finish so if you have some time available then give it a shot!


Seraph Of The End Season 3 MAL rating

Now let’s look at what hardcore Otakus have to say about this series. While the first season has a score of 7.49/10, just like IMDb, the next season has an increased score of 7.63/10 which is quite impressive for MyAnimeList because getting past 7 on there is hard work!

Reviews appreciate the series for having good animation and a hint of boys’ love but some elitists are calling it ‘boring’ or ‘generic’. We can ignore them though since they never get chill so we’ll continue watching it in peace 😉

Across the board, we can say that the series has decent ratings and reviews. Although a few might call it ‘boring’ or ‘generic’, those guys tend to be unhappy with most things so they don’t really matter in this case.

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Famous Characters To Reappear In Seraph Of The End Season 3

Now let’s say that WIT Studio decides to make a sequel for this series. If they do so, who all will be featuring in it?

It would definitely feature Yuu and Shinoa again! Which of our favorite characters would return? Let’s have a look:



The protagonist and lead boy Yuuichirou aka Yuu is set to return for sure. He swore that he would destroy all vampires but hasn’t been able to accomplish that yet, so we’re rooting for him!



Shinoa has a lot of potential as the sweetheart, and she seems like an interesting character who is bound to be important later on. I’d love to see her chemistry with Yuu or other characters!



The story of Mika’s brainwashing is set to be a hot topic in the next season. I think his contributions will make for interesting reading, especially because he was my favorite character.



Many fans of the anime series, Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign admire our gang’s boss Gurren as one its best characters.

He had a very interesting character arc in both seasons which made him endearing to many viewers. In season 2 he goes through some tough times but people understand his decisions and empathize with them.

It will be exciting to see how this character develops next especially since there are other beloved characters like Mitsuba, Yoichi Kimizuki ,and Ferid that also return for future seasons . We can’t wait!


Although the odds are not in our favor, it’s important to keep up hope. The next season could happen so let us wait for its release eagerly! Until next time weebs!


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